Top 8 Best Cooling Pillow Review & Buying Guide 2017

Best Cooling Pillow ReviewFor a comfortable sleep at night you are looking for the best cooling pillow, right? Yes! cooling pillow can successfully keeps your body cool and take care of your head, neck at the same time. Cooling pads are necessary to sleep with comfort when the temperature of the room or your body is comparatively high. Does a hot pillow allow us to have a comfortable sleep during autumn and summer? Does it make sense to put an ice bag on it? No way, we should think of other solutions to have a sound sleep, which may ensure a healthy day.

8 Best Cooling Pillow of All Time (Quick View)

Product Name Weight Warranty Rating Price
Sleep Better Iso-Cool
Memory Foam Pillow
2.1 pounds 5 Years 4.2/5 check now
Sleep Innovations Cool
Contour Pillow
5.0 pounds 3 Years 4.0/5 check now
Dreamfinity Cool Gel
Memory Foam Pillow
2.1 pounds 5 Years 4.2/5 check now
Snuggle Pedic Bamboo
Memory Foam Pillow
4.8 pounds N/A 4.2/5 check now
Reversible Cool Gel
Memory Foam Pillow
6.0 pounds N/A 4.0/5 check now
Classic Brands Cool
Ventilated Gel Pill
4.8 pounds N/A 4.2/5 check now
Cooling Gel Memory
Foam Pillow
6.0 pounds N/A 4.0/5 check now
Penguin Cooling
Pillow Mat
4.8 pounds N/A 4.2/5 check now

Top 8 Best Cooling Pillows of All Time

Buyers also talk about the color, cover, washability, size and shape etc. The most gossiping topic in buyer cooling pillow reviews that also touched market specialists thinking is “Brands of cool pillow.” Which cooling pad Brands fulfill your demands in every aspect? Let we talk about some of the best cooling and comfortable pillows.  

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Unlike ordinary pillows you have used till now, Sleep Better Iso-Cool easily absorbs the extra heat your body produces. Just because this is able to absorb heat, you won’t have to worry about the room temperature.

If you are choosy enough about anything and everything you use, then this one is for you. The awesome design of it will blow your mind and of course, this perfect design will assure the perfect comfort.

Have you heard of microscopic beads? Okay, let me inform you that these beads absorb those unwanted heats you hate while sleeping. And yes! These beads are present in this cooling pad. Hey, not only the heat, your head and neck will get the proper alignment with this. 

Why We Recommend It’s the Best

The foam is Visco elastic memory foam which is absolutely of fine qualityThis can compress itself and get back to its original position in order to suit itself with the position of your neck. You are getting 100% cotton pillow cover with this and this is removable, machine washable.

If you have faced difficulties in matching the height of your pad with yours, another great thing is for you. It will match the height of your head and you will appreciate it. 

The manufacturer is very much confident about this and if you ever go through the customer reviews, you will be having the same trust. 

Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Pillow

Being with Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Pillow throughout nights will assure you relief from pain and stiffness. The therapeutic support that you are getting with this will gift you a happy morning.

Yes! Your morning is called happy because of the removal of pain. You mustn’t know anybody who wishes to wake up with pain and stiffness and all those unwanted changes in the body.

Along with the coolness and comfort over nights, pain relief will let you sleep at peace which is all you want from a pillow. The contour cooling pad, firmed with memory foam stabilizes your head and neck in the natural way of sleeping and cradles your head perfectly.

Why We Recommend It’s the Best

Do you know how this cooling process goes on? Well, it pulls heat from the surface and passes directly into the channels in the foam. And this results in your comfortable sleep even though it is of a long time.

Sleep as much as you want and this will stay cool. By removing the pain and stiffness it will make your each morning happier. Therapeutic support, long-lasting coolness and relieve from stiffness and adorable contour design have altogether made this pad an incredible one.

