10 Best Memory Foam Pillow Review & Ultimate Buying Guide 2018

Sleep is important after each of the hectic day outs. So is the quality of the pillow that you’re sleeping on. And so far, we all are concerned about the market, memory foam pillows are most preferred pillows by us all. But let us tell you where the problem is.

When you’ll be on the shop to buy a best memory foam pillow, hundreds of brands and models will open up their box of shiny advertisements. No matter you’re an experienced user or even a first timer, it’s obvious to be confused among them all.

That’s exactly the point that our experts will be giving you a hand. We’ve spent around 20 hours researching on the market and what we found was really surprising. Although all these models are labeled as memory foam, due to poor breathability, poor cover quality, improper sizing and many other factors, you can’t get the most out of a random memory pillow.

Well, we’ve figured out the solution as well. From markets numerous brands, here we’ve reviewed the Top 10 memory foam pillows in an ascending order.

Keep going through the review and soon you’ll find the best fit for you, we promise.






100% Polyester

3.2 Pounds

5 Years

60% Polyester,

40% Rayon

3.5 Pounds

5 Years

Viscose of Bamboo

3.5 Pounds

20 Years

Microfiber Cover

2.1 Pounds

3 Years

Mesh cover

5.0 Pounds

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Cool-pass knit cover

4.0 Pounds

5 Years

100% Polyester

4.2 Pounds

2 Years

Firm base foam

4.2 Pounds

check now

100% Cotton

3.0 Pounds

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Bamboo Cover

3.1 Pounds

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What is Memory Foam Pillow?

More or less, everyone who’s concern on their home and bed materials, knows about the famous memory foam. But we’re going to tell you a bit more. But firstly, here is the technical definition-

Memory Foam, also known as visco-elastic foam, was developed by NASA. It has been in the market since the 80’s. It’s made of polyurethane and other special types of materials that increase its viscosity and density. When it comes to the memory foam pillows, it creates a cradle for your head to enjoy maximum comfort. It can easily support your neck and back. It also minimizes the distance between your head and the bed, which helps to keep your spine straight.

The pros of memory foams over other types of bed foams available is, it’s high density and viscosity. Also, it has quite a few positive impacts on the human body as you get to use it. As example, it softens the body reaction, keeps the body heat at a comfortable level, and maintains a perfect body pressure alongside. 

Types of Memory Foam Pillow

Depending on all the qualities, ratings and customer reviews we have made a list of pillows. This memory foam pillow review will help you in a great extend for choosing the best one easily.

Contour : Memory foam pillow is basically a piece of viscoelastic material. It has a fine nick and two ridges which run horizontally from side to side. The heightened ridges support the neck and place the head in the indentation. This provides stability to the head. Due to its advantages of supporting the head and neck, it’s a popular choice for the individuals having neck problems. It is also popular for back sleepers.

Shredded : Among all the memory foam pillows this looks like the traditional ones. Having an average height, it comes in different sizes. It’s called shredded as it has many small pieces of shredded foam filling. It’s suitable for all type of sleepers. The basic advantage of memory foam shredded pillow is it doesn’t trap heat while breathing room. Even you can adjust your comfort height. 

Traditional : As the name implies, these have the shape of traditional pillows but with some extra height. The extra height helps to support the neck and the shoulders. This is the most common and most popular among all memory foam pillows.

Traditional Pillow

Top 10 Memory Foam Pillow Reviews in 2018

1. Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow from Coop Home Goods is one of the best selling products out there with thousands of reviews. With  washable bamboo rayon cover it assures maximum comfort by providing cool feeling during sleep.

Whatever the sleeping position you have, it is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Luckily you are getting the customization option due to its shredded memory foam filling. 

This shredded memory foam contours to the weight of your head and shape of your neck, which helps in achieving a pleasant sleeping experience removing neck pain.

It allows greater ventilation that helps you to take breathe without any difficulty. However, the pillow can be a great deal, because it is totally hypoallergenic and dust mites resistant. It is also available in three different sizes to choose from.

