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How Much Sleep We Actually Need in a Day?

Feeling sleepy all day long and thus ruining the whole of it is probably not in your plan. This can only happen when either you are not having enough sleep or you are sleeping more than your body needs. Let me remind you that when you are sleeping, your body is actually getting prepared for the next day with shutting down the nervous system, the eyes closed, leaving the postural muscles relaxed and consciousness practically stays suspended.

The necessity of sleep decreases as you get older. Any distraction from the required sleeping hours may cause great suffering. Throughout years of researches, it has been proved that we human beings spend one-third of our lives in sleep. If an adult sleeps eight hours each day and have an average lifespan of 78.8 years (according to the Unites States), then he sleeps 9587.3 days in his life which is almost one-third of his entire life.

How much sleep actually need in a day

Before talking about the sleeping circle in details, you must have a look at the list of hours that you need to spend in sleeping considering your age group. The revised version is also included which is approved by U.S National Sleep Foundation.

Stage of life Age group Hours to sleep (revised) Hours to sleep (previous)
Newborns 0-3 months 14-17 hours 12-18 hours
Infants 4-11 months 12-15 hours 14-15 hours
Toddlers 1-2 years 11-14 hours 12-14 hours
Preschoolers 3-5 years 10-13 hours 11-13 hours
School age children 6-13 years 9-11 hours 10-11 hours
Teenagers 14-17 years 8-10 hours 8.5-9.5 hours
Younger adults 18-25 years 7-9 hours 7-9 hours
Adults 26-64 years 7-9 hours 7-9 hours
Older Adults 65+ years 7-8 hours 7-8 hours

Now it’s easier for you to match if you are sleeping accordingly or not. In case you aren’t on track, I want to let you know something really important.

Necessity of “Deep sleep” and “REM sleep”: When you are in deep sleep, the body gets repaired and gets you prepared for the next day. Besides, it boosts up the mind and mood. Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep is rather more important and this sleep is best found in nights. People go through this REM sleep in 4 or 5 stages. Adults generally spend 90-120 minutes in this REM sleep which is almost 20-25% of the sleeping hour. Infants spend more than half of their sleeping hours in REM. REM sleep is highly related to creativity and productivity. During this sleep, the eye moves randomly and the muscles stay paralyzed.

Why must you sleep according to the chat?

You must because it is related to both your physical and mental health. Your body gets prepared for the next day while sleeping. Efficiency,  energy of the body and the overall health will be improved if you can follow the sleeping chart. Not only this, Cellular metabolism and homeostasis are very much related with a sleeping circle. Moreover, metabolism is also responsible for molecular turnover and clearance of metabolic waste.

Ana Noia, a senior clinical physiologist in neurophysiology and sleep, at Bupa Cromwell Hospital says that, “During sleep, the hormone which stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration is also released, so you can see why little ones sleep so much”. You cannot sleep as much as you want thinking that it will be improving your health. More or less sleep may lead body to less productivity, slowness in processing, less cognitive success and so on. Your digestive system remains according to the order when your body gets proper sleep and you stay out of obesity.

Who are at risk of being sleep deprived?

They who get less sleep than their body requires are deprived of sleep and let’s see who are at this risk.

  • New parents
  • Drivers
  • Doctors
  • Teenager students with excessive pressure
  • Patients of “Insomnia”

What may happen when you are deprived of the needed sleep?

Firstly you may feel sleepy all the day and I’m sure you will. You will be unable to pay required concentration to anything you do and thus you will lack motivation and gather depression. Returning back to home you will find your sex drives decreased. Your life will be an irregular one.

Horrible to sound but it’s true that you may look much older than you are and yes the anti-aging creams may fail too. As an effect of irregular life, immune system of your body will be weakened and infections may get comfortable in staying with you. Moreover, several types of research prove that there is a high risk of facing memory problems when you are deprived of your required sleep. You will be unable to concentrate or learn as you could have done if you had sufficient sleep. Not done yet, your problem-solving skills will be reduced and thus you may face difficulties in making decisions. Hallucinations and delirium are very common outcomes of sleep deprivation and this may lead you to accidents.

