Top 8 Best Cooling Pillow Review & Buying Guide 2017

Are you flipping your pillow all night long because of excess sweating? Then, would you like to put an ice-bag on your pillow? Probably not. Don’t worry! A Cooling Pillow can be the best option in this regard. Specialists also recommend cooling pads as the best solution for this types of problem during summer.

Choosing the right one is very important, but do you know which one is the best for you? That’s why we have made a list of 8 Best Cooling Pillows for making your mammoth task quite easier. And yes! We have invested a good time to research and here we will show you why we recommend these and who will be benefited. So, you know you are in good hands today. Hope that this honest review will help you to choose the best one without any difficulty.

Ordinary VS Cooling Pillow

Since 60% of your sleep depends on pillow, you need to be careful in this regard. Usually, the pillows we use are almost same but cooling pillow provides some extra facilities than those.

  • Ordinary pillows are used just for the support needed beneath our head at the time of sleeping. But the most attractive feature of cooling pillow is that it provides proper support as well as maximum cool feeling that you are looking for. 

  • The foam of the so-called pillow is always very common where a cooling pillow is made of high-quality foam and the firmness. It's absolutely perfect for providing proper support with coolness to your head, back and neck. 

Benefits of Using a Cooling Pillow

Basically, cooling pillow has a common feature that is the ability to provide coolness. But rather than this, it has some extra benefits also. Let’s see at a glance which advantages it can give you to have a sound sleep in your tough nights. 

  • Coolness: It is obvious for you to want your pillow cool till morning since you are paying extra money for the coolness. Besides, it must have the capability to consume heat and sweating in order to make your night happier. You mustn’t want it to make you feel cold like an ice cube but it should be able to provide a great tranquility. So, after using a cooling pillow you are going to have an experience of a great night’s sleep.
  • Support: Cooling pillow assures a cool sleep. Even in the hot summer nights, it provides you the exact support you need. If a pillow can perform this job, then what else is there that you want more? It can be the best companion of yours. And if you have any problem of hernia or nerve aches it can also soothe those. Rather than miserly you would love to pay extra money for such one that supports your head as mother’s lap!
  • Adaptability: You may have used many pillows till now but didn’t get the right one yet, have you? A Cooling pillow is such a pillow that you don’t need to cope up with it rather it will adapt with you. Along with perfectly fit with head and neck, it’ll not also shrink at last night and have a comfortable height all the night. It’ll bring the pleasure of your sleeping.

8 Best Cooling Pillow Review

1. Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Firstly, we have on our list Sleep Better Iso-Cool Pillow because of its design and specifications which will just blow your mind.  Unlike ordinary pillows you have used till now, this cooling pad easily absorbs the extra heat your body produces. Just because it's able to absorb heat, you won’t have to worry about the room temperature.

Iso-cool memory foam pillow review

If you are choosy enough about anything and everything you use, then this one is for you. The awesome gusseted design increases its thickness, which will assure the perfect comfort. Have you heard of microscopic beads? Okay, let me inform you that these beads absorb those unwanted heats you hate while sleeping. And yes! These beads are present in this cooling pad. Hey, not only the heat, your head and neck will get the proper alignment with this. 

Why we recommend?

  • The foam is Visco elastic memory foam which is absolutely of fine qualityThis can compress itself and get back to its original position in order to suit itself with the position of your neck.

  • Its 100% zipped cotton cover has a 300 thread count and it’s naturally hypoallergenic like the gel foam. The cover is also removable and machine washable.

  • The Phase Change Microscopic Beads regulate body temperature all the night to make you feel cool.

2. Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Pillow

Secondly, we have picked Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Pillow for the people who are especially looking for coolness and extra comfort. Being with this cooling pad throughout nights will assure you relief from pain and stiffness. The therapeutic support that you are getting with this will gift you a happy morning.

Sleep Innovation cool contour pillow

Yes! Your morning is called happy because you'll get a proper spinal alignment. It's 3 lbs density foam filling is anti-allergic and provides medium firm support. Along with the coolness and comfort overnights, pain relief will let you sleep at peace which is all you want from a pillow. The contour cooling pad, firmed with memory foam stabilises your head and neck in the natural way of sleeping and cradles your head perfectly. It's made in the USA with a 5 years warranty.

Why It's so Special?

  • The two-layer ergonomically shaped contour cooling pad makes you feel comfortable and maintains consistent temperature throughout the night. Because of the two-layer shape it, provides ample support to the side and back sleepers.

