8 Best Cooling Pillow Review & Buying Guide 2018

Have you faced a sweaty broken sleep from nightmare?
I guess yes. In fact, everyone does. Some of us have to face even scarier situations. One of the reasons is, lack of a comfortable pillow to sleep on. And if you had a best cooling pillow instead of regular one, this mightn't be happening at all.

Now you may have a question that, do cooling pillows work in real? Yes, and that’s why sleep specialists recommend best cold pillows to stop tossing and turning.

Understanding such values of cooling pillows, manufacturers are fighting madly to hold the market. So, just like other products, finding a good quality pillow is a hard nut to crack.

But fortunately, that’s where we are going to help you. We have invested a good time to research and show you why we recommend these and who will be benefited. Hopefully, with the help of this honest review, your "Chillow" selection will be hassle-free.


Material Type



100% Cotton

3 Inches

Memory foam


Viscose, Polyester

6 inches

Gel, Memory Foam

5 inches

Gel, Memory Foam

4.2 inches

Gel-Infused, Memory

6 inches

Gel Layer


Thick Gel

1 inch

Types of Cooling/Cold Pillows

Although we’ve mixed up the best cooling pillows in the list, there are some certain classifications of them. Here is a brief on each of them-

Water Pillows: In this type of pillows, there is a cover of foam/polyester that holds water. The cover acts as a shield of the water. Also, this shield keeps the heat away and keeps the entire pillow comfortably cold.

Gel Foam Pillows: Memory Foams are one of the finest graded foams that premium cooling pillows adopt. It’s ability of ensuring a comfortable sleep with a perfect weight balance of head, shoulder and neck is really impressive. When it comes to the best cooling pillow brands, most of them contains memory foam inside. And no wonder on that at all!

Breathable Cooling: The third type of pillow is called the breathable ones. The specialty lies in the way they are crafted. The moistures fill of these pillows are made in a way that It can pass air easily. In most cases, they are filled with features of bird’s belly. They are eco-friendly and extremely comfortable as well. But when it comes to price, they seem to be pretty high.

Best Cooling Pillow in 2018 - Top 8 Reviews

1. Sleep Better Iso-Cool Pillow

Firstly, we have on our list the top rated product from SleepBetter because its active air technology allows better airflow that gives you a cool night’s sleep. Unlike ordinary ones, it is able to absorb the extra heat your body produces. 

Its gusseted design will just blow your mind because it ensures extra thickness which is really great for side sleepers. The extra thickness assures perfect comfort and support while keeping your head and neck aligned. When you keep your hands on this cooling pillow you will feel softness immediately which is the sign of how much comfort you are going to get. 

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Pillow review

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Best for the side sleepers

According to thousands of customer reviews, quality of the product is unbeatable. So, if you are choosy enough about anything and everything you use, this one is perfect for you.

Why do we recommend it?

Phase Change Material: The product contains microscopic PCM beads that help to regulate body temperature to keep you cooler for a long time while sleeping at night. 

High-Quality Foam: This Iso-Cool pillow is made with fine quality 100% Viscoelastic memory foam that can compress itself and bounce back to its original shape in order to suit the position of your neck. 

Thread Count: It comes up with a zippered cotton cover of 300 thread count which is naturally hypoallergenic. You know that the more the thread count is, the more comfort you’ll get. As further advantage you can remove and wash the cover.

2. Sleep Innovations Cool Contour

This product from Sleep innovation is reputable for providing therapeutic support. It is enough to gift you a refreshed happy morning. 

Cool contour pillow can be a great choice for the people who are looking for both coolness and comfort together. Beside providing coolness throughout the night it reliefs you from pain and stiffness. The thing we like most about the product is that it is capable of providing proper spinal alignment to side and back sleepers. The ergonomic two-layer design makes you feel comfortable by providing ample support all the night long.

Sleep Innovation cool contour pillow

Overall Rating: 9.0 out of 10
Best for the side sleepers

When it comes to the price tag, you will not get such a high-quality cooling pillow in such a reasonable price. You will get a luxurious feeling of 5 Star Hotel because the cover is made of soft terry velour which is removable and machine washable.

Why do we choose it?

Long Lasting Coolness: Because of the combination of two-layer gel technology and cooling memory foam you will have a cool feeling for a long time during sleep which is remarkable. 

