10 Best Memory Foam Pillow Review & Ultimate Buying Guide 2017

Best Memory Foam PillowA sound sleep is not possible without a perfect pillow… is it? To get the maximum output of your sleep you may look for an extraordinary pillow. If you need that extra comfort, you need something that cradles your head and neck. Memory Foam Pillow works better in this regard. But which size do you need actually? They come in different shapes and sizes. Some pillows are specially designed to suite particular need. Here we are talking about Best Memory Foam Pillow which in fact meet your demands. Memory Foam, developed by NASA has been in the market from the 80’s. And eventually, they started coming into the market as pillows and other bedding products.

This pillow has gained popularity in sports and medical industries. It not only allows you to sleep better but also helps in rectifying various sleeping disorders and pain issues.

Best Memory Foam Pillows For all Time (Quick View)

Product Name Weight Warranty Rating Price
Sleep Innovation Cool
Contour Pillow
2.1 pounds 5 Years 4.0/5 check price
Classic Brands Conforma
Memory foam Pillow
3.2 pounds 5 Years 4.2/5 check price
Coop Home Goods
Memory Foam Pillow
3.5 pounds 5 Years 4.4/5 check price
Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo
Memory Foam Pillow
3.5 pounds 20 Years 4.5/5 check price
Good Life Essential
Memory Foam Pillow
3.1 pounds Unlimited 4.0/5 check price
Comfort Revolution Hydra
Cooling Foam Pillow
5.0 pounds 3 Years 4.1/5 check price
Beyond Down Gel Fiber
Side Sleeper Pillow
3.0 pounds N/A 3.8/5 check price
Sleep joy Visco Fresh Adv
Contour Pillow
4.2 pounds 2 Years 4.1/5 check price
Classic Brands Cool Sleep
Gel Foam Pillow
4.0 pounds N/A 4.1/5 check price
Intevision Bed Wedge
Memory Foam Pillow
4.2 lbs N/A 4.2/5 check price

What is Memory Foam Pillow? (Overview)

Memory foam pillow is made of polyurethane which can easily support your neck and your back. This creates a cradle for your head to enjoy maximum comfort. It also minimizes the distance between your head and the bed, which helps to keep your spine straight. It is also useful for side sleepers.

There are different types of memory foam pillows having different purposes and structures. Some of the best pillows are given below.

⭕ Contour Pillow: Memory foam pillow is basically a piece of viscoelastic material. It has a fine nick and two ridges which run horizontally from side to side. The heightened ridges support the neck and place the head in the indentation. This provides stability to the head. Due to its advantages of supporting the head and neck, it’s a popular choice for the individuals having neck problems. It is also popular for back sleepers.

⭕ Shredded Pillow: Among all the memory foam pillows this looks like the traditional ones. Having an average height, it comes in different sizes. It’s called shredded as it has many small pieces of shredded foam filling. It’s suitable for all type of sleepers. The basic advantage of memory foam shredded pillow is it doesn’t trap heat while breathing room. Even you can adjust your comfort height.

⭕ Wedge Pillow: A triangle shaped multi purpose uses pillow which is highly recommended for individuals having sinus issues, acid reflux or respiratory problems. During pregnancy, you can reduce pressure on the lower back by putting it under a baby bump. These are very effective and useful for pregnant individuals and patients experiencing discomfort on their back.

⭕ Traditional Pillow: As the name implies, these have the shape of traditional pillows but with some extra height. The extra height helps to support the neck and the shoulders. This is the most common and most popular among all memory foam pillows.

Top 10 Best Memory Foam Pillows of All Time

Depending on all the qualities, ratings and customer reviews we have made a list of pillows. This memory foam pillow review will help you in a great extend for choosing the best one easily.

Sleep Innovation Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

If you are looking for a pillow having all the features of contour then this is the product to acquire. This item from Sleep innovations has taken contoured pillows to a new standard of sleeping.

The double layered design provides all the therapeutic benefits of a standard contoured pillow with some extra benefits and amplified functionality. Its firmness ensures sound sleep.It is perfect for those who sleep on their back or side. The double layered design includes a layer of cool foam which stays cool for the duration of the night. Besides, the high and low loft architecture provides comfort in all sleeping profiles.It provides ample support and comfort throughout the night. Its self-adjustments compilation helps you in midnight.

This also helps to keep the spine aligned with your body. You can’t feel sleep disturbances due to excess heat. Sleep innovations use the best cool-flow memory foam available in the market. This ensures minimum heat and keeps your head at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

Beneath the cool foam surface there is a core of SureTemp memory foam. This helps to retain its firmness and stay cool. Durability with the high and low loft design you will find comfort in any position you sleep.

