Top 5 Best Cooling Pillow Review & Buying Guide 2017

We love to spend our one-third of living life sleeping. And all of us want it as comfortable as possible. Does a hot pillow allow us to have a comfortable sleep during autumn and summer? Does it make sense to put an ice bag on the pillow? No way, we should think of other solutions to have a sound sleep, which may ensure a healthy day. A proverb “as cool as the other side of pillow” also indicates a big trouble of human life, talks about the happiness of sleeping. But this happiness belongs until it turns hot and you flip again and again while sleeping. Technology solves this trouble and ensures your sound sleep. Specialists prescribe you to use Cooling Pillow to avoid this unhappiness. 

Best Cooling Pillow of All Time (Quick View)

Product Name Weight Warranty Rating Price
Sleep Better Iso-Cool
Memory Foam Pillow
2.1 pounds 5 Years 4.2/5 check price
Reversible Cool Gel
Memory Foam Pillow
5.0 pounds 3 Years 4.0/5   check price
Sleep Innovations Cool
Contour Memory Pillow
2.1 pounds 5 Years 4.2/5   check price
Classic Brands Cool
Ventilated Gel Pill
4.8 pounds N/A 4.2/5   check price
Dreamfinity Cooling Gel
Memory Foam Pillow
6.0 pounds N/A 4.0/5 check price

Choosing The Best Cooling Pillow (Overview)

A pillow having suitable size and shape for you, may feel uncomfortable unless it is the best cooling pillow. How can you decide that which one is the best cooling aspect? Let me talk about some metrics and measures that help you to choose the best cooling pillow. Here are some attributes, buyer’s mentions while giving feedback about their pillow purchases.

⭕ Coolness: I pay extra money for a cooling pillow; I obviously want its surface to stay cool till morning as sleeping in a hot pillow seems a nightmare. It must consume heat and sweating and make my night happy.
⭕ Support:  A pillow that provides the perfect amount of strength to support my head and neck as well as ensures cool sleep would be my best one. I would love to pay extra for such a pillow that supports my head as my mother’s lap.

⭕ Adaptability: Along with perfectly fit with head and neck, the best pillow should not shrink at last night and have a comfortable height all night. My pillow should be my pleasure of sleeping.

⭕ Durability: I don’t want to spend my whole life with a single pillow, but it must sustain as much I paid for it. Guaranty and warranty may influence me while purchasing, but I think using experiences in a long duration may keep words.

Buyers also talk about the color, cover, washability, size and shape etc. The most gossiping topic in buyer cooling pillow reviews that also touched market specialists thinking is “Brands of cooling pillow.” Which cooling pillow Brands fulfill your demands in every aspect? Let we talk about some of the best cooling pillows.

Top 5 Best Cooling Pillows of All Time

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is your best pillow if you are looking for a cool memory foam pillow. As it is made of Visco elastic memory foam, it can absorb your weight comfortably. It maintains the ratio naturally aligned to support your head and spine and mold to contour. The manufacturer claims that this pillow can absorb or release heat according to ensure a balance between your head and room temperature as it contains microscopic beads. It seems mostly true while reading consumers reviews.

They claimed with confidence that the temperature regulation quality of this pillow is the best they used ever.The Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory foam pillow has a suitable height and size for you. As it can compress itself and bounce back to its original size while releasing weight, it suits to the point of your body and neck.

This pillow contains a 100% cotton pillow cover which easy removable is machine washable. Cool Memory Foam pillow user’s reviews and recommendation enlighten and proven this pillow as the best cool memory foam pillow. Strongly influenced by the user reviews and following in deep, I can suggest you have this pillow to have a sweet dreamt night.

Pain relief9.0
Warranty & Support9.6

Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

A pillow surrounded by cool gel pad makes your sleep comfortable. And if it is reversible you don’t need to flip again and again to find the cooler side of your pillow. It also contains series of holes to release heat and maintain proper airflow. The cool gel side absorbs your heat and stays cool while sleeping and memory foam relieves pressure.

Along with suitable size and height, this pillow has a unique dual side design for all type of sleepers. The manufacturer claimed that you may have double experience in single pillow: minimum plush feel in memory foam side and medium firm feel in cool gel side. In deep of justification, I found honest marking though users reviews. This pillow has a removable and washable performance knit cover. The great feature of this pillow, which attracts the buyer attention most is that it provides the best comfort for side, back and stomach sleepers at a reasonable price along with 3 years warranty.

Pain relief9.2
Warranty & Support9.4

Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Pillow

Memory foam, always famous for its comfort ability and pain relieving combined with cool contour offers you three facilities in a single pillow. Sleep Innovations designs cool contour memory foam pillow to ensure your those facilities comfort, pain relievers and coolness. The contour pillow, firmed with memory foam stabilizes your head and neck in natural way of sleeping and cradles your head perfectly.

It ensures your better sleep and better wake up. Sleep Innovations, offering a large number of best contour memory foam pillow became one of the best brands of pillow market. In cool pillow category, it obtains the same fame through out the eras.