Softness and Support: It is rare to find the combination of perfect softness, support and comfort together. But there is a balance of everything in this cooling cushion that is really great for having a good night’s sleep.

Hold its Shape: The manufacturer is providing a 5 years warranty proudly and you will be happy to know that the pillow will always hold its shape during these years.

3. Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillow has always been in the people’s mind because of its extremely high-quality and luxurious soft feeling. If you want to avoid the trouble of fluffing your pillow every day then there is no alternative of Snuggle-Pedic because it’ll never go flatten within its lifetime. 

The product with the Kool-flow technology and extra breathable micro-vented cover will provide you an icy cool feeling that you will forget about others.  

It has an age-old reputation for providing Orthopaedic support to all kinds of sleepers especially stomach sleepers.

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Best for the stomach sleepers

Again being an eco-friendly soft cooling cushion it is free from all kinds of harmful chemicals. The combination of shredded memory foam will provide you such a comfortable feeling like you are sleeping on the cloud. 

It has the ability to confirm the shape of the user with its perfect thickness. Its machine washable bamboo cover helps you to clean it regularly to make it more durable. Though the product is somewhat expensive, regarding its effectiveness and customer service the price really worth it.

Why do we choose it?

Never Goes Flat: The product holds 20 years leading warranty and amazingly within this time the pillow will never go flat. And after washing just throw it in the dryer and you’ll get its original shape again. Because of this indistinguishable feature, the brand has won a huge customer satisfaction.

Head and Neck Support: Customizable firmness and height give you the opportunity to increase or decrease the amount of foam inside, that offers great support to your head and neck as well.

Excellent Customer Service: Manufacturer of this product is providing a 120-night free sleep trial along with the warranty. If you don’t like it after giving a trial, you can return it to get a no question asked 100% refund.

4. Reversible Cool Gel  Pillow

This cold pillow from Classic Brands has become very popular nowadays because of its open cell memory foam which is the latest and most advanced foam technology. 

Due to its reversible option, you are going to get double experience in a single pillow only by flipping it. In hot weather, use gel layer side for a cool feeling and simply flip it over to get a warm feeling when it is necessary. The combination of cool gel and memory foam makes it perfect for providing cool nights. Gel layer regulates your body temperature by minimizing heat and promoting proper air-flow to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Reversible Cooling Gel pillow

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Best for the back and side sleepers

No matter if you are a stomach sleeper because the 5-inch loft and dual-sided design is ideal for all kinds of sleepers. 

Our Consideration

Excellent Support: The super soft memory foam holds the neck and shoulder in an optimal sleeping position. It also cradles your head by providing excellent support and comfort.

Reversible Option: It is very rare among cooling gel pillows that you can use them in winter season also. But this reversible one can be used all the year round because it has cool gel on one side and memory foam on the other side.

Good for Allergy Sufferers: This product can be a good choice for the allergy sufferers because it has come up with a mesh knit cover which is hypoallergenic. You can easily keep it clean because the cover is removable and machine washable.

5. Memory Foam Cooling Gel

What we like about this chilling pillow from Product shop is that it’s a great ability of heat disbursement. The cooling gel minimizes heat build up in your body to give you cool feeling by regulating temperature.

It is made with the latest 60D memory foam with a contour shape that ensures great comfort to the side sleepers.

Another advantage is that it moulds around and confirm with the shape of the user that guarantees extreme supportiveness.

This U-neck design is created to provide ultimate support and comfort to the side sleepers while sleeping at night. It is a favorite chillow for many of the people who are allergy sufferer.

 cooling gel memory foam pillow

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Best for the back and side sleepers

Our Consideration

Balance of Support and Comfort: As it is made with the combination of memory foam and cooling gel you are sure to have a comfortable better sleep at night. It is little bit small in size but you will not be disappointed at all.

Pain Reliever: Rather than coolness if you suffer from neck and back pain then here is the remedy for you. This chilling product works effectively to soothe your neck and back pain.

Lifespan and Warranty: How will it be, if you buy a cold pillow and get a lifetime warranty? Yes, you have heard it right. And amazingly this chilling product has a warranty of lifetime that is more than enough. Manufacturer company is also providing a No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee with 100% customer satisfaction.

6. Cool Gel Ventilated Pillow

Let us introduce you to a unique cooling product in the market that is renowned for its innovative ventilated holes feature. And that is cool gel ventilated pillow from Classic Brands.

