Our Casper Pillow Review for Having a Wonderful Sleep-2018

Casper Pillow Review

Are you struggling to get a comfortable sleep or thinking to replace the old pillows? Then depending on every aspect, finding the right one can be very difficult than your imagination.

By now, we all know the familiarity of Casper Mattress. From those perspectives, the company has introduced Casper Pillow as well. Think of what, that is not available in this product. It can be a deal breaker for the people who are obsessed about a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, Casper has become a very popular brand in the market for its unique “pillow-in-pillow” design. It is ideal for all sleeping positions and comes up with a beautiful cover that keeps you cool. However, we will give you a full prescription through this review to decide whether it suits you or not.

Pillow Features and Specification

Two pillow in one: It is one of the most fascinating features because you’ll get two pillows together in one. From now, you don’t have to consider the softness or support. Through this, you’ll get both perfect amount of support and soft feeling as well.

Feature of Casper pillow

Manufacturer: The pillow itself is designed and manufactured in the USA. But its cover is made in China with 100% cotton. Generally speaking, from this info you have already realized that how much quality product it is.

Size and dimension: Usually, it is available in two different sizes out there which are Standard (18″ x 26″) and King (18″ x 34″). So, you can easily choose the suitable one for you and your family members too.

Beautiful cover: We are calling the cover beautiful not because it is looked beautiful, rather it has a percale weave which has made it different from other typical cotton covers. It creates a smooth design and doesn’t let the fillings escape.

Lifespan and warranty: The manufacturer company is providing a 3 years warranty for this pillow. But the lucrative offer is, you will get a risk-free trial option. That means you can trial it for 100 nights and if you are dissatisfied, the company will give a full refund.

Benefits of Using This Pillow

Support and comfort

This pillow is a mixture of softness and firmness. Maybe you are thinking how? Well, the concept of “pillow-in-pillow” has made it possible. The outer shell is super soft and inner core is a firm one. So, you can get adequate amount of support without compromising comfort that will reduce your snoring problem. After all, it can be called a full package for having a good night.

Have a cool feeling

You have already known that the outer case is made of 100% cotton and woven in percale style. That means it promotes plenty of airflow and prevents heat buildup in your body. By regulating temperature in this way, it keeps you cool during sleep. For getting more pillows to stay cool at night, check out our cooling pillow reviews.

Cool casper pillow

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Suitable for all sleepers

You don’t have to worry whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper because it is suitable for all types of sleeping position. Through this feature it has grabbed a huge consumer attraction. Whatever way you move, it’ll provide same amount of support and comfort, so that your sleep doesn’t get interrupted.

Regains original shape

Whatever position you sleep or how many times you wash, This pillow always regains its shape. And individually blown fiber clusters are always easy to maintain as it goes to original shape with a quick fluff. So, chance of going flat is minimum.

Easy to clean or wash 

As it is made with two parts, you can easily wash it in machine by separating them out. And because of its dual layer it also dries up quickly after washing. There is no chance of growing bacteria and mold. This is how you can keep it clean and hygienic all the time.

No odor or bad smell

You’ll get a smell of packaging or polyurethane in most of the pillows in the market. Though it is not a problem, as the smell goes away in few days after using. Yet some people seem it very irritating. But in this pillow you’ll not get any kinds of smell and you’ll be able to take fresh breath.

  • Provides plenty of support and comfort
  • Bounce back to its shape
  • Percale weaved cotton cover
  • Always keeps you cool
  • Designed for all types of sleepers
  • 100 days money back guarantee.
  • Not affordable for everyone
  • Inner pillow is little bit firm.

Why is casper pillow so special?

Having a unique design of dual layer, it has gained a huge consumer satisfaction. Everybody can get an uninterrupted sleep, as it is suitable for all sleepers. This pillow provides necessary amount of support, whatever position you choose to sleep. It has a decent size with perfect width and height. Anybody can be amazed by its beautiful percale weaved cover, which is able to provide coolness.

Again, it is fully machine washable by separating two parts, that helps to dry out quickly and maintains its shape. Well, there is no smell in it like other pillows. And it is backed up with 3 years warranty and 100 days of money back guarantee.

Final Words

Finally, going through all the ins and outs we would like to recommend Casper pillow for those who want plenty of support for head and neck as well as softness to get a better sleep. As it has a trial option available you should not miss the opportunity to know whether it suits and helps you for having a great sleep.

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon and good luck for your next purchase!

Written by Mark Johan

Hi there! I am 'Mark' in Pillow Idea, I have the responsible one to give you guys a low-down on every product that we review. Long story short, I’m the person in charge of the ‘research and review’ department of the blog. Please check out to know more- About Us.

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