If you are on diet then let me warn you that less or more sleep may cause you gain more weight. Don’t think that you should sleep as much as you can. Dr. Watson, MD and president-elect of American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) says, “Long sleep may be a surrogate marker of poor health.” After a test, Matthew Walker, the director of the sleep and neuroimaging lab at the University of California, Berkeley, stated that “One sleepless night is the cognitive equivalent of being legally drunk”. Another study found that the risk of heart disease increased 50 percent for those who slept less than four hours a night compared to participants who slept between four and eight hours each night.

Can humans store sleep?

The answer is no. Unlike storing calories in body humans cannot just store sleep. “People think that sleep is like the bank. Walker has a better answer for the query. He says, “That you can accumulate a debt and then hope to pay it off at a later point in time. And we now know that sleep is not like that.” You cannot just sleep a whole day at weekend and preserve it for the working days. Doing so will interrupt your sleeping circle.

Don’t be careless when you sleep only 1 hour less: This is very much possible to think that sleeping only one hour less is not that much harmful to health. But I must say that sleeping only one hour less may leave you as sleepy as several hours can do. A study revealed that those who sleep one hour less a day may feel sleepy trice a day while only one hour could solve them all.

How can you ensure the required sleep?

Avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeine as much as you can and avoid them especially at night. Drink sufficient water. You can try some workouts, maybe 30 minutes a day. Choose the best pillow suits you and this will not let you sleeping hour interrupted. Lastly, stay out of noises and lights at night.

Should it be 8 hours exactly?

Average adults need 8 hours sleep per day and this keeps their life circle perfect although a study revealed that people sleeping 7 hours a day live longer.

Sleeping more than 8 hours is as harmful as sleeping less than 8 hours a day. Both can destroy the day and at the end may lead to an early death. A balanced sleep may present a healthy physic and mood.

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Benefits of Using a Cooling Pillow for A Sound Sleep

Cooling PillowThe concept of a cooling pillow is not a decade old invention. A cooling pad doesn’t mean to have a fan under your pillow rather it’s a pillow made of a special gel that provides cool ventilation overnight and makes you have a sound sleep. This gel makes you feel cool in summer as well as warm in winter. Moreover, best cooling pillow makes you feel more comfortable ensuring perfect support to your head and neck.

In fact, around the year except for the winter, our head gives off more heat than any other parts of our body and it sweats overnight. In our subconscious mind, we start to seek a cooler place in our pillow and flip continuously while sleeping. Constant pillow flipping, getting up with a sweated head and oily face and tired body makes a day bad enough to regret. This day may face you to some bad experiences of getting sleep publicly, getting day long sleepy etc.

From the very beginning of human history, people are looking for a perfect and optimized solution of bad sleeping regret. Chinese tried stone, Greek tried wood but failed to solve completely. In last decades people tried memory foam as a temperature resistant pillow. Memory foam is the best option for winter as it keeps the head warm overnight and ventilates as well. But in summer, memory foam can’t provide you the best cooling option.  Today we have a new cooling option- to use cooling memory foam.

A cooling pillow filled with cool memory foam fiber makes you sleep with cool, sweat-free and sound sleep. Unlike other cooling devices, it doesn’t make a sound, it doesn’t need any extra power to create cool ventilation. According to experts, a cooler pillow makes you get a complete rest and gives you a fresh morning start. In that case, you can try with your pillow frizzing for several hours, but you may catch a sudden cold. So nothing left but uses a cooling foam pillow for a sound sleep in hot weather.

Cooling foam is generally made of a posture friendly combination of memory foam and gel. Memory foam provides softness, comfort and support meanwhile gel ensures ventilation and coolness. A cool pillow provides you some basic advantages to having a sound sleep.

Benefits of using a cooling pillow

Benefits of Using a Cooling PillowMake you fall asleep quickly: Changing sleeping position and side, the countdown to getting sleep, late night clock watching is over now. Human race got a true solution of this century-old problem. Man invented a technology to make the pillow cool. With a cool pillow you will fall asleep quickly. You will feel that you found an iceberg on a hot sunny day. Research shows that you felt a three-quarter time faster with a cool pillow. A cool pillow sleeper sleeps three times deeper sleep than a regular pillow user.