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

This product from classic brands achieved good rating on it responds to pressure as well as temperature. It allows molding according to the shape of the user’s head and neck effortlessly. It always cares about sound sleep.

This pillow has hypoallergenic properties which help individuals to get well soon with allergy problems. One of the attributes of this pillow is velour knit fibers which optimize the contouring properties by working with the memory foam. Tailored knit fabric has also incorporated in the design for cool airflow. The memory foam design features open cell structure which provides increased airflow and enhanced pressure relief.

The ventilating property ensures a cool and natural sleeping atmosphere. Classic brands are known as the best memory foam pillow brand. It uses more spongy foam which makes the product more breathable, being high density and comfortable at the same time. This particular product has an accessory provides warranty of three years which covers any manufacturing defects under a reasonable price.

Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow

This product features shredded memory foam with a bamboo cover. The cover is made of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. Unlike other products, it is completely machine washable. The shredded memory foam contours to the weight of your head and shape of your neck which helps in achieving a pleasant sleeping experience.

The bamboo cover is very eco-friendly and also comfortable. This product is completely hypoallergenic as it prevents the growth of mold, dust mites, bacteria and other microorganisms. This is ensured that the viscoelastic foam material is synthetic. Being a well-structured pillow, this contains CertiPur-Us certified foam. CertiPur-US foam is famous to create the best quality memory foam products.

The foam is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. The CertiPur-US also certifies that the product is not made with ozone depletes. There are no harmful chemicals or metals (lead, mercury) present in this product. This product is suitable for all type of sleep positions as this pillow confirms according to the user’s preferences. This product is also backed by a 5-year warranty and a 30 days money back policy.

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

This memory foam pillow is made of shredded memory foam and it never goes flat. It is completely machine washable. It conforms to the shape of its user.

This provides support to the neck for sleepers of all positions. This pillow is also hypoallergenic. It is also resistant to dust mites. The Memory foam and the fabric used in this Pillow are eco-friendly. The foam is certified by Certipur-US. It comes with a micro vented cover and ensures cool air flow. The cover is made from a combination of bamboo, polyester and Lycra. The bamboo in the cover can absorb moisture and sweat.

Memory foam also prevents any moisture build up. So users don’t have to worry about bacteria formation. The pillow provides orthopedic support and lets the muscles relax. That’s why it has become one of the best memory foam pillows. It is also a great choice for women during pregnancy. The smooth airflow prevents heat buildup. It stays cool all through the night. Moreover, it comes with a 20-year warranty.

Good Life Essential Memory Foam Pillow

This product contains shredded memory foam and has a bamboo cover. It cradles your head and neck which in turn ensures perfect spinal alignment. It is good for both side’s sleepers and back sleepers as the air circulation keep the pillow cooler for long period of time. The foam used in this pillow is certified by CertiPur-U.S.

The material used for the cover contains 50% bamboo which keeps the pillow cool. It is hypoallergenic and dust mites, bacteria and mold resistant which is great news for individuals suffering from allergy. This pillow is especially recommended for the individuals having stiff neck or shoulders. It will be completely safe if you put it in a washing machine or a dryer.

The manufacturer claims that this pillow will not go flat or lose its shape. The user’s can obtain the desired height by squeezing or fluffing the pillow up. Its cover is made with bamboo and that’s why it is very eco-friendly. The product also has a warranty of 5 years.

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Cooling Pillow

Comfort revolution is famous for their innovative Bedding items. The Hydraluxe cooling pillow is one of their latest innovations. This product is like other memory foam pillows but with a twist.

It features a layer of cooling gel over the distinctive memory foam. A study proved that it stays cooler for a longer period of time than other pillows. The Hydraluxe pillow is obtainable in two different styles, bed pillow or contour pillow. You can also choose the pattern for gel layers such as waves or bubbles. Color option is also available. It comes with a mesh cover which is super soft and silky. You can also wash the cover easily.

The memory foam  will fit in any standard pillow case but it will reduce the amount of coolness unless the case is very thin.

Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow

This pillow is favorable side sleepers. It’s also suitable for those who snore. But sleeping on the sides may cause of various trouble specially spine pain. The Beyond Gel Fiber side sleeper gets out of those problems.

It provides uninterrupted sleep without any potential chance of discomfort. This pillow, fully made of cotton has a thread count of 300. It has double gusset edges, which means the edges are heightened and stitched. This gusset side stitching is essential for side sleepers. The pillow creates large space between the mattress and your head by the shoulder girdle. It does not collapse during sleep. The extra-large size of this pad works as a body pillow. You can wrap your body around the pillow for getting spine support.

There are pockets of micro fill fibers made of gel. This provides the flexibility to confirm to the shape of your neck and head. The small fibers allow air to circulate through the pillow and minimize heat buildup in the body. It also helps to keep the moisture and bacteria out of the pillow for a clean and pleasant sleeping experience.

