Benefits of Taking Power Nap to Stay Healthy

Benefits of Taking Nap

Benefits of Taking Nap

A power nap is a short sleep that finishes before deep sleep. it refers to a short 20 to 30-minute sleep session. In fact, power naps are very useful for health helping to restore energy, performance, and ability. After a long working day, while you get exhausted, a quick nap helps to boost the energy.

After hearing about the power naps, it doesn’t seem like much at all at first glance. But believe me, after reading about the usefulness of this article, you’ll certainly try it.

Go through the post where we have given some top benefits of napping to have your healthy and joyous life.

Benefits of Power Napping

For you to understand how important it can affect your day to day life, here are some benefits that you won’t like to miss anymore-

1. Boost energy and productivity

For you to understand how important it can affect your day to day life, here are some benefits that you won’t like to miss anymore-

  • A power nap of around 20 to 40-minutes has been shown to improve productivity, alertness and boost energy in all kinds of activities.
  • Napping is so beneficial for the brain and the body. This has been proven even in NASA. They studied and found that pilots who were allowed to take a nap for 25 minutes each day, found that this little amount of time resulted in good performance and alertness.
  • So, everyone can use a 20-to 40-minute power nap especially ER staffs, pilots and other professionals who have a very busy life.

2. Improves learning and memory

  • Power naps help to improve memory and learning ability.
  • Researchers have found that naps as 10 to 20-minutes can give you a boost of performance, alertness, wakefulness. it also enhances learning capacity.
  • On the other hand, power naps as longer than 30 minutes increased mortality and enhance creativity.
  • It helps the brain to work properly after a long tiring day.
  • It also increases your ability to concentrate and help you to remember things properly

3. Improves heart health

  • Nap is very useful for heart health. It helps to reduce blood pressure and depends less on prescription for the heart.
  • It reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • the cardiologist found that midday sleepers experienced less blood pressure and less damage from high blood pressure.
  • There are many heart diseases which can be reduced by taking nap. This is much beneficial to aged people. To improve heart health, nap is very beneficial.

4. Prevents cell damage of body

  • We sometimes don’t count the types of damages that occur to us when we suffer from sleep diseases. We lose focus and become agitated.
  • Our body is also affected to the cellular level. Researchers have found that lack of sleep damages cells especially harsh on cells in the lungs, liver.
  • This kind of cell damage increases the risk of developing many diseases. Nap help to recover deprivation and heals the damage.
  •  So, a power nap can effectively protect our cell and prevents from damaging.

5. Reduces stress and boosts the immune system

  • Nap reduce stress and boost the immune system.
  • It also helps the metabolism system. Researchers found that napping can reverse the hormonal effect.
  • It also restores neuroendocrine and immune health to a normal level.
  • Another hormone called Norepinephrine that helps to play a vital role in highly stressful situations.
  •  So, more nap means more patience, less stress in your life, better reaction time, increases learning ability, more efficiency, and a better healthy life.

6. Boosts testosterone hormone

  • Napping help to boost testosterone hormone. Lack of sleep increases the risk of reduction in testosterone and growth hormone.
  • Testosterone levels rise steadily with the amount of sleep. researchers have found that the person who slept for only four hours has 60% less testosterone than a normal person.
  • Testosterone plays an important role in burning fat and building muscle.
  •  So, a power nap maintains hormonal balance in our body.

7. Elevates mood

  • A power nap helps to refresh the mood. Regular napping improves physical and mental health.
  • It also helps to reduce frustration and confusion.
  • It has the power to increase coordination. The person who denied regular naps grow up into grumpier and moodier person. They become more anxious and less interested in the world around them.
  •  Power naps help to change the irritating mood if you are very annoyed or exhausted.

Bottom line

That was all about a power nap. It helps you to boost your productivity, improve memory and learning capacity and keep you focused and so on. Hope these benefits will help you to have a better healthy and happy life.

Written by Loard Eva

Hey, Eva here! They call me the 'Pillow Whisperer' and that’s what I am, maybe. Because, apart from my life as a travel blogger, I love to do a tremendous amount of study on Sleep, the topic I’m obsessed with. Well, there is a real story behind me becoming a sleep blogger and sharing whatever piece of advice I find useful on how to sleep better. I experienced how a good night’s sleep can boost your energy, workforce, and success. Seriously! In Pillow Idea, I’ve been sharing it all. And hopefully will continue for the years coming.

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