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  • Ideas for Designing the Perfect Friendly Bedroom

    Ideas for Designing the Perfect Senior-Friendly Bedroom

    More than 70 percent of Americans over 65 years are satisfied with their sex lives so spending time designing the perfect sanctuary in the bedroom would appear to be a worthwhile task. Being totally comfortable in your space is important to be able to relax, sleep and enjoy a bit of privacy inside a little […] More

  • Pillow vs Mattress

    Pillows Vs Mattress: The Argument You Need to Know

    Everybody wants a comfortable sleep but it seems that only a few know how to do that. At least the percentage of people suffering from insomnia proves that. People consider stress, or modern lifestyle as the reason for sleeplessness. But many forget to check the bed and the bedding. An uncomfortable pillow or mattress can […] More

  • Stop Snoring Naturally
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    How to Stop Snoring Naturally While Sleeping?

    Do you snore? Well, if positive, you’re not alone. About half of us all do it while in sleep. It’s an all-natural process when air flows through your throat and vibrates the relaxed tissues of your throat. All though we all are not concern on it, snoring is not only a nuisance but also a […] More

  • Memory Foam Pillow

    What is Memory Foam? Benefits of Using Memory Foam Pillow

    Remember how soothing the full night sleeps were like, back then in childhood? Ah, wish I couldn’t those nights back again! Okay, pinched myself and I’m back to 2018. And surely, at this age, I can’t manage to have a good night’s sleep unless we have the right pillow beneath the head. And undoubtedly, Memory […] More

  • How to clean a pillow

    How to Clean a Pillow or Wash it at Home Easily (Step by Step)

    Your pillow may look pretty clean for a long time while actually, it is not. If it stays for too long without some good old washing, your pillow becomes a favorite place for bacteria, bugs and dust mites – looks can be deceiving. One study shows that up to a third of the weight of […] More

  • replace a new pillow

    How Often Should You Replace a New Pillow? (Update in 2019)

    Facing problem sleeping on your usual pillow at night? Your pillow isn’t providing enough support anymore? Then it is high time you replace your pillow with a new one. Pillows are one of the essential bedroom accessories we use on a regular basis. So taking a good care of these are a must. And also […] More

  • How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

    How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow Easily at Home

    Memory foam pillow is made of polyurethane. This material responds to body heat and pressure to conform to the shape of its user. But, it may concern many users that how to clean these cushions. Most of these are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It does not harbour mould or bacteria, unlike the regular ones. But it […] More