The Best Travel Pillow for Kids in 2020

Best Travel Pillow for Kids

When you travel with your kid, there must be a list of items that you need to carry. A travel pillow is such an item, and we know how important for kids because of it’s quite some reasons.

As the babies are likely to get asleep after a while in the journey, there are good chances that the shakes and bumps may cause severe pain in the neck. To ensure that doesn’t happen, you need to have something that’s soft, soothing and surrounding the neck. And that’s what exactly doing the best travel pillow.

Go through the entire list and explore the best available items on the market. After a hectic week of research and analysis, our experts have figured them up. And the content creators wrote the broken-down reviews based on real user’s experience.

The Best Travel Pillows for Kids in 2020

Trunki Yondi Travel Pillow for Toddler

  • Comfortable and soft pillow for traveling
  • A set of magnets for holding neck
  • Micro beaded plush fabric
  • Cute and adorable four designs.
  • A grip for attaching the blanket.

Your kid would really love a warm hug from the cute and soft little cat pillow, right? Considering the built, material and design (that kids can’t help loving), we award this Yondi Travel Pillow as the best pick of the list.

Trunki Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow with Magnetic Child’s Chin Support - Yondi Small Bert (Blue)
805 Reviews
Trunki Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow with Magnetic Child’s Chin Support - Yondi Small Bert (Blue)
  • SUPER COMFY - Head & neck support for traveling toddlers that stops...
  • INGENIUOS MAGNETS - Create a safe child chin cushion for a supported &...
  • NARROW DESIGN – Extra support for kids seats with headrests; car,...
  • TRAVEL FREIND – Fun animal characters in cosy plush fabric &...
  • SMALL SIZE - Ergonomically designed for approx. 18mnts - 4 years with...

At the first glance, this pillow will look like an adorable character right from the comic book. They have four characters in the stock and you can get whichever you want. Each one of them is made of cozy and plush fabric that has microbead filling in it. The kid can snooze on the move and rest the head on the travel.

Kids like to move around a lot, even when they’re with closed eyes. But as long as you have this pillow worn, it will hold the neck together. There are a couple of hidden magnets inside that’s inside the edges of the pillow. And that’s what keep both ends connected to each other.

Even when you’re on a journey, you can put a blanket on the kid with the trunk blanket grip of the pillow. No matter you’re traveling on plane, car or even public transport, this Yandi Travel Pillow will be a right companion for your kid.


Feather Soft Microfiber Pillow

  • USA made 100% microfiber pillow.
  • Over 30 models and colors
  • Gentle in softness and support
  • Cover made of crystal fleece
  • Made out of recycled materials.
  • Easy to clean and wash

Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, is the signature from the brand “World’s Best”, that made for best possible comfort and health support for the kid. There are about thirty models and colors to choose from, and each of them come with the same level of materialistic comfort. In fact, in spite of a beautiful design and elongated durability, we address it’s materialistic quality as the worthiest one.

World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, One Size, Blue Trellis
2,845 Reviews
World's Best Feather Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, One Size, Blue Trellis
  • ECO-FRIENDLY.  At Wolf Manufacturing, we strive to preserve our...
  • PREMIUM COMFORT.  Our luxurious crystal fleece neck pillow cover and...
  • EASY TO CLEAN.  Simply toss the entire neck pillow into the washing...
  • SNAP CLOSURE.  Convenient snap closure to keep your travel pillow...
  • HYPOALLERGENIC.  We use hypoallergenic materials for the shell and...

This product is made in the USA. Along with the fiber, there is a soft filling that lets the baby have soft support on the journey. Even when the baby is sleeping at home, it can prevent any unintentional stress on the neck of the baby. Moving forward, the feather soft microfiber fill is hypoallergenic and made of recycled materials. Such couple of features ensures that the pillow your baby will be with no harmful contact.

Let’s talk about the cover for a moment. As it’s the first thing that will touch the soft your baby’s soft cheek. It’s made of luxurious and crystal made fleece. Due to such a built, nothing can bring on any softer touch of comfort. It’s easy to clean and wash with both hands and in the machine.


