Best Way to Get a Better Sleep

Better Sleep, one of the core life demands can make a great difference in your life living . Lhamo Dondrab, 14th Dalai Lama (supreme religious teacher) of Buddhist dynasty marks sleep as the best meditation.

A better sleep could be better than meditation which washes away your daytime fatigue and ensures overall well-being daily life. Let’s find the secrets of the best way to get a better night sleep.

Maintain Schedule Strictly to Get a Better Sleep

Comfortable Bedding for better sleep

Firstly, stick to a sleep schedule, in other words, maintain a sleep cycle strictly. Go to bed and get up on a schedule, more likely habituate your brain to follow your internal alarms. To have a relaxing bedtime ritual, you may have to avoid afternoon naps as well.

Comfortable Bedding: Supportive mattress and comfortable pillow would be your best sleeping partner. A commonly formulated proverb goes about that, ”Bed that more soft, ensures better sleep”. But it is cruel true that experts suggest you have a bed which is neither hard neither soft. On the other side, your pillow as soft as possible ensures better sleep. A comfortable pillow maintains the natural curve of head and neck combination and helps you get rid of stifle. I would like to suggest you have a memory foam pillow for better sleep.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine for a better sleep

Medicine interferes with sleep, alcohol, caffeine, cigarette and heavy meal in the evening can disrupt sleep. For healthy life, you should avoid these completely.

Temperature matters

Comfortable room and bed temperature are more conducive to better slumber. Experts suggest 60 to 70 F room temperature as well as natural air flow to the bedroom. On the bed, different parts of our body produce more hit, especially our head may start sweating while sleeping. It’s better to ventilate our head more for better sleep. You can try a cooling pillow to avoid viscous and oily sleep experiences.

advantage of better sleep

Take room light advantage

Your room light may stand beside you while lie down. Be smart to use room lights more helpful for your sleeping. Decorate your room with blind darkness or dim lights, which one you love most while sleeping.

Sound mind tends sound sleepCalm down your mind and anxiety may kill your slumber and make your night a nightmare. If you can’t avoid your anxiety, have some mind healing exercises like sit in lotus position, close your eyes , breath deep and slow makes each breath deeper than the last. Continue it up to 15 minutes in several spells. If you are still in trouble, don’t hesitate to call your doctor.

Sleep-friendly room environment: For a better sleep, you have to control your room environment. Neat and clean bed, dust free air flow ensures more comfort. A noise free room makes you sleepy mild. Spray a sleep-inducing scent to have a better experience.

Special care for medical discomfort

If you have any medical troubles like diabetic, pregnancy then you need some extra sleeping care. If you are a diabetic patient, you are well known with the bitter experience of getting awaken several times in a single night. You may wake less if you have your medicine more early to bed time. For pregnancy case, it is must to have an extra body and belly support while you lie down. You may use special pregnancy pillow to make your sleeping experience better.

Other necessary advice to get a better sleep

Maintain you pre-sleep routine

Maintain your pre-sleep routine: Establish a pre-slumber routine inducing your habit. If you are a deadly sleeper, have a little more watery substance to get up easily. On the other hand, a light sleeper should avoid watery substance for last two hours before lying.

Don’t fight yourself on bed: If you can’t sleep within 30 minutes of your bedtime, don’t fight with bed, leave the bed and go to another room and do something like reading, writing or do light households. Go to bed when you are really exhausted and sleepy. Never be a nighttime clock-watcher, it may increase your monotony.

Drink warm beverage: Have a glass of warm drink like milk, fluid at least 30 minutes before your bedtime starts. Don’t drink much more to avoid getting awake to a trip to the washroom.

Press all switch off: Soft blue lights of the cell phone, digital clock, and tablet may hurt your sleep. Keep mobile and tablet in distance if possible in a covered place, turn power source off or disconnected of your TV, digital clock.

Final Words

You may face some nights that all tricks and tips fail to get you sleep. Even you know that you are out of all disturbances, your bedtime passing away and you are tired enough to get slumber, but your eyes are promises not to sleep. In this circumstance I would like to suggest you do something that you enjoy most like a visit to social media, listening music or watching a movie. If it happens several times in a year, then you should consult a doctor. You can ignore if it happens one or two night a year. After all sleep tight and lead a healthy night.

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