Sleep joy Visco Fresh  Advanced Contour Pillow

This product offers support for both back and side sleepers having an amazing quality of material along with durability. This product will minimize the chances of discomforts and neck pains. The green tea incorporated in the material eliminates any bad chemical odor. It also allows better airflow provide comfort. The material used to make this memory foam pillow is 100 % polyester having nano-tex fabric. This promotes breath ability and moisture deduction.

The outer cover features a zipper, which is more convenient and long lasting. This pillow can cradle sleepers in both back and side sleeping positions. It ensures undisturbed breathing for the elimination of snoring. There are many Ventilation holes in the memory foam pillow which help to keep balance on air flow continuity. So it provides a cool feeling as well as warm feeling in alternate weather. It has hypoallergenic properties and certainly holds its shape even for years. It makes a certain sound when an individual turns on it.

Classic Brands Cool Sleep Gel  Memory Foam Pillow

The Gel memory foam is also known as all-purpose pillows. Made of the combination of gel and memory foam it can satisfy a variety of sleeping needs.

Along with support for the head and neck the combination of Gel and memory foam, it provides coolness. The height of these pillows is around 6-8 inches which are good for back and side sleepers. Gel pillows are ideal for individuals having allergy problems. The fibers filled with micro gel have hypoallergenic property and resists the aggregation of dust mites. Support provided by the memory foam is effective for soothing back and neck pain.

The micro gel filled fabric provides coolness thus making it suitable for those who sweat during sleep. Warranty of these pillows usually extends from 3-5 years. Its lifespan is also the same. You can wash this pillow in the washing machine and can also use a dryer.

Intevision Bed Wedge Memory Foam Pillow

Intevision is well known for their research, architecture and production of wedge memory foam pillow.

Their large range of products includes many sizes and styles. This particular product is massively popular for various medical reasons. It cares about poor blood circulation, breathing problems, back or neck problems, snoring, allergies and acid reflux. This product features a double layered design. The top layer is 1-inch-thick viscoelastic memory foam layer, and the inner layer provides a firm and comfortable base. The cover is machine washable.

This product has been designed to have both internal and external therapeutic effects on your body. We highly recommend this pillow for the individuals who face difficulties lying on their back. The inclined shape provides comfort to users having chronic disorders like pulmonary disorder, sinus inflammation and acid reflux. The inclined design can also help in easing pain in legs or lower body by elevating them. This elevation promotes better circulation and thus relieving an individual of discomforting pain. It weighs only 4.8 lbs. So the patients will face no difficulty in changing the position of the pillow.

Benefits of Using Memory Foam Pillow

  • Pain relief: First and foremost, most of the people use the best memory foam pillows for their back pain relieving properties. It allows the muscles of the neck and shoulder to sink in to give them relaxation. They also provide support which help in avoiding unwanted inflammations, caused due to displaced muscles.
  • Spinal Alignment: Due to gravity and pressure, memory foam pillow conforms just to the right height and shape. This keeps your spinal cord straight while sleeping on your back or your side.
  • Hypoallergenic: The material within the pillows hypoallergenic (anti-allergy) due to their unique properties. It reduces the chance of dust mites or mildew greatly. So respiratory problems or asthma attacks will not occur frequently nor will it be severe.
  • Hygienic: The memory foam pillows are usually washable. Read the instructions of the manufacturers before washing them. You cannot wash the contoured memory foam pillow in the washing machine, but you need to clean it regularly.
  • Firmness: Some people like firm pillows, others like the soft plush ones. The firmness of memory foam is average which provides support as well as comfort.
  • Support: Viscoelastic foam being a very supportive material helps to maintain a balance of your head, neck and upper body throughout the night. Especially the contoured ones are most effective.

Memory foam pillows are not only recommended for adults but also for children. It can cradle the user’s upper body which helps to reduce the risk of any unwanted discomfort during your slumber. There are many manufacturers who provide memory foam having different materials, perks and uses.

Things to know for Choosing The Best Pillow

The Best PillowAmong the large collection of memory foam pillow one might find it quite difficult to select the correct one. There are many aspects of pillow such as lifespan, price, material; user preferences etc.You may find your right regarding these aspects. The goal is to get this pillow which will satisfy all your needs at a decent price. These are becoming a thing of necessity now -a days. So it is better to do some research by reading different pillow reviews before you buy this item. Now we will discuss the choosing factors below.