Decrease certain types of insomnia: It can’t be explained to you, what is insomnia, if you are not an insomnia patient, you can’t realize the pain of this disease. An insomnia patient may feel to be mad for a sound sleep. A cooling pad may control your insomnia and make you get rid of certain types. To sleep at you early bad time make your hormones enriched and more productive.

Enchant your outlook: A cool sleeping environment, a cool pillow and your relaxed mind make you sleep deeply. A habit of getting regular sound sleep makes you look youthful, smart and energetic. Aged face mark, tired and bored about life and hopeless lazy fool outlook may run away from you only you sleep well. A cooling pillow allows you to build up your sound sleep habit.

Avoid certain metabolic diseases:  A continual of certain disturbance while sleeping like talk, walk in sleep, in long run you may catch some metabolic diseases. Moving during sleep, changing positions continuously, sleep-talker are common metabolic symptoms. These typical symptoms are cause of metabolic disease.

Best doctor of your mental health: Postmodern medical science believes that a regular sound sleep improves your mental health. A sound free, calm, vandalized and cool sleeping environment make your mental health enriched day to day. You get your stamina deep, increase your patience and make you sharp.

Along with your mental health, a cooling pad makes change in your physical health. A cooling pillow helps you to reduce dandruff’s and makes your skin lovelier. A cool pillow directly makes feel cool in your bad time starting. It also helps you to have a bad time ending happily. Having a good starting and happy ending makes an entire journey happy. Thus a way you are leaving your bad and you are not missing it again unless you are tired. It may happen you are going to sleep only if you have the same cool pillow to sleep again.

Buying a cooling pillow is not as easy as it seems. You may consult your family doctor to get prescribed a cooling pillow. But a brand of cooling pillow differs on your budget and demand, Size and comfortability. At last, I would like to suggest you to buy the best cooling pillow which suits your budget and demand.

A Better Sleep Is Must for Healthy Life

Better Sleep for Healthy LifeSleep good to perform a better life. If your sleep is poor, you should try to improve it immediately. A poor sleeping habit is really cause of anxiety. It negatively effects on your hormones, performance and brain functions. Day by day it makes you dull and hopeless. On the other side, a better sleep makes you happy, healthy and active.

A healthy life is a combination of good sleeping habit, physical exercise, and healthy diet. A healthy diet and regular physical exercise keep your growth continuous and a better sleep enhanced the opportunity to achieve the perfect mental and physical growth. Without a better sleeping habit, you may lose your taste, eating habit. You will become weaker day by day and finally too weak to call sick.

Why do you need a better sleep?

A good night’s sleep enlarges your chances to be happy. It increases your motor skill by 20% and 50% complex problem-solving ability. A good night sleeping habit helps you to eat more, produce more and perform more. If you sleep better regularly, it helps you

  • Have a youthful appearance.
  • Promote skin health.
  • Increase your level of tolerance.
  • Controls optimal insulin secretion.
  • Increase mental calmness and athletic performance.

A better sleeper is happier than a regular sleeper. A better sleeper doesn’t mean that sleep a long time.Specialists claim that a six-hour sleep is better for an adult man. Too sleep is also very harmful to health.

Fundamentals of a better sleep

It needs not to change you a lot to improve your sleeping. You have to be more caring about some of your habits and lifestyle. A better sleep friendly lifestyle ensures you to have good night sleep habit.

sleep betterSleep when you are tired truly: Don’t go to bed thinking it’s enough to sleep. Oh no, it’s eleven! I have to go to sleep. This “sleep time lovers” rarely able to make sleep on time. Even the “inhabit sleep time lovers” sleep in time and sleep better. You may sleep well though you inhabit late sleeper. Long time sleep and early sleeper are not always good sleeper

scheduled bedtimeFollow a scheduled bedtime: Though you are not sleeping with time count, you should have a scheduled bedtime. You prepare yourself to sleep when it begins and never sleep when it is over. Expert says that it takes 21 days to turn a regular job to habit. You may not be able to make a habit as it sounds, it takes time and practice. But if you start to practice you will feel that you are confident to have a good habit. So try to maintain your suitable bedtime strictly at least 22nd day.

