Top 10 Pillow Brands in 2018 You Need to Know About

Best pillow Brands


Good products, Great Brands and Pocket-friendly price- that’s what we always look for, right? In fact, when it comes to pillows, we don’t want to compromise the quality at all. So, we look for pillows that come from reputed makers.

But you know, it’s so easy to be confused about the brands as you step into the competitive market. Every brand had got the best testimonials on their behalf, and that’s surely confusing you. Unless you get an advice from someone who’s been there in the industry for years.

And that’s what we are going to provide in this article. Here you’ll find the top 10 brands and their best products yet.

10 Brands that Produce Quality Pillows of All Time

Brand 01: Coop Home Goods


Coop Home Goods Pillow Brand

With a promise of better morning and a guaranteed product quality, Coop Home Goods stands out of all of the brands. This #1 ranked brand has a bulky brand value and a plethora of bright sides when it comes to producing quality pillows.

The company was founded back is 2013. For the years after, they’ve been majorly known for ‘The Original’, and ‘The Eden’- two of their most infamous sleeping pillows.

The Original is filled with a proprietary blend of shredded memory foam, where the Eden is a proprietary blend of the memory foam and combed microfibers.

Pillows and pillow accessories being their sole products, they’re also earning applauses with a few travel sets and home goods as well. Travel and Camping Pillow and The Body Pillow are their secondary products.

Although seen on the web, 8 out of 10 users have left a positive feedback on Coop Home Goods products, and we’re sure that you’d like to be one of the majority.

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Brand 02: EVE

Pillow Brand eveAt EVE, they like to keep things simple. The design of their products is one great example of them. EVE designs products that are super adaptable for every home. They believe that everyone deserves a perfect start.

This UK-based company was founded back in 2011, while Jas and James pioneered the idea of online mattresses and pillows.

After many turns and twists, they have an in-house panel of 81 specialists who’re constantly working on serving thousands of their customers.

Instead of making tons of fancy pillow and mattress models, EVE focussed for years on making THE ONE mattress that fits all. Eventually, they’ve released three versions of it- The Original, The Hybrid and The Light. All of them contains a plush fabric cover and a Next-Gen memory foam to feel comfortable on it without sinking-feeling.

Another shade of the EVE-excellence is The Pillow Talk. It’s a pillow made of premium grade memory foam and covered with durable jersey fabric. It’s simple, breathable and suits anyone of any bedtime preferences.

To add on their excellent customer service, they’re offering Free delivery, No hassle returns, Years of warranty and an amazing 30-night trial.

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Brand 03: My Pillow

Best Brand My Pillow

My Pillow Inc. was founded in 2004, and since then this Minnesota-based venture had set the trend higher than the similar manufacturer.

The man behind the stage was Micheal J Lindell, the inventor of MyPillow, a patented open-cell, polyfoam pillow design. This single product alone had been sold over 30 million units over these years.

For past 13 years, My Pillow Inc. had brought up many genres of pillows, Bed Pillows and Travel Pillows being the toppers of the list. Apart from regular pillows, they’ve shown their interest on Bed Sheets, Mattresses, Mattress toppers, Pillow Cases, Pet Beds and some more. From every kind of products that they produce, there are some significantly popular models. We’ll give you a list of them shortly.

Users who’ve tested My Pillow products had rated it as a ‘Good for Quality’ products. But as there are many cheaper options in this competitive industry, the price point of the brand may be hard to swallow for most of the average users.

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Brand 04: Snuggle-Pedic

Snuggle-Pedic pillow brandMost significant manufacturers in this industry have their very own design or invented technology. And most likely, that’s the behind-the-scenes of such success as bedding item producers.

On that note, Snoggle-Pedic had created their brand value around The Kool-Flow Breathable Material Technology.

Snuggle-Pedic was founded as a sister concern of Relief-Mart Inc, in 2001. With a proven track record of customer satisfaction and adoption of the newest Technology, It had been recognized as 21st Fastest Growing Company in Los Angeles.

Snuggle-Pedic and their products have tons of highest rates in marketplaces like Amazon, Relief-Mart, Consumer Search etc.

