A Better Sleep Is Must for a Healthy Life

Better Sleep for Healthy LifeSleep good to perform a better life. If your sleep is poor, you should try to improve it immediately. A poor sleeping habit is really cause of anxiety. It negatively effects on your hormones, performance and brain functions. Day by day it makes you dull and hopeless. On the other side, a better sleep makes you happy, healthy and active.

A healthy life is a combination of good sleeping habit, physical exercise, and healthy diet. A healthy diet and regular physical exercise keep your growth continuous and a better sleep enhanced the opportunity to achieve the perfect mental and physical growth. Without a better sleeping habit, you may lose your taste, eating habit. You will become weaker day by day and finally too weak to call sick.

Why do you need a better sleep?

A good night’s sleep enlarges your chances to be happy. It increases your motor skill by 20% and 50% complex problem-solving ability. A good night sleeping habit helps you to eat more, produce more and perform more. If you sleep better regularly, it helps you

  • Have a youthful appearance.
  • Promote skin health.
  • Increase your level of tolerance.
  • Controls optimal insulin secretion.
  • Increase mental calmness and athletic performance.

A better sleeper is happier than a regular sleeper. A better sleeper doesn’t mean that sleep a long time.Specialists claim that a six-hour sleep is better for an adult man. Too sleep is also very harmful to health.

Fundamentals of a better sleep

It needs not to change you a lot to improve your sleeping. You have to be more caring about some of your habits and lifestyle. A better sleep friendly lifestyle ensures you to have good night sleep habit.

sleep betterSleep when you are tired truly: Don’t go to bed thinking it’s enough to sleep. Oh no, it’s eleven! I have to go to sleep. This “sleep time lovers” rarely able to make sleep on time. Even the “inhabit sleep time lovers” sleep in time and sleep better. You may sleep well though you inhabit late sleeper. Long time sleep and early sleeper are not always good sleeper

scheduled bedtimeFollow a scheduled bedtime: Though you are not sleeping with time count, you should have a scheduled bedtime. You prepare yourself to sleep when it begins and never sleep when it is over. Expert says that it takes 21 days to turn a regular job to habit. You may not be able to make a habit as it sounds, it takes time and practice. But if you start to practice you will feel that you are confident to have a good habit. So try to maintain your suitable bedtime strictly at least 22nd day.

Maintain a sleep-friendly environment: Make your lights to help you to sleep or let them feel darkness. Cool and calm bedroom with a sweet smell. A bed neither hard nor soft and a comfortable pillow make you sleep better. Clean bed cover along with mosquito free and ventilated airflow.

Make you hassle free: When you are sleeping with some tension heading over your mind, it’s natural to have a bed sleep. Sometimes a late night phone call is enough to kill your sleeping happiness. So try to keep your all gadgets silent or at least confirm that these are not disturbing you.

How a better sleep makes you healthy?

Sleep makes you feel better, improves your energy level, provides stamina to work day long. It improves your heart functions, control weight, and becalms mind. In a better sleep, your mind reads better while you snooze. You can memorize better or practice better newly learned skills, in medical terms, it is called Consolidation. Dr. Rapoport, an NYU Langone professor argued that people learn better in learning imitate sleep time.

Sleep controls your lifespan, in 2010 a study of women aged  50 to 79, maximum death occurred to a too little sleeper and too much sleeper. A too little sleep and too much sleep may have high blood pressure and they are most suitable to face a heart attack. A sound sleep makes you feel batter all day and performs more than a regular sleep. A sound sleeper athlete wins more than a regular sleeper athlete.

Better sleep sharpens your attention, Motor skill, and patience. You may be able to find your error early and more careful about your mistakes.

A good sleeper feels stress-free, dancing with his schedule and love to be updated every day. Sleeping habit controls our entire daily life, a late sleeper is luckier to miss the breakfast and have his launch at evening. On the other side, an early sleeper matches best with the daily routine life. Thus a better sleeper performs better in daily life. A childhood rhyme explains a better sleeper most perfectly.

Early to bed And early to rise
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

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