Skip Hop Zoo Little Kids Travel Pillow

  • Made of imported polyester
  • An age range of 2-4 years of kids
  • Perfect neck pillow for toddlers
  • Soft and soothing plush fiber.
  • Comes with a design of signature zoo character.
  • Complete coverage for neck support

This is a pillow for your toddler from Skip Hop and it has everything that we think of the best travel pillow for kids. First of all, you need to think about that specific age of babies that this pillow is made for. At this stage, kids go through a development phase of muscles and bones around the neck. And while your baby is on a journey, it’s import to have firm support around the neck and nearby area.

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Travel Neck Rest, Soft Plush Velour, Multi Otis Owl
331 Reviews
Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Travel Neck Rest, Soft Plush Velour, Multi Otis Owl
  • Ages 2-4 years
  • For use in the car, on a plane or while waiting to get aboard
  • Features a signature characters from the zoo collection
  • Made of soft, plush velour
  • Dimensions: 10.5" high x 10.5" wide x 3" deep

Thinking of all these essences, this pillow is made with a little bigger size. To be specific with the numbers, the dimension is 10.5 x 10.5 x 3 inches. The Material that’s used in the process is soft and smooth plush fiber. But there is one little drawback of this material. It needs repetitive washes, as his fiber is likely to draw dust a lot.

To keep the pillow out of contacts of dust and dirt, it has got safety backpack to keep it closed inside. That seems to extend the lifetime of the product to a great extent.


Critter Piller Kid’s Neck Pillow

  • Polyester made durable built
  • Soft and cuddly racon design
  • Ample support and stability for neck
  • A zipper tab for additional safety
  • Cover made of crystal fleece
  • Best fit for kids of 3 years or more

‘A soft, cute and cuddly puppet racon hugging along the neck’- every kid will fall in love with such a dream-come-true. And with the Critter Piller Kid’s Neck Pillow, that’s brought up in the realm. It’s a neck pillow for kids of 3 or more years of age. And certainly, it checks the other boxes of quality as well. How? Well, you will find out.

Critter Piller Kid's Travel Buddy and Comfort Pillow, Racoon
101 Reviews
Critter Piller Kid's Travel Buddy and Comfort Pillow, Racoon
  • This neck pillow for kids provides just the right level of softness...
  • Soft, cute, and cuddly. Critter Piller kids airplane pillows are...
  • Hypoallergenic fiber-fill made from recycled materials, like water...
  • Critter Pillers are filled and finished in the USA. The zipper tab is...
  • Built sturdy, this toddler travel pillow will last for miles of fun....

The unit contains this product for your kid which is made of feather-soft microfiber. This will draw your kid’s love in two ways. One is through the adorable racon looking forward, and another is through its soft touch. If it comes to parents, the effort of washing pillow on a repeated basis is needed no more. It can be washed in the machine after each trip you make with your kid.

Like any other good quality pillow, it has a made of gorgeous looking crystal fleece. And with the cover, there is a zipper provided for ample safety. This kids travel pillow is made for fun and comfort. Hope your kid will be right along with it.

BCOZZY Kids Chin Support Travel Pillow

  • A super comfy pillow for traveling with kids
  • Very soft and flexible built
  • A complete neck and chin support
  • Surrounding design for 360° support
  • A number of ways to wear
  • Have a snap strap for hanging

A cute, soft and sweet pillow, that every kid will fall in love with, is called the BCOZZY Kids Travel Pillow. We’ve picked it in the list because of many exceptions. But most exceptional one of them is the chin support. What we’ve seen in most of the travel pillows, they have a hollow joint right under the chin. In some of them, they used a magnet bond to build up a chin support.

BCOZZY Kids Neck Pillow for Car & Airplane, Perfect Toddler Kids Travel Pillow, Road Trip Essentials, for Kids Boys & Girls, Soft, Washable, Carry Bag, 3-7 Years Old, Navy
4,647 Reviews
BCOZZY Kids Neck Pillow for Car & Airplane, Perfect Toddler Kids Travel Pillow, Road Trip Essentials, for Kids Boys & Girls, Soft, Washable, Carry Bag, 3-7 Years Old, Navy
  • Your kids deserve a CUSHY & SUPPORTIVE neck pillow when they fall...
  • You do not need to worry anymore about your child's HEAD FALLING...
  • With PERFECT SOFT MATERIALS, and a balanced blend between cozy and...
  • YOUR CHILD COMFORT MATTERS - loose or tight adjust the BCOZZY to your...
  • Here's what our customers say about the BCOZZY pillow- R. Webb:...