Cool contour memory foam pillow offered by Sleep Innovations pulls heat from the surface and pass directly into the channels in the foam. As a result, no matter how long you sleep, the surface stay cool. The contour design removes pain and stiffness, which make your morning happy.

Therapeutic support, long-lasting coolness and relieve from stiffness and adorable contour design are more enough for a good sleepy night. Sleep Innovation cool memory foam pillow, suitable for both side and back sleepers offers you a 5-year limited warranty and a price which never breaks your bank.

Pain relief9.2
Warranty & Support9.6

Classic Brands Cool Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

To make your day good to great, you may agree to spend a lot of money. Stand a while, Classic Brands, an excellent manufacturer of cool sleep pillows offers you a great day spending at best 50$ for a cool ventilated pillow. Don’t stay in a fix, just check it out and let me search why they claim that?

Ventilated gel memory foam, a combination of gel and visco-elastic memory foam creates plusher and cooler pillow material ensures a sound sleep. But why they claim to a great day? In deep of research, I found a lot of review of buyer dancing with the same wave. Buyer claimed that classic brands cool sleep ventilated pillow is specially designed to wick away moisture and confirms proper airflow which ensures extra caring night, Remove back pain and stiffness.

Pain relief9.2
Side & back sleeping9.5
Durability &Warranty9.6

Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Foam Pillow

Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Foam Pillow, having an each unique side surface is a standard size cooling gel and memory foam pillow which is famous for great comfort. The pillow contains Hydraluxe cooling gel (in Microbubble gel layer), poly fiber fill and memory foam. The combination of these three materials ensures outstanding firmness and prevents heating your body.

The standard size (24x15x5) along with 2.5 inches memory foam and 2.5 inches poly fiber fill and six-pound weights feel your lap’s full. The breathable cover, combined with 85% polyester and 15% spandex is easy to remove and wash. The pillow became buyer priority for its durability, with proper care and maintenance it offers you a long run. In reviews of Dreamfinity cooling gel pillow users assure that a long time use of this pillow relief them from ample neck pain. For side sleeper and stomach sleeper, this pillow would be an ideal pillow for all time. At a glance, you can check its pricing and other features.

Pain relief9.2

 Benefits of Using Cooling Pillow

Chris IdZikowski, honorable director of The Edinburgh Sleep Centre and author of Sound Asleep says; “The body normally releases heat through hands, face, and feet around the time of sleep onset, and usually continues to cool until around 4 a.m.If anything prevents that decrease in temperature, then sleep quality is impaired and it is difficult to fall asleep.”

From IdZikowski, we find more detail about heat relieving of different organs of our body which may shake your thinking about body temperature. Your head release four times more temperature. And during summer, your head takes one-third time to start sweating than other organs.

Flipping and rearranging your pillow, you may get a little fever, but at last you have to sleep in an oil-mashed pillow. The best cooling pillow may carry permanently all your tensions out and get you out off all the trouble.

Using a cooling pillow, you may get rid of seasonal dandruff which born as result of head sweating. A cooling gel pillow can ensure your sound sleep though you are passing a high tempered night such as night before exam or night before a journey.

How to Maintain a Cooling Pillow?

Most of the cooling pillows are designed to last as much longer than the warranty period. But with proper maintenance, it may long even more than that and ensure the ideal service of a pillow. Maintenance procedure differs from pillow to pillow. But there are some common things we should follow such as wash or clean the cover regularly, keep the pillow in the dry and dust free area etc. Along with these common things you have to do some extra care of your cooling pillow.

⦁ Remove the pillow cover softly
⦁ Remove hair of the surface
⦁ Wash the cover (If it is washable)
⦁ Run a vacuum over the surface
⦁ Clean the spot with mild cleaner
⦁ Keep it in a well-ventilated area
⦁ To control odor use baking soda

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Cooling A Pillow

COOLING PILLOWCoolness: Coolness would be your first preference while you are buying your cooling pillow. Most of the cooling pillow review says coolness is the only cause to buy a cooling pillow.

Lifespan &Warranty: How long a cooling pillow functions? Market analyst says consumers’ satisfaction stands behind using the goods at least twice of given warranty time. A cooling gel pillow with proper maintenance may last longer. At least three-year warranty or five years limited would be an ideal warranty for a cooling gel pillow.

pillow sizeMaterial Size: Pillow size and material size also should be marked. The size fits best with your head and neck would be your standard pillow size. With these attributes you also should check how long it takes to bounce back its original size, the faster is more resilient. You also should check near stitches, line stitches, straight and round stitches. Zipper must be comfortable and fast along with smooth piping edges.

best-pillow-budgetPrice range: In general buyers agree to spend 30$-50$ for a cooling pillow. But everyone wants to cut one’s coat according to clothes. In simple words, you always want to buy within your budget. Do these cooling pillows go with your budget? Check the best price on Amazon

Buying a cooling pillow is not as easy as it seems. You may consult your family doctor to get prescribed a cooling pillow. But a brand of cooling pillow differs on your budget and demand, Size and comfortability. At last, I would like to suggest you to buy the best cooling pillow which suits your budget and demand.

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