Maintain a sleep-friendly environment: Make your lights to help you to sleep or let them feel darkness. Cool and calm bedroom with a sweet smell. A bed neither hard nor soft and a comfortable pillow make you sleep better. Clean bed cover along with mosquito free and ventilated airflow.

Make you hassle free: When you are sleeping with some tension heading over your mind, it’s natural to have a bed sleep. Sometimes a late night phone call is enough to kill your sleeping happiness. So try to keep your all gadgets silent or at least confirm that these are not disturbing you.

How a better sleep makes you healthy?

Sleep makes you feel better, improves your energy level, provides stamina to work day long. It improves your heart functions, control weight, and becalms mind. In a better sleep, your mind reads better while you snooze. You can memorize better or practice better newly learned skills, in medical terms, it is called Consolidation. Dr. Rapoport, an NYU Langone professor argued that people learn better in learning imitate sleep time.

Sleep controls your lifespan, in 2010 a study of women aged  50 to 79, maximum death occurred to a too little sleeper and too much sleeper. A too little sleep and too much sleep may have high blood pressure and they are most suitable to face heart attack. A sound sleep makes you feel batter all day and performs more than a regular sleep. A sound sleeper athlete wins more than a regular sleeper athlete.

Better sleep sharpens your attention, Motor skill, and patience. You may be able to find your error early and more careful about your mistakes.

A good sleeper feels stress-free, dancing with his schedule and love to be updated every day. Sleeping habit controls our entire daily life, a late sleeper is luckier to miss the breakfast and have his launch at evening. On the other side, an early sleeper matches best with the daily routine life. Thus a better sleeper performs better in daily life. A childhood rhyme explains a better sleeper most perfectly.

Early to bed And early to rise
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Best Way to Get a Better Sleep

get a better sleepBetter Sleep, one of the core life demands can make a great difference in your life living . Lhamo Dondrab, 14th Dalai Lama (supreme religious teacher) of Buddhist dynasty marks sleep as the best meditation. A better sleep could be better than meditation which washes away your daytime fatigue and ensures overall well-being daily life. How to sleep a better sleep? Let’s find the secrets of the best way to get a better sleep.

Maintain Sleep Schedule Strictly to Get a Better Sleep

Firstly, stick to a sleep schedule, in other words, maintain a sleep cycle strictly. Go to bed and get up on a schedule, more likely habituate your brain to follow your internal alarms. To have a relaxing bedtime ritual, you may have to avoid afternoon naps as well.

Comfortable Bedding: Supportive mattress and comfortable pillow would be your best sleeping partner. A commonly formulated proverb goes about the sleeping that, ”Bed that more soft, ensures better sleep”. But it is cruel true that sleep experts suggest you have a bed which is neither hard neither soft. On the other side, your pillow as soft as possible ensures better sleep. A comfortable pillow maintains the natural curve of head and neck combination and helps you get rid of stifle. I would like to suggest you have a memory foam pillow for better sleep.

Avoid and sleep better

Medicine interferes with sleep, alcohol, caffeine, cigarette and heavy meal in the evening can disrupt sleep. For better sleep and healthy life, you should avoid these completely.

Temperature matters: Comfortable room and bed temperature are more conducive to better sleeping. Experts suggest 60 to 70 F room temperature as well as natural air flow to the bedroom. On the bed, different parts of our body produce more hit, especially our head may start sweating while sleeping. It’s better to ventilate our head more for better sleep. You can try a cooling pillow to avoid viscous and oily sleep experiences.

Exercise daily: Daily exercise, hard or light whatever it is, is a must for better sleep. Hard exercise in morning or evening or at least 10 minutes walk after supper may give you a sound sleep.

advantage of better sleepTake room light advantage: Your room light may stand beside you while sleeping. Be smart to use room lights more helpful for your sleeping. Decorate your room with blind darkness or dim lights, which one you love most while sleeping.

