Best Baby Pillows for Flat Head Syndrome in 2018

Best Baby Pillows

Are you devised about choosing the best pillow for your baby to restrain the flat head syndrome? Don’t worry! we get that. And to relieve you from such cogitation, we have brought this review for you.

Here, we have conversed about the pillows you should choose for preventing this malady and also about how you can pick the settled one. Additionally, we have given some information about the flat head syndrome which will help you as well.

So, let’s not waste any more time and jump right to the subject.

What’s Flat Head Syndrome?

When a segment of your baby’s head turns flat due to incessant pressure on a particular spot, it is known as the flat head syndrome. In general, it is known as the ‘positional ‘plagiocephaly’ that occurs for a constant pressure on your baby’s head.

Causes of Baby Flat Head

The main reason your baby can draw flat head is because of unwanted pressure on the head. Babies have soft bone structure and their skull is very sensitive likewise. So, an immutable pressure on a particular part of the head can easily flatten that part.

Lying your baby on a hard spot or on an irregular shaped pillow may cause this baggage pressure. And if you incessantly do so, the flat head syndrome will occur in the long run.


1. Mimos Baby Pillows – Best Value!


Mimos baby pillowBy and large, the most pressure your baby gets while lying on the bed, is on the back of its head. So, you need a tailored pillow that can distribute this pressure utterly. As it happens, the “Mimos Baby Pillow” have this ability. These are tested clinically to ensure the proper pressure distribution.

Positioning a baby, which is not more than 3 months old, is easy but the complication starts when the baby starts to grow a little. These pillows are designed in such a way that it helps to sustain the right position.

Usually, babies like to keep their head in a subtle position, and they don’t feel comfortable changing that. A cavity in this pillow helps to maintain this position and also help in an even pressure distribution.

You can use a cover for this pillow as well. On top of that, the cover is washable for keeping your baby protected from germs. But without the cover, if you wash the pillow the fabric may get damaged. Aside from that this pillow is good to go for your baby.

624 Reviews

Highlighted Features

  • Provides feasible pressure ordination on the soft baby skull. This is subsidiary for keeping flat head syndrome away.

  • Technical Inspection Association has certified this pillow for perfect breathability. With this prominence, your baby will feel lenient while breathing.

  • The Mimos baby pillows have Oeko-Tex fabric with 100% class. This fabric ensures the most comfort for your baby.

2. Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow


Organic Cotton Baby Protective PillowThe skin of your baby is expressly sensitive and perforce you don’t want any rash on the skin. With the “Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow” get hypoallergenic polyester finish which indemnifies safety of your baby’s skin.

Along with that material, the concourse of 100% natural cotton collaborates to make this pillow eco-friendly. So, the contiguous environment around your baby will be exempt from any kind of harmful bacteria or germs.

Babies are delicate in berthing and they need a comfortable ambience for that. This Pillow ascertains that comfort as there is no printings or bleaches on its fabric. This prominence also helps your baby to be protected from germs or allergies.

Finally, conduct this pillow not only for the sleeping of your baby but also on its play mat, or for diaper changes or even in its bassinet. Pick this one up as in all these bounds, this pillow can ensure exhaustive safety.

Baby Pillow for Newborn, Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome (Cloud Lamb)
1,583 Reviews
Baby Pillow for Newborn, Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome (Cloud Lamb)
  • The best healthy materials- Organic cotton pillow
  • Breathable Super Soft Global certified 100% Organic Cotton fabric.
  • Design- Comfy functional design to support the baby head and prevent...
  • Adorable cozy design- This lovely pillow can be used in many ways like...
  • Size- Measures approximately 15 X 8 inches

Highlighted Features

  • Natural cotton with a polyester finish of hypoallergenic filling is applied in this pillow. For blandness and eliminating bleaches these materials help a lot.

  • Designed double-sided to provide the most comfort for your baby. The double siding also facilitates to prevent the flat head syndrome

  • To keep your baby exempt from germs, this pillow can be washed with both hands and machines. But hot water may shrink the pillow, so keep the temperature below 300C.

3. Babymoon Pod – For Flat Head


Babymoon Pod Baby pillowBabies have a sensorial neck. If the neck not sited well while the baby is sleeping, then it can cause serious neck pain for the baby. You don’t want that to happen to your baby, do you?

The “Babymoon Pod Baby-Pillow” can alleviate neck pain along with preventing flat head syndrome. Unlike most other baby pillows, this one can provide support on the head as well as on the neck by a tapered centre in the middle. Hence, your baby can have an expedite sleep on it.

Made of polyester, this pillow is so malleable that your baby will surely feel very cozy on it. You won’t have to worry about any stringency with such cushy material.