The brand produced Mattress, Bamboo Pillow, Body Pillow, Kids Pillow, Trillow, Mattress Topper, Organic Cotton Pillow Case, Bamboo Kool-Flow Zipper Cover, Organic Cotton Mattress Protector and so on. Based on familiarity and public demand, here are some of their coolest picks:

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Brand 05: Purple

Purple pillow brand

“Purple- World’s 1st No-pressure Mattress”- that’s how the brand Purple introduces themselves. With a strong grip on the innovation of their technology, Purple Inc. is nothing but the success story of Tony and Terry- the brother duo from Alpine.

The backbone behind the brand excellence is The Mattress Max technology, which had been used to prepare Hyper-elastic polymer for pillows and mattress.

The Pearce brothers blended up an awesome color and great customer service across the state, and that’s what helped them to grow.

The signature product of Purple is The Purple Pillow and The New Purple Mattress and that’s also the item that their Motto(World’s 1st No-pressure Mattress) goes after. Great neck support, no speeling sweat, and no more fluffing are what set these products apart.

Apart from these, Purple is the proud producer of many bedtime essentials.

Purple Pillow - Supportive Pillow That is Gentle On Your Spine So Your Head Can Relax Into The Pillow - Cooler and More Supportive Than A Memory Foam Pillow
1,710 Reviews
Purple Pillow - Supportive Pillow That is Gentle On Your Spine So Your Head Can Relax Into The Pillow - Cooler and More Supportive Than A Memory Foam Pillow
  • PERFECT PILLOW: The Purple Pillow is made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer...
  • NO FLUFF PURPLE STUFF: With the Purple Pillow, you’ll never have to...
  • COOL AIR CHANNELS: This pillow uses cooling technology that...

Brand 06: Tempur-Pedic

Pillow brand: Tempur pedicAdopting the entire body shape and pushing no pressure back is one of the most desired features we expect from our pillows and mattress. And Tempur-Pedic the brand has the credit to turn it into the realm.

What’s cool about Tempure-Pedic is, they don’t pride on tons of models of mattress and pillows. Rather, they’re confined around a few of their releases and working on the quality of them for years.

Since the dawn of the company, they’re focusing on providing Cool, Firm, Hybrid and Soft bed products. Among the products, Mattresses, Bed Bases, Pillows, Beddings, Mattress Toppers, Travel, and slippers are most recognized.

With three of their prime collections, they’ve earned a good value in both Third-party marketplaces and to retailers. PLus, a great customer service is a cherry on top of Ice Cream.

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Brand 06: Classic Brands

Pillow Brand: classic brandsWith a great upfold in the sleep products industry, Classic brand is continuing their decades of efforts to make quality products since 1971. The brightest sides of Classic Brand products are- Innovative design, comfortable materialistic and affordable price point.

The brand has earned it a satisfactory position in the market, especially in the Mattress beds and accessories.

Under the Classic Brands seal, there are five kinds of mattresses in the market- Hybrid, Memory Foam, Spring, Gel, and Latex. All of these picks will be within budget range and you can expect much more than what you paid for when it comes to resilience and durability. With a potential to last for several years, Classic Brand mattresses, they’re reported to have minimum sagging and coil-related issues.

Rest of their products are centered around mattress and bed accessories. They’re manufacturing Three Models of Adjustable Beds, Bed Pillows, Travel and Neck Pillows, Bed Frames, Mattress Protectors and so on.  

With decades of customer-oriented goodwill in the industry, Classic Brands had earned themselves The CertiPUR-US and Inertek Certification on the products they manufacturer. As a consumer like you and me, these come with a great assurance of both quality and durability. And so far we’re concerned, they’re likely to stick to the promises they make to their consumers.

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Brand 7: Casper

pillow brand casper“Casper- The Best Bed for Better Sleep”- this is the brand motto of Casper, the brand. And it pretty much summarizes what they’re about, and what kinds of products they’re after.

Casper Sleep is an NY-based company founded in 2014. They produce their goods in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

They serve across countries like the U.S., Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the UK. With a great brand value, Casper is one of the immerging giants in the game.

