Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow Reviews

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge review

The pregnancy wedge pillow is one of those products that will prove quite beneficial especially if you are pregnant. This product is small and handy to travel with whenever you are going. Pregnancy brings with it a host of challenges to the mothers. Among these is how to sleep comfortably without the need to keep finding the right position. In such a situation, the right pillow is just the thing that you need to get that comfort and sound sleep.

Apart from you, the pregnancy pillow will prove a great product to those sleeping next to you. Your tossing and turning that keeps them awake will be a thing of the past.

Features & Specifications

  • Compact & Very portable
  • Comes with a removable cover.
  • Inexpensive & Firm cushion
  • Cotton pillow cover.
  • The cover is machine washable.
  • About 4 inches in thickness.
  • The slip cover has a zipper.
  • The cotton cover is luxurious and comfortable.

Perfect Shape and size: The pregnancy wedge pillow is small in size, and that in itself is an advantage. It means that your partner will still sleep in the same bed as you without any problems. Small is also a good size for traveling mothers. All they need to do is slip it into their traveling bags and use them when needed. The wedge pillow is also perfect in density meaning that it will not be uncomfortable when using it. The edges are not too hard that they will hurt your tummy.

Affordable Price: In comparison to most other products, this compact pillow is cheap. For under $15, this pillow offers more than its price. It is versatile meaning that you can use it in various ways. For example, the pillow is good for back and tummy support. The pillow will also prove helpful even after giving the birth meaning that its use does not end there. Therefore, the pillow is good value for money.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, Scallop Trellis Gray and White, Maternity Wedge with removable jersey cover
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Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, Scallop Trellis Gray and White, Maternity Wedge with removable jersey cover
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Benefits of Using Boppy Pillow

Comfort: The pregnancy wedge pillow will provide you with adequate support to keep you satisfied for a sound sleep. All that you need to do is put the wedge pillow in the right spot and your discomfort through the night will end. The proper arrangement of the pillow ensures comfort for you.

You do not have to be expectant to enjoy the benefits of the pillow. You can slip the wedge pillow into your back when watching television and enjoy the comfort that comes with it. The wedge design makes possible to use it under the knees or any other places of the body. The mom can also use it as an additional lumbar support if she needs to do some activities while in a sitting position. The best pregnancy pillow should comfortably accommodate the different positions of pregnant mothers.

Use it after pregnancy: This handy pillow will prove practical during and after pregnancy. The challenges and discomforts that come with pregnancy do not end immediately after pregnancy. They continue for some time into the first few months after birth. Therefore, this body pillow is essential and will continue helping the mother get the necessary comfort when nursing.

Suitable for different positions: The design of this pillow makes it practical for various positions. By slipping the pillow under the belly helps ease the weight straining your back and neck. Furthermore, the wedge pillow can offer adequate support to your back and prevent you from tossing and turning as a result of discomfort.

For those with broader hips, the wedge pillow will balance out the body shape making it easy to rest. The pillow will cover the space between the hips chest. On the other hand, adding the pillow to your regular one elevates your head when there is need to find relief for reflux and heartburn.

Helps with circulation: For the mother that are doing yoga poses, placing the pillow in a way to tilt your body helps with circulation. Putting your pillow between the knees also enhances blood flow when exercising.

Other uses: Another good thing about the pillow is that it is helpful for holding hot water bottles or packs against your side especially when experiencing pain. You can also use the pillow to ease the pressure on the side that you may be feeling sore or discomfort.  The wedge shape is perfect for keeping your body in particular position.

You can also use the pregnancy wedge pillow with the newborns. When the infant has reflux, placing the pillow under their bed helps ease it. The pillow will assist the newborn sleep even with reflux.

Things are Good

  • Adequate for traveling.
  • It is one of the cheapest pregnancy support product.
  • Zipper cover that is incredibly easy to wash and replace.
  • Small enough not to a bother to your partners

Things are Bad

  • Wedge pillows only support small sections of the body.
  • It is not dense enough and is easy to flatten your tummy.

Why is this pregnancy wedge pillow so unique?

What makes this commodity so unique is that it is a versatile, compact and portable pregnancy support product. It is not too expensive, and many mothers will find it quite useful especially when they slip it under their tummy. Furthermore, the pillow is small enough that it will not prove a problem to your partner. In other words, the pillow does not get in the way of bed sharing.

Last word

Dealing with pregnancy is usually difficult and so having the right support products is important. The pregnancy wedge pillow is compact, inexpensive and versatile to serve the needs of users. This little pillow is especially handy for the traveling mothers. It will not be a challenge to move around with. Therefore, if you are pregnant and looking for

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