Baby Soft Headrest Neck Support Car Safety PillowBut this product have come with a built-in chin support. Just roll in the pillow around the neck of your baby and they can rest with soothing. It’s soft, made of a very flexible fabric and provides a 360-degree support to your kid’s sensitive neck. But point to be noted, Kids under 4-5 years of age aren’t the ideal user of this product.

Among over 15 colors, you can choose the best one that you kid might like. And whichever you chose, it would be a perfect companion to your kid’s journey on air, car or anything else.

Soft Headrest Neck Support Car Safety Pillow

  • Best for kid’s sleeping in the car
  • Made of cotton velvet cover
  • Removable cover and easy to wash
  • Available in four different colors
  • Shrink-proof and lasting for years

After a series of circular neck pillows for kids, we’ve got something new that’s made to be adjusted with car seatbelts. This “Soft Headrest Neck Support Pillow” will fit right along with your kid’s neck and cheek and provide a stable support from the seat-belt.

This pillow is made of micro sued fabric and inside it has a fill of pure and soft cotton. Another plus point of this product is that, it has an extremely long-lasting cover. Behind its extended lifetime, it has such a cover that can be washed and reused after each travel. And the softness or color won’t fade away at all.

As we said at the beginning, the best thing about this pillow is Its attachment with a seat-belt. Usually, when kids have a circular pillow, they feel not so good behind the neck. Because three is a pillow and they can’t rest their head. But this product here seems to have this brilliant idea of avoiding that issue.

Although, it doesn’t look so great and kids may not fall in love with the design. But as long as the support and comfort are considered, it has very few alternatives.


Kid’s Traveling  Neck Panda-Pillow

  • Cute and cuddly critter pillar.
  • Both comfort and fun in one pillow
  • Four animal designs to choose
  • Suitable for any kids over 3 years
  • Compact fill with zipper

At this point of the review, we’ve got a panda! Not a real one, but one pillow with a look-alike design of a black and white panda. Along with this product, we have three other designs to pick from. Take a vote from your kid and chose whichever you want.

Critter Piller Kid's Travel Buddy and Comfort Pillow, Panda
1,067 Reviews
Critter Piller Kid's Travel Buddy and Comfort Pillow, Panda
  • This neck pillow for kids provides just the right level of softness...
  • Soft, cute, and cuddly. Critter Piller kids airplane pillows are...
  • Hypoallergenic fiber-fill made from recycled materials, like water...
  • Critter Pillers are filled and finished in the USA. The zipper tab is...
  • Built sturdy, this toddler travel pillow will last for miles of fun....

First of all, the best thing about this panda pillow is the zipper protection from the child. Children when finding something like this, they are likely to explore it, open it and check what’s inside. But as long as this pillow has a strong and rigid chain system, that’s not something to worry about.

Most of its part is smooth and comfortable, except the panda head. And another drawback of the pillow is, it doesn’t provide that much chick support. It will provide a decent amount of comfort to the kid while traveling. And while the kid is not likely to sleep, it can be used as a pillow as well.


Nido Nest Kids Travel Neck Pillow

  • Creative and colorful swsign.
  • Easy to remove, clean and retreat.
  • Button snaps to carry it around
  • Get comfortable and instant naps.
  • Five different models to choose.

The two parts of the chick support come with a jointing button. With the button, you can hang it up with the traveling trolley. Also, as the design is kind of flat, you can put in right in the trolley that you carry while traveling.