  • This incredible pillow has all the combination of therapeutic support, long-lasting coolness and relief from stiffness.
  • The cover is made of luxurious soft terry velour which is removable and machine washable.

3. Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Cooling Pillow

We picked it in the 3rd position on our list because Bamboo Pillow has always taken a place in people’s mind. And Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Shredded memory foam pillow has the advantage of extra breathing with the feeling of luxury. 

Do you have to change your pillow after using a short time just because it is going flat? Don't worry! This pad doesn’t go flat even after the guaranteed time. And yes! It has 20 years warranty. The super soft micro-vented cover is the noticeable thing that makes this one different from the regular ones you have used till now. For all the side, back and stomach sleeper, this is just an ideal one. There are only a few numbers of pillows which work equally for three kinds of sleepers. And this cooling pad performs the job successfully.

This Bamboo cooling pad is manufactured in the USA and it comes up in three different sizes King, Queen and Standard. Luckily, this pillow has a toddler version also. 

Why we recommend?

  • The pillow is Certipur-US certified that’s why it’s totally free from all kinds of harmful chemicals. And it’s 100% hypoallergenic.
  • Though the pillow has a perfect firmness you can customize it according to your necessity. Another thing is that its super soft micro-vented bamboo cover is removable and machine washable.
  • The most attractive part of the pillow is its durability. You have already known that the pillow has 20 years of warranty. You will be surprised that the company is providing 90 days free trial also.

4. Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Pillow

Are you ready to enjoy the double experience with one single pillow? Then Classic Brands Reversible is one of the best cooling pillow for you.Your desire to get a pillow with no flip ups throughout the night will be fulfilled with this one.

Reversible Cooling Gel pillow

This pillow will control heat constantly even if you sleep on one side throughout the whole night. No hand of you will be needed to let the cooling process of this work. Are you a stomach sleeper? No matter, its 5" loft is just perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers. The performance of this hypoallergenic cover is highly satisfactory. 

Why It's so Special?

  • Minimum plush feel in memory foam side and medium firm feel in cool gel side will let you feel like you are on double pleasure. 
  • The super soft zippered cover is able to wick away heat and moisture. It is also removable and machine washable.
  • Classic brand is also providing a 3 years warranty of this pad which is enough to take care of your head and neck for a long time. 

5. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Pillow

Are you suffering because your pillow is too short or too tall? No problem! Now we are talking about another pillow of Classic Brands which provides you a standard size besides of super cooling technology. 

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Pillow

The manufacturer knows well the necessity of a side or back sleeper which is a pillow of medium plush and thus this one is suitable for you. The air holes of the entire pillow will help to you to provide proper air flow throughout the night to sustain the cooling effect. This gel pillow is naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, mold and dust mites resistant. 

What's special in it?

  • This is made of ventilated gel memory foam which is a combination of gel and Visco-elastic. Due to having this combination, it becomes plusher and cooler.
  • The specifically designed cool-pass performance knit cover wicks away moisture and disperses body heat to give you a sound sleep. This super soft removable cover is also machine washable.
  • Usually, Classic Brand company provides 3 years warranty in most of their pillows.This time you will also get the same warranty which is good enough.

6. Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

For making your sleep more luxurious now the pillow we are going to talk about is the Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow from Product Stop Inc.The cooling gel base ensures you uninterrupted sleep throughout the night by providing cool temperature.

 cooling gel memory foam pillow

Sleep in any position you love to with Cooling Gel pillow because this can mold around your body shape. Side sleepers are the one who'll get maximum comfort by sleeping with it. By using this cooling pad you’ll get a combination of contour and U-neck design together. 

Are you suffering from neck or back pain because of using the wrong pillow? Painful time is coming to end as its ergonomic design will take the best care of your neck and back pain. Of course, there is a number of cooling gel pillows in the market but among them, you must think fair of one with maximum benefit.

What's special in it?

  • This anti-allergen and dust mite resistant cooling pad is manufactured with 60D memory foam which supports head and neck effectively.

  • The cooling gel layer base disperses heat away from your body to provide you super coolness and maximum comfort. The contour design moulds around the shape of your body and help you to sleep in peace.

  • This cooling gel pillow comes up with a lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction and a money back guarantee. Hopefully, it’s good enough for your smiley face. 

7. Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Foam Pillow

This Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pillow is another best one in the market. Especially you may like it for its soothing micro bubble gel layer. Surprisingly you will get six times longer coolness than the ordinary memory foam.  

Because of the unique side surface of Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pillow you don’t have to wake up and check if your head is in the middle of the pillow or not. You will get a perfect sized pillow and ultimate comfort having this cooling pad. Why would you buy this one while others can also bring you coolness? Well, the fact is that your sleeping position doesn’t matter when you are with this. 

What's special in it?

  • With the combination of Hydraluxe cooling gel, poly fiber fill and memory foam it ensures outstanding firmness and prevents heating your body.

  • The breathable mesh cover is 85% polyester and 15% spandex which is easy to remove and wash.

  • The company is providing you a 5 years warranty which is very much satisfactory and worth your money.

8. Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat

Finally, we have on our list, the best cooling pillow mat. It’s also known as the alternative of a cooling pillow. Without changing your ordinary one you can happily use this super cooling mat as well. 

Cooling Pillow Mat

It has some specialties when you laid eyes upon this may be it’s ready to sold. Because of its unique comfortable design, you can use it on any of your so-called pillows easily. You will get an extra advantage while traveling as you can fold it to carry out anywhere. The inner gel isn’t segmented like other mat and It has continuous one piece which makes you feel soft and comfortable. 

Most of the customers attempt to buy this cooling mat because of the advantage of refrigerating it and once they use, they find it perfect. The reviews on different sites are the examples of the fine service and quality of this. 

Why we choose it?

  • Since it is possible to get the same coolness and comfort without changing pillow in an affordable price it can be the best option.
  • The cool inner gel of this pillow mat is effective for summer sleeping, night sweats, headaches, fevers, migraines, hot flashes and neck pain.

Factor to Consider Before Choosing

Things to Consider

Coolness: Why do you want to have a cooling pillow? The answer should be “Because of the coolness”. That’s why coolness would be your first priority while you are choosing the best cooling pillow. Most of the reviews also say that coolness is the only reason to have a cooling pillow. You probably don’t want to have such a pillow that is named cooling pillow but doesn’t provide that much coolness as you need. So, know in details about it before purchasing.

Size: When it is about your sleeping position, pillow size is very important. The size that fits best with your head and neck would be the standard size for you. With these attributes, you should also check how long it takes to bounce back to its original size. The faster it comes back to the original position, the more resilient it is. 

Material: Cooling pillows are basically made of the combination of high-quality foam and cooling gel fiber. They are very much different from the traditional ones and they have a lot of varieties like memory foam, shredded bamboo, water-filled etc. But if you want a firmer one then you should go for memory foam. Again the gel fiber makes the pillow more breathable and helps you to stay cool during sleeping.

Lifespan & Warranty: Obviously you don’t want to spend your whole life with a single pillow! Do you? May be not and at least we don’t want to do so. There might be a question in your mind that how long a cooling pillow functions? The market analyst says customers’ satisfaction stands behind using the goods at least twice of the given warranty time. A cooling gel pillow with proper maintenance may last longer. At least three-year warranty or five years limited would be an ideal warranty for a cooling gel pillow.

Price Range: We have noticed that in most of the case buyers are ready to spend $30-$50 for a cooling pillow. Along with spending this amount of money, everyone wants to “cut one’s coat according to clothes”. In simple words, of course, you always want to stay within your budget. And hopefully, these cooling pillows will not leave you hopeless and will go with your budget.

How to Maintain a Cooling Pillow?

As cooling pillows are different from the traditional ones, you need to maintain it carefully especially because of its cooling gel fiber. Though you will get maintenance instructions with every pillow yet you should look after the things given below.

  • You have to remove the pillow cover softly.
  • Then remove the hair from the surface to make sure that it is clean.
  • If the cover is washable, wash it properly following instructions.
  • Running a vacuum over the surface is helpful and you can try it.
  • It is better to select a well-ventilated area to dry the pillow cover.
  • You can also use baking soda in order to control unwanted dodr.
  • If you want to clean the spot, use a mild cleaner so that the quality won’t be at risk.

Final Words

As choosing the best cooling pillow is difficult but it should be easier for you till now. We are highly optimistic that our 100% valid and reliable guide will help you to purchase the best one. Price should not be the sole factor always that should affect your decision. So, you can stick to your decision because we are confident that the above-mentioned pillows are the best you will ever find.

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