Lifespan and warranty: There are two types of memory foam pillows, shredded and one piece. Both of them will lose memory.But the shredded ones last longer due to their ability to get fluffed. The average lifespan of it is around 3 – 4 years. It is a good practice to change your pillow every two years because no technology is flawless. And bacteria may grow up if you do not wash the pillows or covers regularly. The warranty of the most brands of memory foam extends from 3- 5 years. It is mostly 3 years but it also varies among manufacturers. It’s not necessary that more warranty means more quality. As long as the user handles it with care, these pillows will last long.

Price range: The price of these pillows starts from as low as 15 dollars and can reach up to 100 dollars and beyond. But you can get the standard memory foam pillow within 50-60 dollars. The price usually depends on the material used in the manufacturing of the product. Again it depends on the different manufacturers. The pillows mentioned above are all in the range of 30-60 dollars.

Material: Materials are a very important aspect to consider while choosing a pillow because it affects the user directly. Almost all the pillows contain polyester either completely or partially. Some contain cotton or bamboo along with polyester. It is strictly dependent on the user’s preferences on what they want.

If an individual wants a cool feeling while sleeping, then he should purchase a pillow containing gel. Others might have preferences for support and firmness; they might purchase standard ones with contouring properties. Some might also want a memory foam pillow to relieve themselves of back pain or neck pain. They should buy pillows consulting with their physician. Some pillows are infused with different flavors, if you feel uncomfortable with fragrances, you may avoid category.

User Preferences: All pillows are not optimized to serve all purposes for all users. Some are exclusive to some issues and some cover an array of similar issues. It is important for the user to know what he needs in a pillow. Some users might sweat during sleep; they should look something that keeps them cool; a gel memory foam pillow is their right choice. Besides these a gel memory foam pillow is greatly praised in medical and sports industry. Most of the time people use this to get rid of pain, discomfort or pressure. Unconventional pillows like wedge pillows are great for pregnant women and athletes to relieve pressure from waist or legs. Some users use these pads to solve their issues. There are also some individuals who just use them for comfort. Everybody always welcomes a little extra comfort.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing  Memory Foam Pillow

Buying a pillow avoiding these factors you need to know will not solve your problems or may fulfill your needs.

How will you use it: As memory foam pillows are more expensive than standard ones, you should have a clear about what you want? It is quite important to understand the issues you are facing while sleeping and buy the pillow accordingly. If you are buying for someone else then you should consult with them about their preferences. And make sure you understand all the problems before you buy one.

How much are you willing to spend?
The price of these pillows varies on the basis of size, density, material, shape etc. if it’s the first time you are buying a memory foam pillow then consult with someone who already owns it or survey the market to get a grip on the budget. Then choose the best one which fits your budget and also provides the features you are looking for.

Size: pillow sizeSize of the pillows should keep in harmony with the size of your mattress. If you have a king sized bed, then you should consider buying extra-large memory foam pillow. Sometimes the size preferences are utterly personal. You should find the size which you feel comfortable in. Too big or too small in size will minimize the chance of maximum comfort. That’s why we recommend judging the size with your demand. Besides these, you should also remember about the pillow cases as most of them are sold separately.

Sleep positions: Not all pillows are fit for all sleep positions. You should know what your sleep position is and then purchase memory foam pillow accordingly. For example, if you are a back sleeper then you should consider buying such one which supports your spinal cord. This is most likely to be a thinner pillow to maintain the alignment of your spine with the body. If you are a side sleeper, then you might consider buying a thick one. This will support your neck and shoulders. And stomach sleepers should also consider thinner pillows so that their spines remain to align in a comfortable position.
Know about right sleeping position

Firmness of the pillows: Not all pillows are fit for all sleep positions. You should know what your sleep position is and then purchase memory foam pillow accordingly. For example, if you are a back sleeper then you should consider buying such one which supports your spinal cord. This is most likely to be a thinner pillow to maintain the alignment of your spine with the body. If you are a side sleeper, then you might consider buying a thick one. This will support your neck and shoulders. And stomach sleepers should also consider thinner pillows so that their spines remain to align in a comfortable position. 

If you are having back or neck problems, we highly recommend that you should use a memory foam pillow. These problems usually occur due to the use of stiff pillows and bad sleeping habits. This foam pillow will help you to minimize these problems by providing enough support to your upper body. And by cradling your head, neck and shoulders, your spine will align with your body during sleep thus the chances of potential discomfort will eliminate. On the other hand, these pillows will make your sleeping experience much better than regular pillows. For all those comfort lovers out there, these best memory foam pillow works like magic.

As there is an array of different pillows to choose from, users can easily choose according to their needs and budget. Now you can achieve maximum comfort easily within your budget.

As technology is advancing, people also need to work more efficiently. To achieve such level of efficiency one must have the proper fuel to charge them up. Sleeping is mandatory for an individual to function properly, and these memory foam pillows are here to make that sleeping experience much more comfortable and effective.

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