A Better Sleep Is Must for a Healthy Life

Better Sleep for Healthy Life

Facing problem regarding your mood suddenly? Getting infected with flu and cold more easily than before? Feeling tired all daylong? Then probably it’s time to reschedule your sleep routine.

Having an adequate amount of sleep is really important for human beings. Sleep deprivation can lead to depression, stress, insomnia, diabetes and many more health issues.

So, the bottom line is to make sure to sleep enough every day as per to your need. Even skipping sleep for only one night can affect your productivity badly.

Reasons why sleep is so important

1. Sleep can make you healthy

There is no end to the benefits of sleeping. A healthy sleep can improve your body. A proper sleep can boost up your metabolism. It can also decrease the chances of heart diseases and lower your blood pressure. You can keep your weight under control by following a proper sleep routine. Sleep regulates the glucose level and thus reduces the chances of diabetes.  Proper sleep can also make you smarter than before.

2. Sleep helps to think positive

Our modern lifestyle makes us go through a lot in a day. So we become so exhausted at the end of the day. And a tired brain can never focus on any of the positive things happening around us.

A good night sleep can brush off the tiredness as our body rejuvenate while we are sleeping. It gives our brain time to heal and start from a fresh point. So that our brain can really focus on the good things surrounding us. And realizing being in contact with positive things influences us to think more positively. So people who sleep early and have a better sleep at night can really be positive throughout the day.

Studies proved that positive thinking can cure insomnia. So good sleep and positive thinking go hands in hands.

3. Better sleep can reduce stress

sleep can reduce stress

Image source: recruiter

We nowadays have to tackle a lot in a day which makes us really stressful. When our mind is already stressed from before, we hardly can focus on our daily tasks anymore. Which eventually leads to degradation in daily performance and increase stress level.

A better sleep makes our mind more restful and focused. And we can easily solve any task ahead of us with a peaceful mind.

So it needs no telling that a good sleep can reduce the stress level and help us make a fresh start. On the contrary, stress can really affect our sleep quality. And less sleep will impact our mood and performance throughout the day.

A good example of this is when we sleep less than our usual routine. The next day, we wake up with a bad mood and nothing seems to go our way at work. Which eventually level up the stress in our brain.

So, ensure a better sleep at night to battle the stress level.

4. Proper sleep ensures children’s growth

proper sleep ensure children's growth

Image Source: pediasure

Children’s growth greatly depends on sleep amount. As childhood is the most crucial time to achieve the growth they need. And proper sleep cycle during this period can effectively accelerate the process.

Right after the phase of deep sleep begins at night, our pituitary gland starts to release ‘human growth hormone’ (GH). This GH is the key hormone to regulate the growth of the body. Improper sleep reduces the secretion of GH hormone including some other essential hormones. This can lead to lower body growth rate. Your children will need 9 -12 hours of sleep as per their age. So don’t forget to give them a proper pillow for sleeping.

Some children can’t produce enough GH as per their age. But lack of sleep makes the case even worst for them. So following a sleep routine is a must.

So try to maintain a proper night schedule for your children and see them growing up smoothly.

5. Good sleep improve your concentration

One of the important benefits of sleeping is that it improves concentration.  Sleeping disorder can really affect the brain and makes your thoughts cloudy. You will lose focus and your decision making capability will also degrade. Thus you won’t be able to think and perform efficiently. It will cut off your memory and reduce your working speed and accuracy. You will start to lose track of positivity in your life. So stick to your sleep routine no matter what to increase your concentration on a daily basis. This will help you in thinking clearly.

6. Poor sleep is a reason for depression

Poor sleep is a reason for depression

Image Credit: leafscience

Think of a morning after you pulled an all-nighter. Isn’t everything is clumsy and messed up? This happens because a poor sleep degrades your capability to think and perform. Thus resulting everything into a mess. This will eventually lead you to feel depressed as your performance degrades.

Depression will also force you to focus on the negative things mostly. You will feel everything is going out of your control. Which actually is an indicator of frequent sleep deprivation.

Only a healthy sleep can save you from depression.

7. Sleep improves your immune system

Our immune system which is responsible to keep us safe from flu and cold is a sum of various proteins and cells.  Sleeping disorder can slow down the activity of these cells. It can also cause inflammation which leads to cell damage. Thus harming our immune system.

8. Bad Sleep Can Cause Hair Loss

Sleep deprivation can have a huge impact on growth hormones and ultimately lead to hair loss. With less growth hormones, your hair will grow slower and with the regular daily loss of hair your have the total amount of hair will drop.

How to Get a Better Sleep

Get sleep when you truly tired

Sleep when you are truly tired

Going to bed when you really feel sleepy and tired can help you fall asleep faster. It also tells your brain to stop all the working process. So that you can have a better sleep.

Don’t take any food containing caffeine as this can keep you awake for a longer period past your bedtime.

Follow scheduled bed-time

Going to bed and waking up at a fixed time can really help you to balance your biological clock. This way your brain can tell when to sleep and when to wake up. Maintaining a proper bedtime routine can ensure better sleep quality and less waking during the night. Which of course will have a good impact on your body.

Create a sleep-friendly environment

sleep friendly room

The environment of your sleeping place can really affect your sleep quality. You can sleep soundly in a dark, silent and a slightly cooler temperature. So try to make your space as comfortable as you can.

Don’t use your bed for anything else rather than sleeping and relaxing. This will guide your brain to fall asleep faster at night.

Final words: Before You Go!

A proper sleep is one of the crucial needs of daily human life. But sometimes it becomes impossible because of our modern lifestyle.

Since there is no end to the benefits of better sleep, you have to ensure an adequate amount of sleep every day. Otherwise, sleeping disorder can take over your body and mental health. This will degrade your everyday work performance resulting in further depression.

So pick up a suitable bedtime and stick to it. This way you can achieve a healthy body and creative mind.

Written by Mark Johan

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