So many ventilated holes in it which provide proper air-flow through the pillow for keeping you cool for a long time. The unique gusseted design has made it so special that really worth your money.

Its 6-inch loft is perfectly comfortable for the side and back sleepers. It is neither too short nor too tall and extremely supportive. Cool pass knit cover is specially designed to minimize body heat and wick away moisture.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Pillow

Overall Rating: 8.2 out of 10
Best for the back sleepers

This chilling pillow is also known as the “Sleep-Changer”. Then think, how much benefit you are going to get actually!

Our Consideration

Continuous Cooling: The combination of memory foam and the cooling gel has made the product much different from others. Ventilation system in the entire pillow makes the cooling more effective and longer than ever. 

Naturally Hygienic: If you are an allergy sufferer then you can use it without any hesitation because it is totally hypoallergenic, dust mite, bacteria and mold resistant. It is also great for those who care about the sleeping surface most.

Price Tag: It is well-known that cheap things mean low-quality product. But the same thing doesn’t happen always and in that sense, you will get such a high-quality at a very reasonable price. Review and rating is enough to decide whether to buy or not!

7. Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pillow

If you are having a difficult time sleeping during summer months this cooling product from Dreamfinity can be the best suit. For eliminating tossing and turning at night this is the long-lasting solution.

It offers a unique surface that's suitable for all sleeping positions. The combination of soothing micro-bubble gel layer on both sides and memory foam provides perfect coolness. It is an ideal product for relieving neck pain. This is the proof of perfection with a layer of Paradise on it and maybe that one you were looking for long since! 

Overall Rating: 8.0 out of 10
Best for all kinds of sleepers

It is most preferable to the soft surface lovers. Since the coolness it provides is really impressive it can be a great alternative to the expensive cooling gel pillows out there. Again its durability is worth money because it lasts for years if you can handle it with proper care.

Our Consideration

Doesn’t Lose Shape: It is an extraordinary feature of this pad that it’ll not lose its original shape even if you use years after years. It’s not like other traditional pillows and holds its fluffiness for years.

Bubble Gel Layer: An amazing characteristic of the bubble gel layer is the ability to minimize heat build up in your body to keep you cool for a long time. It regulates your body temperature to provide you a pleasant sleep at night.

Extremely Comfortable: The combination of memory foam and the Hydraluxe cooling gel has made right firmness that is really outstanding for experiencing a quality sleep.

8. Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat

Finally, we have on our list a special pillow mat, for those people who don’t want to change their ordinary one yet want a cooling surface. This cooling mat is a very effective alternative to a cooling pillow.

One outstanding feature is that it is gel based not water based so you don’t have to refrigerate it. But if you want to get extra coolness you can refrigerate it before using.

With this innovative macro-molecule cooling gel mat you will have the best feeling of coolness as you are sleeping on a cold pillow. 

Cooling Pillow Mat

Overall Rating: 9.0 out of 10
Best for all sleeping pillows

People who don’t want to invest in a special cooling product, it can be a great alternative for them at a very reasonable price. The inner gel is not segmented like other brands mat and it’s one solid piece of gel that you will not feel uncomfortable at all.

Why do we choose it?

Health Benefits: It has over thousands of review and ratings that simply say enough about its effectiveness. Again the mat is great for hot flashes, migraines, headaches, sweats, summer sleeping, neck pains and so on.

Gel-Based Mat: There are so many mats in the market which are water-based and need to refrigerate must for getting the coolness but for a short period of time. This product is very much convenient in that sense because it is gel-based and you don’t bother to refrigerate it.

Deal Breaker: By using this extremely thin mat you can have the experience of using an actual cold pillow so this might be a deal breaker for you. Again it’s convenient and foldable, so it can be a great travel companion for you.

Benefits of Using a Cooling Pillow

Using of Cooling Pillows
It Lets You Sleep in Soothing Coolness

It should be your first choice as you are paying extra money for getting the best cooling pillow. And it has the capability to provide you such a long cooling effect. It also consumes heat and sweating in order to make your night happier.

It will not provide a cold feeling like an ice-cube but is able to provide a great tranquility. So, after using a cold pillow you are going to have an experience of a great night’s sleep.

Helps in Fast and Natural Sleep: When the weather is not within your comfort zone, your effort can be turn into just tossing and turning. But having a cool pillow right beneath your head will lull the body to drift off and sleep as quick as possible.