Nido Nest Kids Travel Neck Car Pillow - For Child Toddler Airplane Cars, LADYBUG
686 Reviews
Nido Nest Kids Travel Neck Car Pillow - For Child Toddler Airplane Cars, LADYBUG
  • FUN LITTLE NECK PILLOWS for kids and toddlers keeps your child happy...
  • GENTLE SUPPORT MICRO-BEADS pillow, not stiff memory foam so this...
  • EASY TO CLEAN AIRPLANE PILLOW for kids with both removable and...
  • SECURE U-SHAPED PILLOW with snap to a bag, suitcase, backpack or...
  • A SLEEPING KID IS GOLDEN so be the envy of all the other parents on...

The support at it provides is quite gentle because of the microfibers that are inside it. You won’t find any foam in the pillow and that is a plus point. Because the presence of foam pushes babe’s small neck forward and that may cause aches to them. After each travel, you can wash and restore it without any practical hassle. The materials are made in such way that they won’t fall in softness or fade away after even many washes.

As said before, it has a snap button that will help you to carry this around right with the trolley, backpack or literally anything that have a place to put this on. With five different models are available, you can go for any of them and kids are going to love them for sure.

Benefits of Using Travel Pillow

Nonetheless, neck pillows are great source of making journey enjoyable for both kids and adults. If you talk about kid’s only, there even more advantages. Here is a glimpse-

Get a Comfortable Journey


Benefits of using kids travel pillowJourney would be more enjoyable and comfortable for your kids sitting on the backseats, if they finds a comfortable mean of sleeping. Take the memory foam neck pillows for example. They are custom fit feel along wit a reformability as per the neck’s position.

Also, some of these travel pillows have smooth covers as well, which is an additional shade of comfort. Pillows made of gel fibers or gel filled microbeads also serve with the same comfort. So, instead getting bored in a tiring long journey, your kid can find a little alternative to it’s bed. And that’s when you’ll get a soft and soothing travel pillow for them.

A Risk-Free Power Nap

As per the statement of many chiropractors, therapists and physicians, neck pillows are an essential support system for people who’re dealing with risky necks. And when it comes to toddlers or kids of 2-5 ages, they surely have sensitive neck bones.

As kids neck pillows will keep the head position straight, that would develop a good posture instead of aches or pains in the neck after a long journey.

Those Factors You Need to Consider

Hypoallergenic or not?

It’s for sure that travel pillows are going to be exposed to air and dust a lot. In fact, we suggest to clean or wash it after every trip you make with your kid. But because of this exposure, there is a good chance that this dust may get permanent and cause severe health issues, only if it’s not made to be hypoallergenic. So, hypoallergenic should be the first consideration that we require.

Comfortable: Deep inside the feature of kids pillows that we have listed, you might have found a number of materials used inside as the filling and cover. All of these are part of manufacturer’s approach to make the pillows as comfortable as possible. While it comes to your own kid, you know better that whether the baby likes a soft and simple one, or with some cartoon characters designed on. No matter what, make sure you choose a good fill, a soft and soothing cover and comfortable-over-all pillow right away.


Travel Pillow for kidsSize Maters: We’ve seen two types of kids traveling pillows till now. One is the age-specific pillows of no size variation, and another is with a wide variation of see and colors. No matter which way you chose, you should end up with the right size for the kid. What decides the size of the pillow is not only the age It’s the size and length of the neck, padding and layering depth and many more. So, keep all these in mind and get the best size for you beloved one.

Color pattern: Kids love colors, even when it’s on the pillows. Specially, kids of 2-5 years will like it in the way to have a stuffed cartoon character or pet beneath the neck. Also, colorful pillows are likely to be used as both pillows and toys. So, if you own a baby of such age range, a colorful and custom design pillow would be a great pick!

Bottom Line

You don’t want your kid to get trouble while in a long-distance journey, and so do we. We kept an eye on the pillow qualities, built and wash ability while reviewing top of these best pillow for kids traveling. Now check which ones of them match to your kid’s age and go get it without hesitation about the quilt. All of these pillows will fit right into your requirements of quality and price, we promise!

Written by Mark Johan

Hi there! I am 'Mark' in Pillow Idea, I have the responsible one to give you guys a low-down on every product that we review. Long story short, I’m the person in charge of the ‘research and review’ department of the blog. Please check out to know more- About Us.

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