This pillow is fully machine washable that will help you to keep it clean all the time. And this product is backed up with a 5 years manufacturer guarantee and amazingly it’ll not go flat within its lifetime. An appealing feature is that, you'll get a 30 days trial option with full refund policy. Get the full review here

2. Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Foam Pillow

You may have heard its name as it is the top rated bamboo pillows in the market. It will never go flat that ensures the uses of high-quality materials are used in manufacturing, since it is manufactured in the USA. 

This bamboo pillow provides ultimate comfort due to its shredded memory foam and cool air-flow technology. Like other shredded memory foam pillows it offers you the opportunity to customize its height and firmness.

It conforms with the neck and provides orthopedic support to side, back and stomach sleepers. However, you’ll get an extra breathable soft and luxurious micro-vented cover with it that ensures a night sweat free sleep. The cover is machine washable that makes your task easier to maintain hygiene factor.

This product is totally environmental friendly due to the use of bamboo which is a natural fiber. It is an excellent choice for sensitive skinned people because it is hypoallergenic and free from all kinds of harmful chemicals. One outstanding feature is that the manufacturer is providing a 20 years leading warranty which is really a long time. Again it is backed up with a 120 night sleep trial that provides an opportunity to decide whether to use or return it for a full refund. Get the full review here

3. Classic Brands Conforma Pillow

Providing ergonomic support to the side and back sleepers, this conforma pillow has gained the trust of consumers. Its superior pressure relief ability can remove all kinds of pain from your body for providing a sound sleep.

The memory foam design features open cell structure which provides increased cool airflow and enhanced pressure relief. It responds to pressure as well as temperature and molds according to the shape of user’s head and neck effortlessly. 

The velour knit cover also promotes extra airflow for a cooler sleep experience. This product has hypoallergenic properties which help people to get well soon with allergy problems.

The pillow is naturally antimicrobial, dust mites and mold resistant which ensures a healthy sleeping environment. However, It is available in two different sizes with a thickness of 5 inches. This is the perfect thickness for providing support and comfort to the side and back sleepers. This reasonable product from Classic Brands is backed up with a 3 years of warranty which is really great.

4. Sleep Innovation Cool Contour Pillow

This cool contour product from Sleep Innovation probably the pillow you are looking for, as the remedy of your longtime neck pain. The double layered design provides all the therapeutic benefits of a contour pillow with cool feeling. 

With a perfect firmness it ensures sound sleep to them who're back and side sleepers. It is manufactured in the USA with premium quality materials which always holds its shape. 

The ergonomic design provides proper spinal alignment that reduces pain and stiffness. This pillow is fully hypoallergenic and has come up with a machine washable terry velour cover.

It is available in two different sizes from which you can easily pick up the right one. Its self-adjustments compilation provides ample support and comfort throughout the night. 

This lightweight cushion is backed up with 5 years manufactured warranty which is more than enough. Being an inexpensive one it works effectively in removing your night sweats. It also ensures minimum heat and keeps your head and neck area at the perfect temperature throughout the night for a pleasant slumber.

5. Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Pillow

This hydraluxe gel pillow has brought about a revolution in the world of memory foam pillow technology. The bubble gel layer wicks away heat from your body, provides coolness and constant comfort without flipping your pillow.

Though it’s a memory foam pillow it also works effectively as the best cooling pillow due to its ability to provide coolness for a long time.

It is manufactured in China with premium quality materials. Super soft mesh cover of this product provides maximum comfort for having a sound sleep. It is also hypoallergenic with washing facility that ensures a hygienic sleeping environment.

This pillow cradles your head and neck with proper support that ensures ideal spine alignment. It relax your muscles to enhance the comfort level. However, with a perfect dimensions and weight, it has gained customer satisfaction. In a mid-range along with 5 years warranty, you can get an ideal companion for your own benefit.

6. Classic Brands Cool Sleep Gel Pillow

Being a ventilated gel pillow it molds to shape of your head and neck for giving a good night’s sleep. It is made of unique and high quality materials like open cell memory foam that promotes extra airflow to keep you cool all night long.

