What is Memory Foam? Benefits of Using Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow

Remember how soothing the full night sleeps were like, back then in childhood? Ah, wish I couldn’t those nights back again! Okay, pinched myself and I’m back to 2018. And surely, at this age, I can’t manage to have a good night’s sleep unless we have the right pillow beneath the head.

And undoubtedly, Memory Foam is one of best available options, when it comes to sleeping pillows. Sleeping on memory foam mattress can give you that amazing feeling. But it’s incomplete until it’s accompanied by a perfect memory foam pillow.

Best Memory Foam Pillow Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Now, you must think about, why it is better than a traditional pillow. Whether your investment on a pillow will be worthy or not. Just go through the article and you’ll find the answer for sure.

Do You Know, What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a special type of foam that is mainly made of polyurethane. Other additional chemicals also increase its density and viscosity. Therefore, it’s often referred to as viscoelastic or low-resilience polyurethane foam that’s developed by NASA.

It’s denser than standard foam. Moreover, when it comes to the contact of body heat, it’s soft and molds to the body within some minutes. It again comes to its original shape when you lift up your body from it.

Memory FoamThough memory foam was first developed for aircraft cushions, its use gradually spread. Now we use it in our everyday life in pillows, mattresses, blanket, shoe etc.

Though memory foam was first developed for aircraft cushions, its use gradually spread. Now we use it in our everyday life in pillows, mattresses, blanket, shoe etc.

It’s also used in medical sectors. For example, the cushion of wheelchair, hospital bed padding, cervical pillows. A cervical pillow made of memory foam can improve chronic back and neck pain. This is because it has a heat retaining property. It’s capable of storing the body warmth which is conducive to decreasing the pain.


Various types of memory foam product are available in the market. These vary in both shape and quality. Since its development, various materials had been added to the formula. They improved the odor problem. For example, activated carbon, and Aloe Vera gel work as aroma provider. Rayon cover in woven mattress wicks the body moisture away. It consequently increases comfort. Using Phase Change Materials in the covers enhances the quality even more.


Chemical emission from memory foam products can cause respiratory problems. Again, the polyurethane is flammable.

Benefits of Memory Foam Pillow

Provide great comfort

It provides greats comfort to your body. Also maintains the correct alignment of the spine. It’s available in various shape. So you can easily pick one that is best suited to your sleeping position. You don’t need to adjust it. These pillows mold according to the shape of your head. So you need to do no flipping fluffing your pillow.

Is Your Pillow Right for Your Sleeping Position?

Again, it restores the heat and wicks away moisture from the body. The core foam allows proper air circulation during sleeping at night. The air enters through the open weave of the inner cover. Thus it prevents overheating and sweating.

The under-edges of a memory pillow are lifted out. So your shoulder comfortably fits underneath.

Support natural care

As you sleep on traditional pillows, your body sinks down. It disturbs the natural alignment of your spine. A memory foam pillow mains the natural spine alignment by encouraging you to sleep on your side. Again, It only deforms at an area where the stress is applied. This creates uniform pressure on neck and head.

Reduce pain (neck, back, & hip)

These pillows support your body several times better than regular pillows. As mentioned above it helps to maintain the correct alignment to the spine. It results in proper relaxation to your muscles. Thus it prevents soreness or stiffness around your head. On the other hand, traditional pillows create pressure on your neck. It leads to soreness.

A memory foam provides greater resistance under the head. Also it distributes the pressure equally around the neck. It’s capable of adjusting to your shape and thus it prevents neck and back pain. You may have a look of our knee pillow reviews to reduce hip pain.

Therefore, doctors often recommend it for people with asthma and allergies. Even chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths also suggest memory foam pillows

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Hypoallergenic & antibacterial

As memory foam is made of synthetic material. So it’s free of feathers, dust mites or other traditional pillow materials. The pillow prevents the growth and buildup of mold, fungus, bacteria and dust mites. So it’s naturally hypoallergenic. Again, it’s nontoxic and therefore, safe.

Great for pregnant woman

pillow supports belly and back

Various shapes of the pillows are available for maternity period. For example, Leacho Snoogle, comfort U. Leacho Snoogle is C-shaped and made of polyester. It has a large midsection that provides extra support to the neck, back, hip and stomach. Comfort U is excellent even for women recovering labor.

Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow, Ivory 60 Inch
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Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow, Ivory 60 Inch
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Again the types of materials also matter. During pregnancy women often feel hot or cold while sleeping. An innovative fusion fiber does not only collect the warmth of the body but also transfers it away from the body. Thus it keeps the mother cool and comfortable at night.

Stop snoring naturally

These types of pillows encourage you side sleeping. Sleeping on Side not only good for your back and neck but also other sleeping disorders. For example sleep apnea from which millions of people all over the world suffer. Doctors recommend elevating the head and neck to relieve the overall stress due to gravity. It does this job very well.

Again, sleeping on Side does other benefits too. It helps you to breathe normally while you’re sleeping. And thus it prevents potential snoring.

Very long lasting

The traditional pillows usually filled and batted with fiber or feather. So they gradually wear out. They either become flat or grows lumps on them. On the other hand, memory pillows revert to the previous shape as soon as it cools. Thus it retains its shape and quality over a long period of time.

Easy to clean & wash

This pillow is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. So it doesn’t require frequent washing and cleaning as it is in case of cotton pillows. So, washing once a year is enough for that. Again, cleaning or washing is quite easy as breathable fibers surround the core foam. So it also dries quickly.

You must know: How to clean or wash a memory foam pillow at home.

How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow Easily at Home

Final Words

As you can see, the best memory foam pillow is one that provides you comfort with hygiene. So if you’re suffering from any sleep disorder, you can try switching on memory foam products.

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