Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Woman

Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Congratulation! Soon you’re about to be mother of an angel! Surely, you’re enjoying every bit of this would-be-motherhood, and already started taking extra care of yourself. At the same instance, you might have some issues that you’re struggling with so hard. Let me guess one right now. You’re having problems sleeping, right?

If you’d been already a mother before, then it might sound familiar a bit. But in case you’re pregnant for the first time, then the improper and uncomfortable sleeping position is no less than a nightmare for you. z Well, stick around and we will tell you.

Why Position Is Important During Pregnancy?

Your sleeping position during pregnancy will affect the proper support to the tummy. Also, it’ll let you to sleep better. Throughout the section below, we’ll be discussing some of the idea sleeping positions that brings on utter comfort for you and the baby-

Get proper support

With the progression of months, your baby gradually grows up inside you. Thus your weight increases. This increased weight can cause discomfort while sleeping. If you’re a back sleeper, this extra weight puts an excess pressure on the inferior vena cava. This vein is responsible for blood circulation from the legs to the heart. The right sleeping position (which has been discussed later) enables it to function efficiently.

Ensure a better sleep

During pregnancy, regular sleep can be interrupted due to a number of reasons. Like-

  • Hormonal changes,
  • Anxiety and anticipation
  • Back pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heartburn
  • Frequent visit to the toilet etc.

Especially in your final trimester, sleeping becomes even harder. But at least nine-hour sleeping is recommended during pregnancy. If you often feel exhausted, take more rest. A good sleeping position ensures to a great extent a better sleep. A right sleeping position will ease breathing. At the same time will cause less back pain during sleeping.

The Best Position to Sleep for Pregnant Women

Sleeping on your side

Sleep on Side (SOS) is the best sleeping position during pregnancy. You can sleep either on your right side or left side. But sleeping on your right side is not advisable especially at the later stages. It creates extra pressure on the liver which is not good for both you and your baby. Sleeping on your left side is the best sleeping position. Because-

  • Your increased abdominal won’t put excess pressure on your internal organ.
  • A better blood circulation to both your baby and you.
  •  A better flow of oxygen and nutrients.

Support back and tummy

But to be honest, carrying a 15 pounds of extra weight (from the 2nd trimester) isn’t always comfortable. So you can Use some extra pillows to support your back and belly while you are sleeping on your side. Makes these squishy things your best friend.

Put a pillow between your bend legs. You can place a pillow beneath the abdomen to avoid back pain. Prop your upper body using pillows if heartburning is a problem during sleeping. In your late pregnancy, it’ll also help you overcome shortness of breath. A perfect pregnancy pillow provide you proper support in this regard.

You can hug one by elevating your arm. It’ll keep your shoulder and neck in a better alignment. If you want to invest in a body pillow to support your whole body. They are available in-

  • C and U-shape-supports both the back and the belly. Reduces heartburn.
  • Wedge-shape (triangle shape)-supports either the back or the belly or Bean-shaped.
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What Sleeping Positions Should Avoid?

Sleeping on your stomach

At your early stages of pregnancy, sleeping on your tummy won’t do any harm. But as the time progresses, sleeping on the stomach becomes dangerous for your baby. So it’s wise to avoid this sleeping position from the starting. If once habituated, it would be hard to give up.

Sleeping on your back

As mentioned earlier, sleeping on your back is prohibited.  It increases pressure on your intestine. Though during the first trimester, it won’t discomfort you. But later, you’ll automatically want to shift to other position. There are a number of reasons why sleeping on your back is strictly prohibited.

  • Low or high blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Short breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Clammy skin
  • Heartburn
  •  Abdominal and back pain

For the baby, it can lead to-

  • Less oxygen flow
  •  Fewer nutrients
  • Reduction in blood flow

If you find yourself sleeping on your back when you wake up, just don’t freak out. It’s natural to change position during sleeping. What I am saying not to make it a habit.

Factors you should consider to get more comfort

  • Your regular sleeping schedule isn’t to be maintained strictly. Rather, increase the sleeping hour. Take rest or sleep whenever you feel exhausted.

  • Doing regular workout is fine. It’ll help you combat many pregnancy-related problems like insomnia, mood swing etc. But avoid heavy exercise.

  • Eat a balanced diet containing foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid raw meat and deli meat. Restrain you from consuming unpasteurized milk and its product. Eating a lot of seafood is healthy. Give up regular caffeine consumption.

  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol during the entire pregnancy period. Cigarette and alcohol increase the chances of low weight and other disabilities.

  • Use comfortable bedding. Avoid too soft or too firm mattress. Use a lot of soft pillows. You can also practice yoga. Avoid hot yoga.

7 Sleeping Tips to Get More Comfort During Pregnancy

Before You Go!

There’s no restriction on how to sleep during the first stage of pregnancy. But practicing the right sleeping position from the beginning is wise. No matter how much you’re used to a wrong sleeping position, it’s high time you gave up.

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