With the gusseted design and a loft of 5-6 inches, it is able to provide perfect support to head, neck and shoulder. It is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mites resistant that creates a medium-plush feel surface while sleeping. Because of the cooling gel it keeps you cool for a longer time.

The pillow has come up with a cool-pass fiber knit cover that disperses body heat and wicks away moisture for giving a comfortable sleep. You can also use it without a pillowcase though the cover is machine washable.

It is available in three different sizes, that are - Standard, Queen and King. So, you can easily choose one that meets up all your needs. Classic Brands itself is providing a 5 years manufacturing warranty so that you don’t need to change your pillow frequently.

7. Sleep joy Visco Fresh Cool Contour Pillow

This cool contour pillow offers support for both back and side sleepers having an amazing quality of material along with durability. It will minimize the chances of discomforts and neck pains as it has a unique therapeutic design.  

Along with luxurious 100-percent polyester nano-tex coolest comfort fabric, natural green tea is used in it that reduces snoring problem and removes unusual odor. 

Ventilating air-channels on all over the pillow promotes 5x extra air circulation, that gives you a cool feeling as well as warm feeling in alternate weather. It is manufactured in the USA with chemical free materials, that helps you to take breathe easily by wicking away moisture.

The outer hypoallergenic zippered cover is very convenient to use due to its machine washability. However, dimensions of this product is absolutely perfect with a light weight. Manufacturer company is also providing a 2 years warranty which is good enough.

8. Intevision Bed Wedge Memory Foam Pillow

As it is one of the best selling memory foam product, it has a reputation in the pillow market. Several health issues like acid reflux, snoring and allergy can be eliminated using this wedge pillow.

It has come up with a two-layered design, made of latest and improved memory foam to provide you better comfort. The top memory foam layer and base foam is designed in such a way that enhances better air-circulation.

Another advantage is that, it can be used as a leg pillow or a feet elevator. This provides the best support to the side sleepers as it is a wedge designed cushion. You can use separate pillowcase made of 100% Egyptian cotton and 400 thread count for getting maximum comfort, which is machine washable.

9. Beyond Down Gel Fiber Cooling Pillow

With 4.5 inch gusseted side, this gel fiber cooling pillow provide perfect support and comfort to all kinds of sleepers. You can compare it with the goose down pillows because it is filled with luxurious micro denier gel fiber.

Double stitch gusseted design fill the gap between your head and mattress, so that you don’t face spine pain. However, the flexible gel filling reduces heat buildup and promotes superior airflow, that provides you a cooler and healthier sleeping experience.

This super soft and hypoallergenic cushion can be beneficial to the allergy sufferer people. It is also machine washable that ensures easy cleaning and hygiene. This large size pillow is great for proper spinal positioning and supporting neck as well as head.

With the perfect thickness it removes away muscle stains and tensions. It has a 300 thread count cotton cover that can provide you great comfort.

10. Good Life Essential Foam Pillow

Reducing tossing and turning at night, this shredded bamboo pillow from Good Life Essentials provides customizable option for maximum comfort. With a lifetime warranty it has gained thousands of consumer satisfaction.

It is made in the USA with certipur-US certified shredded memory foam that ensures a luxurious soft feeling. You’ll feel like sleeping on a piece of cloud!

This product is good for both side and back sleepers, as it cradles your head and neck that ensures perfect spinal alignment. This is especially recommended for the individuals having problems like neck or shoulder pain, snoring, insomnia, migraines etc. Bamboo cover promotes greater air circulation that gives you a cooler feeling while sleep. It is completely hypoallergenic, dust mites, and bacteria resistant with a machine washability.

This is a 5 star hotel quality pillow and manufacturer guarantees that it’ll never go flat within its lifetime. Again, a good news is that, you’ll get a 30 days trial option with a 100% refund policy.