Sound mind tends sound sleep: Calm down your mind; your anxiety may kill your sleep and make your night a nightmare. If you can’t avoid your anxiety, have some mind healing exercises like sit in lotus position, close your eyes , breath deep and slow makes each breath deeper than the last. Continue it up to 15 minutes in several spells. If you are still in trouble, don’t hesitate to call your doctor.

 Don’t fight yourself on bed: If you can’t sleep within 30 minutes of your bedtime, don’t fight with bed, leave the bed and go to another room and do something like reading, writing or do light households. Go to bed when you are really exhausted and sleepy. Never be a nighttime clock-watcher, it may increase your monotony.

Sleep-friendly room environment: For a better sleep, you have to control your room environment. Neat and clean bed, dust free air flow ensures more comfort. A noise free room makes your sleep mild. Spray a sleep-inducing scent to have a better experience.

Drink warm beverage: Have a glass of warm drink like milk, fluid at least 30 minutes before your bedtime starts. Don’t drink much more to avoid getting awake to a trip to the washroom.

Special care for medical discomfort: If you have any medical troubles like diabetic, pregnancy then you need some extra sleeping care. If you are a diabetic patient, you are well known with the bitter experience of getting awaken several times in a single night. You may wake less if you have your medicine more early to bed time. For pregnancy case, it is must to have an extra body and belly support while sleeping. You may use special pregnancy pillow to make your sleeping experience better.

Maintain you pre-sleep routineMaintain your pre-sleep routine: Establish a pre-sleep routine inducing your sleeping habit. If you are a deadly sleeper, have a little more watery substance to get up easily. On the other side, a light sleeper should avoid watery substance for last two hours before sleep.

Press all switch off: Soft blue lights of the cell phone, digital clock, and tablet may hurt your sleep. To sleep well keep mobile and tablet in distance if possible in a covered place, turn power source off or disconnected of your TV, digital clock.

You may face some nights that all tricks and tips fail to get you sleep. Even you know that you are out of all disturbances, your bedtime passing away and you are tired enough to get sleep, but your eyes are promises not to sleep. In this circumstance I would like to suggest you do something that you enjoy most like a visit to social media, listening music or watching a movie. If it happens several times in a year, then you should consult a doctor. You can ignore if it happens one or two night a year. After all sleep tight and lead a healthy night.


How to Test If You Need a New Pillow?

Need a New PillowPillows were invented to give you a good night’s sleep. Pillows do that by providing support to different parts of your body alongside comfort. On an average, a pillow is in use for about 250,000 hours a year. It is almost equivalent to 100 days. So it is not a surprise that pillows can get worn out quickly. How to test if you need new pillow? A bad pillow obstructs a good night’s sleep. Its considered bad if it is the wrong pillow for your sleeping position or because the pillow is worn out. A worn out or “tired” pillow will not perform efficiently. The worn out pillows will not even provide the intended support.

This might be a problem for patients who use pillows to counter act their problems.It has been seen in studies. Synthetic pillows last between 6 months up to 2 years. But some high quality down pillows can last for 10 years or more. Symptomatic people who use synthetic pillow, may need to replace them annually. The pillow will be usable for many years for casual purposes. But the pillow will have lost most of its original properties. This will not help symptoms of the patient.

There are some tests to determine whether you need a new pillow. Different types of pillows have different tests. They are quite simple. These are:

Feather and down pillows:

For regular sized pillows, fold the pillow in the middle on a sturdy and flat surface(for large pillows, fold it into thirds). Squeeze all the air out of the pillow. If the pillow bounces back to its original shape after releasing, then the pillow is alright and still usable. But sometimes the pillow will remain folded. This might happen because of two reasons. The pillow has lost its original properties due to long use. Or the pillow is damp from your night’s sleep. So, make sure the pillow is aired out thoroughly before testing. With proper care, feather and down pillows last for many years.

Synthetic fiber pillows:

Put your pillow on a flat surface. Then fold it in half(fold it in thirds for larger pillows), squeeze out all the air. And hen put a shoe on it. A heavy shoe is recommended. The pillow is supposed to toss the shoe as it bounces back to its original shape. If it fails to do so, then it has lost its properties. Then you should consider buying a new pillow. Fiber pillows usually have a lifespan between 6 moths and two years.