All the side and back sleepers are lucky to have the advantage of using this one with a 5-year warranty. By checking out the reviews and ratings, you will come to admit that this is one of the best brands of cooling pillow.

Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Foam Pillow

Do you sometimes wake up at night and find yourself at the side surface of your pillow? Then note that, those side surfaces are uncomfortable enough to wake you up. The side surfaces of a pillow must be equally comfortable as the middle is because you cannot calculate the middle point while asleep.

You don’t have to wake up and check if your head is in the middle of the pillow or not because Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pad has a unique side surface. You are assured to have a perfect sized pillow and ultimate comfort if you have this cooling pad.

Why would you buy this one while others can also bring you coolness? Well, the fact is that your sleeping position doesn’t matter when you are with this. Material and cover of this are of high quality.

Why We Recommend It’s the Best

It contains Hydraluxe cooling gel (in Microbubble gel layer), poly fiber fill and memory foam. The combination of these three materials ensures outstanding firmness and prevents heating your body even though the room temperature is more than you expect.

After knowing about the material, you must know that the cover is very much breathable. The cover is combined with 85% polyester and 15% spandex is easy to remove and wash.

Let me tell you that the durability of this pillow is pleasing. You can move from your room to another easily because of this weights between only 6 pounds. 2.5-inch memory foam layer and 2.5 inch poly fiber fill will make you think twice before switching to another one.

You know how to check the truthfulness of all you have read here? Yes! Check out the reviews and rating, if you want to get into a research and know yourself more on this.

Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Cooling Pillow

Snuggle Pedic bamboo Cooling Pillow allows you the advantage of extra breathing with the feeling of luxury. Do you have to change your pillow after using a short time just because it is going flat? Maybe you will not have to repeat this change because this pillow doesn’t go flat even after the guaranteed time.The super soft micro-vented cover is the noticeable thing that makes this one different from the regular ones you have used till now.

The super soft micro-vented cover is the noticeable thing that makes this one different from the regular ones you have used till now. For all the side, back and stomach sleeper, this is just an ideal one. There are only a few numbers of pillows which work equally for three kinds of sleepers. And this performs this job successfully.

Why We Recommend It’s the Best

Do you know what is CertiPur-US certified? Well, it means that the product is testified and free from the harmful chemicals. This pad we are talking about is manufactured in USA and CertiPur-US certified. In case you are used to using a bigger pillow or need one for the youngest member of your family, this comes up in three sizes, King, Queen and Standard size.

This is 100% hypoallergenic and the cover is removable so that you can keep it clean every time. Although the manufacturer claims that their pad has the perfect firmness, you can customize its firmness according to your necessity.

Now the most attractive part of the pillow comes which is its durability. This fantastic pad has 20 years warranty and 90 nights free sleeping trial. Can you think about 20-year warranty? Well, that absolutely a very attractive offer for a pillow.

To know further about this eco-friendly cooling pad, check the reviews which are satisfactory and quite convincing.

Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

The series of holes Reversible Cooling Gel Pillow contains will release the heat without difficulties. Your desire to get a pillow with no flip ups throughout night will be fulfilled with this one.

Are you ready to enjoy the double experience with one single pillow?Just sleeping with a cooling tool doesn’t mean anything if your sleep is interrupted constantly. This pillow will control heat constantly even if you sleep on one side throughout the whole night. No hand of you will be needed to let the cooling process of this work.

Are you a stomach sleeper? No matter if you are or not because this one is just perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers. The performance of the cover of it is highly satisfactory.

Why We Recommend It’s the Best

This has cool gel and this assures you a really cool night. Aren’t you interested to know the working process of this cool gel? This is easy yet rare in other pillows.

The gel absorbs the heat bothering you at night. And the pressure created out of the heat is released slowly. Such a great process it is!

Manufacturers claim that you are about to get this with this cooling pad. How is that? Minimum plush feel in memory foam side and medium firm feel in cool gel side will let you feel like you are on double pleasure.