Being the producer of a wide range of bed products, we found a number of ventures going along. They’ve their iconic mattresses named The Wave, The Essential and The Casper. Three of the models has their unique ergonomic alignment, premium foams as materials and three of them are made to be super breathable. Casper would surely, will be in the list of America’s top-notch mattress producers.

Apart from mattresses, they’re proud owners of some of the most popular pillows, bed sheets, mattress protectors, pet beds, down duvets, adjustable bed bases, bed foundation, and bed frames. A significant fact that blew my mind is, they run a widely popular magazine named The Woolly Magazine.

Brand 9: Mediflow

Mediflow BrandThe idea of Waterbase Pillows had created quite a buzz in recent years, and people are actually liking it for the sake of better bedtime and quality sleep. Mediflow being one of the earliest adopters of the idea had definitely put a mark in the industry. In fact, that’s what they’ve built their brand value around.

In fact, Mediflow seems to create quite a revolution with 5.000.000 units sold across over 40 countries.

Inventor Maurice Bard spent years of his life to have a Eureka Moment, while he developed and patented the whole concept.

In fact, Mediflow seems to create quite a revolution with 5.000.000 units sold across over 40 countries. Inventor Maurice Bard spent years of his life to have a Eureka Moment, while he developed and patented the whole concept.

Database Pillows being their main products, they’re currently marketing 6 Models of them. Five of them are bed pillows, and one is the travel pillow. Among each other, they vary from viewpoints of material, design, size and of course, price. We found them having Original Fiber, Elite Fiber and Gel Memory Foam to be the building blocks of their pillows.

Comparing to the average price point of single pillows, the price will cost you almost 2-3 times more. But as mentioned earlier, the technology and experience you’re buying for it are beyond description.  

Apart from waterbased pillows, Mediflow manufacturers a couple of models of pillow covers and a few replacement parts. Having fewer products in the market, it’s their plus point to offer a great support, warranty and promise of excellence.

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Brand 10: Sleep Better

sleep better pillowSleep Better, a sister concern of Carpenter Co. Ltd., is the part of 60 long years of comfort business by the gigantic brand. Being one of the most trusted names in Memory Foam, they’ve earned a badge of trust for both of their popular mattresses.

Till date, Sleep Better had launched only two kinds of mattresses- The SleepBette Self Adjusting Isotonic Memory Foam Mattress and Sleep better Self Adjusting Isotonic TheraGel Mattress.

Both of them has their unique standpoints in terms of material quality. Isotonic Memory Foam is one of the coolest kind of Memory Foam that senses the body shape and adjusts accordingly. On the other side, TheraGel Memory Foam is uniquely engineered to give a firm experience with healthier periods of sleep.

The duo of mattresses is also blessed by a number of more innovations. Some notable ones are- The active Air Technology, Constructive Spine Alignment etc. the price may seem a little higher than what it should be, but we’re sure that they’re worth it.

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What You Should Consider Before Buying a Pillow Around Thousand of Brands in The Market?

Brand value

Brand name matters when you are going for their pillows for the first time. You can decide whether to go for a specific brand depending on their goodwill and customers reviews. So do your research before deciding on which brand you are going to invest in.

Material use in The Pillow

When it comes to the pillow the main thing that matters is how comfortable the pillow is? Is it going to support your neck and back properly? How long will it take to change the shape? All these are related to the material the pillow is made of. So go for a pillow with materials which guarantee ultimate comfort during the sleep. High-quality memory foam, coated fiber etc. are the top class materials when it comes to comfort.

Price and warranty

The price tag is one big factor that influences the buyer to decide upon on a specific brand. Try to go for a pillow brand which offers maximum facilities within the reasonable price range. Many brands offer different sales on their site on their pillow. Take a note of this kind of offers to save a little money.

And the durability of the pillow also important since you are investing money in it. Many brands nowadays offer up to 10 years of the warrant with free trial and refund after trial day offer. Keep a keen eye for that.

Final Words

Thanks for being until the very end of the article. So that was our list of best pillows producing brands of today’s market. Apart from the popularity, what we’ve considered throughout the selection process are the quality and comfort. Hope you’ll find the right match for branded pillow among them all.

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