Foam, memory foam and latex pillows:

Testing these pillows is a bit more difficult. You need to replace these pillows when they cannot resist to deformation. When they flat out too easily. In case of memory foam pillows, put pressure on them with your hands. If it returns to its original shape within a couple of minutes, it is alright. If it does not, you need to change the pillow. For conventional foam pillows the reaction should be instantaneous. Foam pillows usually last between 6 months and two years.

There are also other indicators which tell you that you need a pillow replacement.

  • Your pillow does not feel or look like the way it used to when you bought it.
  • Pillow is out of shape or lumpy.
  • Pillow has become visibly dirty or stained.
  • You feel uncomfortable when lying on it.
  • Your neck, back, ankles or knees are really sore or stiff after a night’s sleep.

Now the question may arise why do we need to replace our worn out pillows. There are many logical reasons behind it.
Neck problems: When you lie down, your pillow should fill the gap between your shoulders and head. If you use a pillow for too long, it will surely flatten it out. This pillow will not be able to support your head or neck. This will result in pain and stiffness.

Dust mites:These are microscopic bugs. These bugs grow by eating dead skin cells. They reproduce in humid and warm environment just like your pillow. They don’t bite or spread diseases. But they promote allergies. Prolonged exposure to dust mites can develop asthma.

Down pillows are most prone to dust mites. Any pillow can become sanctuary for dust mites after about a year of use. After a year 10 to 15 percent of the total weight might be from dust mite waste.If your allergies are triggered after every night, it could be due dust mites. You should wash your pillow in hot water every week. This will kill dust mites. You can also try freezing your pillow overnight. You should treat the whole pillow, not just the pillow case. You can also cover your pillow with dust proof cases. Wool pillows resist dust mites naturally. They are also fire resistant.

Fungal spores: Your pillow might contain millions of fungal spores. Fungal spores like Aspergillus fumigatus can cause Aspergillosis. This is an infection. It begins in your lungs. Then it spreads to other parts like brain.It has been shown in a study that, a pillow used for 1.5 years to 20 years are most likely to have millions of fungal spores. There are about 16 different fungus, which were found in the pillows.Synthetic materials tend to house more fungus. Whereas natural wool is fungus resistant.

Flame retardant chemicals: Flame retardant chemicals are applied to some pillows. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) is a bromine based flame retardant chemical. This chemical has been linked to cancer. This chemical has been proven to cause harm to pregnant women and the fetus. It decreases fertility upon prolonged exposure.

The bromine content in different type of pillows are as follows:
1. Polyester pillows (107 parts out of a million)
2. Memory foam pillows ( 3646 parts out of a million)
3. Feather pillows (6 parts out of a million)

So from the above discussion it is evident that you need to change your pillow every once in a while to avoid risks of allergies and lack of support. The following ways can help you determine whether you need a new pillow or not.

  • Fold test: do the fold test on your pillows. If the pillow fails the test, change it.
  • Lumps and bumps: If there are lumps and bumps in your pillow, then your pillow material is starting to decay. This means, the pillow is no more comfortable. You are not getting the desired support. You should change it.
  • Take off the pillow case: Take the case off and look at your pillow. If there are sweat stains or if you are repulsed by the color, it’s time to buy a new pillow.
  • Check the tag: Some pillows come with an expiry date. So make sure to check the tag of the pillow if it has one.
  • The type: Different pillows have different life span. Shredded memory foam pillows have a long life span than any other. Some come with 20 year warranty.

Polyester pillows have life span starting from 6 months to 2 years. Memory foam pillows on the other hand have life span from 5 to 7 years. Latex pillows are completely washable. They can last up to 10 years. In some cases, they don’t even need replacing.
Try to change your pillows regularly. Dead skin cells deposit over your pillow if used for a long period of time. Body oils also build up. These may give birth to bacteria. Moreover, if you don’t wash your pillow regularly, it will lose its freshness. This will obstruct a good night’s sleep.
If you are not in favor of changing your pillow regularly, try investing in a product which has a long life span and is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Memory foam pillow is highly recommended. They are bit expensive than traditional pillows. But the benefits are worth it.

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