Move it out and wash it whenever you feel like you should. This has 3 years warranty and you are recommended not to miss this chance. Be free to check the other reviews on this if you are interested to know more. 

Classic Brands Cool Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

Classic Brands Cool Ventilated Memory Pillow disperses your body heat so that your head doesn’t sweat at night.

Are you suffering because your pillow is too tall? Nope? Then is your pillow too short for you? Of course, you need something that will be standard for you. The special side of this pillow is that it is 6 inches tall which means that it is neither too tall nor too short. Yes! You have guessed it right. It has the perfect firmness for you if you a side or back sleeper.

Why It’s the Best for Us

By wicking away the moisture this assures a way more comfortable sleep. This is made of ventilated gel memory foam which is a combination of gel and Visco-elastic. Due to having this combination, it becomes plusher and cooler.

The manufacturer knows well the necessity of a side or back sleeper which is a pillow of medium plush and thus this one is suitable for you. Guess what, the material is 100% cool pass. So far everything is settled about this great pad.

Well, why won’t you call it great when it knows how to protect you from unwanted heat at night? No, I am not the one saying so. checking out the reviews or do a deep research. You will get the same result.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

While sleeping, you aren’t conscious about the moves your body makes. Sleeping in middle and waking up at the edge of the bed is very usual. If you are already suffering from neck or head pain then you must be conscious about your moves which is absolutely impossible during sleeping.

Sleep in any position you love to with Cooling Gel pillow because this can mold around your body shape. And you, side sleeper, are the one getting maximum comfort by sleeping with it.

Are you suffering from neck or back pain because of using the wrong pillow? Paining time is coming to end as this will take the best care of your neck and back pain.  Of course, there is a number of cooling gel pads in the market but among them, you must think fair of one with maximum benefit.

Why We Recommend It’s the Best

This pillow gathers more benefit for you by providing you pain relief, the comfort of sleeping, freedom of sleeping in any position, maximum coolness and the best material.

This is manufactured with 60D memory foam which supports head and neck effectively. Let me inform you the easy and effective cooling process of it. It disperses the heat of your body so that one particular body part like the head doesn’t suffer.

This hypoallergenic featured pillow has lots of satisfactory reviews on different online sites and you better go check yourself. Hopefully, you won’t hesitate to call it best after going through the reviews. 

Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat

Unlike other cooling pillow mats, you have the advantage of refrigerating Penguin Cooling pillow for extra comfort at night.

Do you feel like your mat isn’t covering up the pillow because it is small? Or do you find yourself out of the mat because of your movement at night? You probably need a larger mat than you are using. Yes, the largest pillow mat available will help you get comfortable with it with the combination of super coolness.

Why We Recommend It’s the Best

You know that most of the regular physical difficulties are created out of the unwanted heat your head faces at night. And thus, the cool inner gel of this helps you get rid of headaches, migraines, summer sleeping, hot flashes, night sweats, neck pain, fevers by controlling heat throughout the night.

If you want to know more about the materials, there are more to inform you. The inner gel is segmented. An innovative macro-molecule cooling gel is used in this. The perfect firmness of this has added something more to its certificate.

Most of the customers attempt to buy it because of the advantage of refrigerating it and once they use it, they find it perfect. The reviews on different sites are the examples of the fine service and quality of this. And feel free to check all of them yourself by researching and then by buying one for you.

 Benefits of Using a Cool Pillow

Chris IdZikowski, honorable director of The Edinburgh Sleep Centre and author of Sound Asleep says; “The body normally releases heat through hands, face, and feet around the time of sleep onset, and usually continues to cool until around 4 a.m.If anything prevents that decrease in temperature, then sleep quality is impaired and it is difficult to fall asleep.”

From IdZikowski, we find more detail about heat relieving of different organs of our body which may shake your thinking about body temperature. Your head release four times more temperature. And during summer, your head takes one-third time to start sweating than other organs.