Fits with Your Sleeping Position: It's such a pillow that you don’t need to cope up with it rather it will adapt to you. Along with perfectly fit with head and neck, it’ll not also shrink at last night and maintain a comfortable height all the night. It’ll bring the pleasure of your sleeping.

New Level of Comfort and Head Support: There are lots of pillows in the market that provides maximum comfort but cooling pillows are far better than those. They provide ultimate support and comfort which makes your sleep more relaxed. They don’t let the heat build up to give you an uninterrupted sleep. It can be the best companion of yours for leading a healthy life.

Fights Insomnia and Metabolic Diseases: This may sound crazy, but it actually does- in an indirect way. A cooing mattress helps in having a good night sleep and wake up with a good mental health. Eventually, you’ll be far away from insomnia, metabolic diseases and look way younger.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

cooling pillow material

Image Source: thanksmailcarrier

As you have ideas on the real time features of our top-rated pillows, you might have set your own list of priorities. Before hitting the final “Buy” button, don’t miss these important buying advices-

Cooling Ability of Cooling Pillows 

How cool or heat coolness absorber a pillow will be- depends on the type of pillow covers. Usually get covers are like to sustain with the coolness for more time.

You probably don’t want to have such a product that is named cool pillow but doesn’t have that much ability to cool as you need. It’s better to know all the details right before grabbing.

What’s Inside the Pillow?

Cooling pillows are basically made of the combination of high-quality foam and cooling gel fiber. If you want a firm pillow, then you should go for memory foam. Again, the gel fiber makes the pillow more breathable and helps you to stay cool during sleeping. So, it is necessary to check the pillow materials you want before purchasing.

Size and Elasticity

When it is about your sleeping position, pillow size is very important. The measurement that adapts with your head and neck would be the standard size for you.

The pillows that we have listed here, contains pillows sizing from 1 inches to 6 inches of thickness. 

Pillow Size

So, here we have any size you might want. All you should be checking is- how long it takes to bounce back to its original size. The faster it comes back to the original position, the more resilient it is.

Lifespan and Warranty

Obviously, you don’t want to spend your whole life on a single pillow! But that doesn’t also mean that you’ll buy a new one each month. The market analyst says customers’ satisfaction stands behind using the goods at least twice of the given warranty time.

Price Quality Ratio

We have noticed that in most of the case buyers are ready to spend $30-$50 for a cold pillow. Along with spending this amount of money, you always want to stay within your budget and get most benefit out of the pillow.

Frequently Asking Some Question

Do cooling pillows really work? 

When you’ll lie down on a cold pillow you won’t feel coolness instantly and it might seem to you that they are not effective. But think about its airflow technology and temperature regulating system. It is actually a gentle process and you won’t feel this internal cool airflow to the touch. 

It gradually regulates temperature and minimizes heat build up in your body to provide you a cool feeling. That’s why, after lying down on the pillow you won’t feel a dramatic instant drop in the temperature but it works gently. 

Is cooling gel pillow safe for all?

Nowadays people are more focusing to use natural products to avoid skin related problems. And when you will spend almost eight hours on a pillow it must need to be safe for you. But don’t fret! Cooling gel pillows of renowned brands are totally safe for your skin and non-toxic as well. 

So, you can use it without any hesitation and make sure that you’ve checked the manufacturer label before purchasing.

How to maintain a cool pillow?

As a chillow are different from the traditional ones, you need to maintain it carefully especially because of its cooling gel fiber. Though you will get maintenance instructions with every pillow yet we are giving you some common tips.

Since covers of the cooling pillows are very sensitive and soft you have to handle it very carefully. Then, if the cover is removable remove it softly to clean and hair off the surface. Follow the instruction properly and wash it using machine.

You can also vacuum the surface and must dry it in a well-ventilated area to remove any unwanted odor. Still, if you find any odor then use baking soda. Remember that for spot cleaning always use a mild cleaner. Make sure you are following the same process for washing a pillow.  

Final Verdicts

Choosing the best cooling pillow is difficult but it should be easier for you from now on. We are highly optimistic that our 100% valid and reliable guide will help you to purchase the best one. Price should not be the sole factor always that should affect your decision. So, you can stick to your decision because we are confident that the above-mentioned pillows are the best you will ever find.

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