To make the pillow free from any kind of disservice, you can wash it easily. On top of that, you can use a machine to wash it. This makes the cleaning method facile for you. All in all, this pillow will give your baby all the amenities it needs.

521 Reviews

Highlighted Features

  • Provides support for both head and neck of your baby. This favors your baby to be secured from neck pain or a headache.

  • Plush polyester is conducted to make this pillow. Such material rehashes the pillow to be more cushy and soft to use.

  • Can be washed by machine and also dried by it. This is subsidiary for saving both your time and energy.

4. New Born Baby Pillow to Protect Flat Head

New Born Baby Pillow

There is no analogy between the stitch quality of a handmade and machine made product. For certain, a handmade pillow has the better sewing and cutting quality.

Because this baby pillow is handmade, it offers a picked quality that you can get for the pillows of your baby. Merging this stitch quality with a fabric as good as the cloud has made this pillow more comfortable, healthy and eco-friendly as well.

For the sensitive baby skin, this flat head pillow has all-natural, fertilizer-free fiber. On top of that, the fiber is kept free of any kind of chemicals to indemnify the health precautions of your baby.

Over and above, this baby pillow can even prevent flat head syndrome by containing a concave gap in the center. Conclusively, by choosing pillow you can give your baby the actual contentment it needs.

Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome Bambi Pink
12,436 Reviews
Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome Bambi Pink
  • Breathable sequential 3D-air Mesh construction keeps cool air in the...
  • Made with Global certified 100% Organic Cotton Fabric
  • Cute baby pillow with concave center for flat head prevention And 100%...
  • Measures approximately Width 12.6 X Height 9.5 inches
  • 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – We want to ensure you are getting the...

Highlighted Features

  • Can keep cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter with a construction of 3D-air mesh. With such feature, let your baby feel cozy in all seasons.

  • Only organic cotton is used in the fabric of this pillow. There is no toxic material added here to assure the safety of your baby.

  • A concave centre is added to the pillow for preventing the flat head syndrome. It helps your baby to have a healthy and sound sleep.

5. Original Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

Original Head Shaping Foam Pillow

Granting priority to your baby’s comfort, the “Original Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow” is fabricated without using any synthetic materials. Only the most authentic organic materials are used to form this pillow for your infant.

Such material is quite subsidiary to ensure the softness of the pillow which gives complete amenities to your baby. In addition, there is a premium support to comprise your child’s head so that they can prevent flat head syndrome.

Many of the pillows won’t confer your child a support on its shoulder. It is very monumental as without this your child will feel stringency on the neck and shoulders. With this Flat head pillow, impart your child the shoulder support it asserts.

Though you may have to be a little careful while washing this pillow as the fabric is very delicate, overall this is quite startling pillow to comfort your child.

Baby Head Shaping Pillow | Memory Foam Baby Pillow With Natural Bamboo Pillowcase To Prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly) and Torticollis Correction in Newborn Infants
740 Reviews
Baby Head Shaping Pillow | Memory Foam Baby Pillow With Natural Bamboo Pillowcase To Prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly) and Torticollis Correction in Newborn Infants
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY THAT YOU CAN TRUST - Our baby pillow addresses every...
  • INVEST IN THE BEST FOR YOUR FAMILY - Unlike hard mattresses, flat...
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF PEACE OF MIND - Purchase a flat head pillow for your...
  • GUARANTEE - Choose comfort, support, and safety for your bundle of joy...

Highlighted Features

  • This baby pillow will implement shoulder support to your baby’s delicate shoulders. With this support, your baby will be intact from neck pain.

  • The round shape of the pillow is designed smartly to preclude flat head syndrome. Ergo, you can stop worrying about your baby’s head disorder.

  • Only the most exquisite organic materials are used to make this pillow. With the organic material, relish the softest touch on your baby’s gentle skin.

6. Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support pillow

The “Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support Pillow” is designed to keep you away from apprehension about the flat head syndrome of your baby. It is a motive to prevent this syndrome by keeping a round proportion to the pillow centre.

Unnecessary pressure to the head is never good for your baby. It can damage not only externally but also internally. Keeping that in mind this Head Support pillow has been propagated with patented cut-out design.

This product you can conduct in a baby stroller or in a harness system aside from the bed only. You may think, using this to a stroller may require intricate installation. But fortunately, it is very facile to install it wherever you need.

Boppy Head Support—Noggin Nest | Mint and Gray Elephants | With Pressure Relieving Cutout | For 3- or 5-Point Harness | 0-4 months | For Bouncers, Strollers and Swings
4,941 Reviews
Boppy Head Support—Noggin Nest | Mint and Gray Elephants | With Pressure Relieving Cutout | For 3- or 5-Point Harness | 0-4 months | For Bouncers, Strollers and Swings
  • UNIQUE CUT-OUT DESIGN: The Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support has a unique...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Works with a 3- and 5-point harness systems and is...
  • EASY CARE, MACHINE WASHABLE: The head support is machine washable for...
  • 0—4 MONTHS: Recommended use for babies 0 to 4 months old

Highlighted Features

  • A patented design with cut out property is included in this baby pillow. This helps your baby to avoid excess pressure that other pillows may contain.