Flipping and rearranging your pillow, you may get a little fever, but at last, you have to sleep in an oil-mashed cushion. The best cooling pillow may carry permanently all your tensions out and get you out of all the trouble.

Using a cooling pad, you may get rid of seasonal dandruff which born as result of head sweating. A cool gel pillow can ensure your sound sleep though you are passing a high tempered night such as night before exam or night before a journey.

Choosing The Best Cooling Pillow (By Users Feedback)

A pillow having suitable size and shape for you, may feel uncomfortable unless it is the perfect one. How can you decide that which one is the best cooling aspect? Let me talk about some metrics and measures that help you to choose the best cool pillow. Here are some attributes, buyer’s mentions while giving feedback about their purchases.

⭕ Coolness: I pay extra money for a cool pillow, I obviously want its surface to stay cool till morning as sleeping in a hot pad seems a nightmare. It must consume heat and sweating and make my night happy.
⭕ Support:  A pillow that provides the perfect amount of strength to support my head and neck as well as ensures cool sleep would be the suitable one. I would love to pay extra for such one that supports my head as my mother’s lap.

⭕ Adaptability: Along with perfectly fit with head and neck, the best pillow should not shrink at last night and have a comfortable height all night. My pillow should be my pleasure of sleeping.
⭕ Durability: I don’t want to spend my whole life with a single pillow, but it must sustain as much I paid for it. Guaranty and warranty may influence me while purchasing, but I think using experiences in a long duration may keep words.[/su_note]

How to Maintain a Cooling Pillow?

Most of the cooling pillows are designed to last as much longer than the warranty period. But with proper maintenance, it may long even more than that and ensure the ideal service. Maintenance procedure differs from pillow to pillow. But there are some common things we should follow such as wash or clean the cover regularly, keep it in the dry and dust free area etc. Along with these common things you have to do some extra care of your cooling pad.

  • Firstly you have to remove the pillow cover softly.
  • Then remove the hair off the surface to make sure that it is clean.
  • If the cover is washable then wash it properly following instructions.
  • Running a vacuum over the surface is helpful and you can try it.
  • If you want to clean the spot, use a mild cleaner so that the quality won’t be at risk.
  • It is better to select a well-ventilated area to dry the pillow cover.
  • You can also use baking soda in order to control unwanted odour.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A Best Cooling Pillow

COOLING PILLOWCoolness: Coolness would be your first preference while you are buying your cooling pillow. Most of the review says coolness is the only cause to buy a cool pillow.

WarrantyLifespan &Warranty: How long a cooling pillow functions? The market analyst says consumers’ satisfaction stands behind using the goods at least twice of given warranty time. A cooling gel pillow with proper maintenance may last longer. At least three-year warranty or five years limited would be an ideal warranty for a cooling gel pillow.

pillow sizeSize: Regarding your sleeping position pillow size should be marked. The size fits best with your head and neck would be your standard size. With these attributes you also should check how long it takes to bounce back its original size, the faster is more resilient. You also should check near stitches, line stitches, straight and round stitches. Zipper must be comfortable and fast along with smooth piping edges.

best-pillow-budgetPrice range: In general, buyers agree to spend$30-$50 for a cooling pillow. But everyone wants to cut one’s coat according to clothes. In simple words, you always want to buy within your budget. Do these cooling pillows go with your budget? Check the best price on Amazon

A cool pillow becomes mandatory for you when you realize that excessive heat is interrupting your sleep and damaging health. The best thing about cooling pad is that you are getting many advantages together in these. In one hand these keep your head and body cool. In another hand, they keep you healthy by taking care of your neck and head balance. Cooling pillows have the perfect sizes you want. Besides, they keep you safe from dust mites and are absolutely safe to use. The pillows of different brands have warranties of years. The prices of them are also reasonable. Despite going through all the positive vibes regarding the cooling pillows, it is better to use one and test by yourself. So why are you late?

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