Benefits of Using Memory Foam Pillow

Since the dawn of it's invention, memory foams had acquired enormous popularity across the globe. Also, you will find most of the experts recommending these pillows for anyone who’s having a sleeping or backpain disorder. But why? What’s the benefits that’re making people craving for one memory foam mattress or pillow right on their bed?

Supports Body Alignment (Head, Neck and Spine) 

Due to the gravity and pressure, it confirms just to the right shape and height of your head and neck. Also, it keeps the spine aligned with the rest of your body. Thus, it keeps your spinal cord straight while sleeping. It provides support very effectively to the back/stomach and side sleepers.

As I have seen, it’s a very common thing among most of the people that they find stiff neck each morning because of the improper alignment. Due to the gravity and pressure, it confirms just to the right shape and height of your head and neck.

If you are suffering from these kinds of problem then memory foam pillow can be your best choice.

Alternative Therapy for People with Body Pain 

You know how body pains and joint pains are treated medically with loads of medicines and therapies, right? But do you know that a good quality memory foam can assist you in the recovery process?

Memory foam is a pressure relieving material and that’s why these pillows work best for your neck, shoulder and back pain. It allows the muscles of the neck and shoulder to sink in to give them relaxation. It also helps to avoid unwanted inflammations, caused due to displaced muscles. Using memory foam pillows are the most effective way to relieve tension and stress that keep on interrupting your sleep.

An Enormous Source of Bedtime Comfort

Memory foam has an amazing property of getting molded to the shape of your body. For a person who’s on the bed, nothing can be more comfortable than this. And even with such a property, it doesn’t get shrink or washed away after some days. It remains as shaped and sized as it was for long years.

Alongside, the firmness of these pillows is neither too hard nor so soft. So, you are definitely going to love this so much.

Things to Consider Before Choosing

Among the large collection of memory foam pillow, one might find it quite difficult to select the correct one. To give you a hand, here is the expert's buying guide for purchasing the best memory foam pillow for yourself-

  • The pillow size:  While going through the review, you might have noticed that we’ve talked on a particular size of each of our memory foam pillows. In fact, in spite of each of these pillows has varieties is size, we’ve stacked to only one of the sizes. And as a buyer you should do it as well.

    Usually, there are three sizes available for almost all memory foam pillows- Queen, King and Standard. As per the purpose (man, child, pet), you can adjust the size of pillow.

  • Material of the cover: There are variations of types and materials of the cover of the pillow. The most popular ones have covers made of polyester, cotton, polyester & Rayon, and some more. This should be varying according to the personal preference of the user.

    Let me explain how.

    A polyester is good to be durable, easy-to-wash and clean. But some users, specially kids find polyester covers quite uncomfortable. Where the cotton might be hard to clean, but gives you a supreme level of comfort.

  • Price- range: Are you a first-time buyer? Then you can make simple mistakes easily on spending money for your most wanted pillow. Depending on your budget you have to decide which factors you actually want in a cushion and which are actually worthy of spending extra money. Since memory foam pillows are a little bit costly than the ordinary ones first you have to set your budget. And usually, you will get a good one between $30-$60.

Is it possible to clean at home?

So, if you have a super supportive memory foam, you’ll be loving it and using for years. But when it comes to the question of cleaning it yourself, the real trouble comes in. However, if you’re wondering if you can clean it from home or not, here is the answer-

You can definitely clean a memory foam right from your home with a little kit from the local store. Here are three of the easiest method named that would be useful on that purpose-

  • Using cleaning pills for cleaning the foam.
  • Removing odors with chemical fabric freshener.
  • Removing stains with mild soap or detergent.

Three of the ways are super effective and costs you almost nothing comparing to the newly look and smell of the pillow.

Final Verdict

We are representing memory foam pillows of different types only for you since you may find the job of choosing one among thousands in markets pretty tough. The first thing is that you get to know what you are looking for. Once you know what you actually need, choosing pillow is no longer so tough. We have tried our level best to provide you the honest customer guide and accurate information about memory foam pillows available. Hopefully, our buying guide will help you to choose the best one for having a good night’s sleep from today.

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