  • You can freely adjust this pillow to the stroller of your baby. With such feature, your baby will feel comfortable not only at home but also when you take it outside in a stroller.

  • For harness system, this pillow is certainly compatible. But it works well with 5 points and 3 point harness. As a result, carrying your baby will also give comfort to it.

7. Patented Pillow for Baby Head Support

Patented Pillow for Baby

From now on never worry about the flat head syndrome for your baby by culling the “Patented Pillow for Baby“. This pillow assures an even pressure distribution on the head of your baby by a paediatrician design.

Over and Above, it helps to promote a healthy skull improvement, and proper skull shape by reassuring a cocoon-like holding of the neck and head. So, your baby will attain a healthy shape of the head by this pillow.

A soft cotton fabric is used to synthesize this baby pillow and it gives an apical comfort to your baby. On top of that, you can use this pillow not only for the baby bed but also for swings, strollers, harnesses and other baby gears.

As it offers such prodigious properties for your baby, choosing this pillow will certainly be a sagacious decision for your little one.

872 Reviews

Highlighted Features

  • Along with head, this pillow provides support on the neck likewise. Your baby will be relieved from neck pain with such prominence.

  • Luxurious breathable fabric with soft cotton is used for making this pillow. For dispensing special comfort, this is very conducive.

  • Can be washed by the machine without damaging the fabric. It is helpful for saving both your time and energy.

8. Newborn Baby Cradler Head-shaping

Newborn Baby Cradler Head-shaping Pillow

Get your baby the genuine alleviation it deserves, by picking the “Newborn Baby Cradler pillow“. Made with the softest fabric, this pillow will inevitably give a preeminent that comfort you demand your child.

It is mandatory to give support to your baby’s neck along with its head. With this baby pillow, you can give support on both neck and head of your baby. To talk about the design, this pillow is patterned in a way to ensure the prevention of the flat head syndrome or any other medical disorder that may occur for a pillow. As a result, feel intact by selecting this pillow for your baby.

Additionally, get the benefit of using this pillow for any baby gears you want. Strollers, swings, or even harnesses, you name it and this pillow will fit right in the baby gear you have for your child.

Topwon 8'' Infant Cradler Memory Foam Pillow Head-Shaping Pillow (A)
144 Reviews
Topwon 8'' Infant Cradler Memory Foam Pillow Head-Shaping Pillow (A)
  • Soft and gentle on baby's skin.Provides soft snuggly comfort.
  • Our this infant pillow is suitable for babies 0-12...
  • Correct and adjust the baby's sleeping posture,ensuring the comfort...
  • Curved design helps prevent flat head, keeps your baby in a safe...
  • Memory foam padding and infant support pillows provide additional...

Highlighted Features

  • Contains soft and gentle feel fabric as the raw element. This gives a soft touch to the baby skin.

  • Provides a centre hole with a reasonable depth. This is helpful for reassuring the sleeping posture and comfort of your baby.

  • For additional comfort, it has memory foam padding. And the curved design ensures the prevention of flat head syndrome for your baby.

Things to Consider Before Choose

Size of the Pillow

For babies, pillow size is an important feature to focus on. Because a large size pillow can harm the comfort of your baby. On the other hand, an exceptionally small pillow cannot give much comfort either. So before you choose the pillow of your baby, make sure to pick the right size.


As you know babies have sensitive skin, they can be infected by allergies easily if you don’t choose a quality pillow. So, check the pillow before you pick to see if it is hypoallergenic or not.

Easy to Travel with

You need to carry your infant outside quite often. Either in a stroller or with a harness, however you carry you and the baby, both should feel comfortable. So, always purchase a pillow which will make your travelling easier.

Easily Washable

Cleanliness is the prime priority for your baby’s health. With that in mind, you should choose a pillow which can be cleaned and washed neatly for your baby.

Final Thoughts!

Our objective here was to give you everything you need to know about the flat head syndrome and which pillows can be the best to prevent this labyrinth.

From our review, you have already gleaned enough information, not only about the collection of the best pillows but also about a proper guide for purchasing.

Conclusively, we prospect that our review will help you to bag the right product. Thank you for being with us.

Written by Mark Johan

Hi there! I am 'Mark' in Pillow Idea, I have the responsible one to give you guys a low-down on every product that we review. Long story short, I’m the person in charge of the ‘research and review’ department of the blog. Please check out to know more- About Us.

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