10 Best Toddler Pillow Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

As a responsible parent, you may want to see your toddler grow up healthy. During the growing up period, they need the best toddler pillow for proper support while sleeping. Because you don’t want to see your kids wake up in the morning with muscle cramps and cranky mood. Besides these, it’s the time for your toddler to go to bed from crib. So, you shouldn’t be careless about their comfort. You must need to take decision wisely while choosing a pillow for your kids.

Since you are looking the Best pillow for your toddler, you are in for a treat because we are bringing the Best ones to the table today! This comparison will make your selection more easier and hassle-free. Our mission is to provide you the proper knowledge and information you need to know in order to select the right one for your beloved kids. So, don’t waste any time and check out our most popular buying guide.

Regular VS Toddler Pillow

A regular pillow is specially designed for the adults that is able to provide proper support to the adult’s head and neck but not for the toddlers. We all know that the body structure of the toddler and an adult is not the same.If they continuously use regular pillows, they might feel unnecessary pain in their necks and shoulder. Even it can make their posture poor and give them sleepless nights.

  • Toddler pillows have the perfect firmness and size that will eliminate all of these problems.
  • Toddler’s skin is sensitive, so the material of the pillow needs to be harmless and natural also which you’ll not find in any regular pillow. 

  • The smell and other materials can cause suffocation to your child. But toddler pillows are made from such components that will not affect your kids' health.

Types of Toddler Pillow

There are various types of materials used in infant pillow making. Some of them are highlighted here to help you choose the right one for your kids.



Fiber Fill



Benefits of Using Toddler Pillow

Kids need to sleep more than the adults. It’s because human growth hormone works more effectively at the time of sleeping. In this time for getting a sound sleep they require proper support and comfort and the best toddler pillow ensures it as well. Besides, this toddler pad has some special benefits as well which provide your kid proper hormonal growth at the proper age. Better you may visit here.

  • Ideal Shape and Size: For kids shape and size of a pillow matters a lot. Since toddlers pillows are specially made for the children the manufacturer keeps the shape and size ideal for them. Pediatricians also recommend it for the kids due to its perfect shape.
  • Hygienic: Toddlers need to sleep around 10-12 hours in a day and their skin is very sensitive. That’s why the materials used in a toddler pillow is free from all kinds of harmful, chemicals and dust-mites. Sometimes they can also chew it at the time of playing and a toddler pillow ensures 100% safety in this situation. It will take proper care of your kids health because it’s hypoallergenic also.
  • Adaptability: Toddler pillows are made in such a way that it has the ability to cope with the body shape of your kids. Since your kid is going to use a new cushion adaptability is the main factor. And yes! This pillow doing this job successfully. 
  • Design: There are varieties designs of toddler pillows are available in the market. The manufacturer has made these keep one thing in mind that they are making it for the kids so it must be attractive. And yes! Because of the colorful designs of these pillows kids like it the most.

10 Best Toddler Pillow 2017

1. Little One's Organic Toddler Pillow

Little one’s pillow for a toddler is one of the best and famous pillow to most of the parents because of it’s quality and comfort. It is the best option for its infallible support for your toddler’s neck, head and spine.

Little one's toddler pillow

This is a vastly superior quality pillow with a 200 thread count. Super soft organic cotton shell with kiddy design and colorful cover makes your toddler to love it as the best sleeping partner. The pillow has a unique hypoallergenic poly cluster fiber filling to ensure your toddlers healthy and hygienic sound sleep. This cushion is totally handmade with extra care and effort which is highly recommended by the pediatricians for the toddlers.

What's special?

  • It is made of 100% USDA certified organic cotton shell which ensures that the pillow is completely chemical free and dust-mite resistant.

  • It is fully hypoallergenic and washable. Another amazing feature is that it  never gets lumpy even after 400 wash! 

  • Little One company is giving a 3-5 years guarantee of this pillow which is good enough for your kids.

2. Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

If you are looking for a pillow that is comfortable and chemical free at the same time, then Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow can be the best option for your undoubtedly. It’s a perfect pillow providing you the required support as it’s neither too fluffy nor too flat.

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

This versatile pillow is measured 13 x 18 inches which is perfect for your little one. Due to its perfect size, you can easily carry it everywhere while traveling. It is made in the USA and designed in such a way that is able to support your baby’s neck no matter the sleeping style is. The surface of the pillow is somewhat scratchy that’s why you may need to use an extra pillowcase for it. The company itself is providing different patterns colorful pillowcases and you can easily choose one from them. You know, colorful things are always attractive to kids.

What's special?

  • The 100% hypoallergenic premium polyester fiber filling and 200 thread count cotton fabric of the cushion ensures maximum comfort for your kids.

  • The toddler pillow is fully allergy free and machine washable which will help you to keep your kids safe by easy cleaning. 

  • It’s really amazing that the company of the pillow offers a 90 day “love it or your money back” no questions asked guarantee.

3. Dreamtown Kids Pillow for Toddler 

Being a perfect firm pillow 'Dreamtown Kids' is highly recommended by the Chiropractors. It is neither small nor big in size and the best suited for comfort-loving kids. The filling is blended with cotton and polyester which prevents neck kinks by providing proper support.

Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow

Whatever the sleeping position, this pillow is an ideal one for your kids. It is designed in such a way that your kids can get better sleep in bed, during nap as well as traveling. It is made in the USA and certified by CPSC approved labs. This contains dense yet soft fiber which is free from all kinds of heavy metals. This cushion is 100% hypoallergenic, chemical free with mold and mildew resistant. But another thing is that the 14 x 19 inches perfect first pillow is not recommended for under 2 years old kids.

What's special?

  • An amazing feature you may like that it comes up with a super soft pillowcase. Both the pillow and the cover is machine washable which makes your cleaning so easy.

  • The company is providing a six months satisfaction guarantee. If you find the pillow defective or doesn’t meet your need, the company will either replace it or refund you.

4. Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow

This premium product of A Little Pillow Company is here to give your kids an extra thrill with its colorful design patterns. This is certainly one of the best pillows for toddler in the market. It has come up with an extra advantage that you will never need to use a cover again.

Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow

However, if you think that you need a cover then you are free to choose it from a lot of varieties provided by Little Pillow Company. This super soft pillow has a 200 thread count percale with double stitching which ensures extra longevity and you will not find it in any other toddler pillows available in the market or online. The cover is 100% cotton and anti-microbials. It is designed in such a way that it will encourage your kid to have a great sleep at night. The 13in X 18in perfect sized cushion is also recommended by the pediatricians because it will keep your baby’s neck fit by providing proper support.

What's special?

  • It is made in Virginia with a 100% hypoallergenic deluxe cluster fiber filling which will not cause allergies or off-gas.

  • As you don’t need to buy an additional cover and this highest grade poly fiber cushion is fully machine washable and it can be your first choice for your kid.

5. SlumberLux Toddler Pillow

We have chosen this toddler pillow on the top of our list because of its perfect size and softness. The 13in x 18in perfect sized super soft pillow gives your kids a  sound sleep. Being a perfect sized cushion which is neither too flat nor too fluffy, it provides the exact support to your kid. 

SlumberLux Toddler Pillow

The small size allows you to carry it wherever you go and great for traveling. It is made in the USA with superior quality materials like Korean microfiber polyester. To maintain proper curve between head and neck, it is standardized with the right thickness for kids of 2 years. With a combination of cotton and soft microfiber, it has become a great one for toddlers. You won’t find hardness or very firmness even in 6th weeks after a wash. There’s no pillowcase included in it and if you want to use the extra cover you are free to purchase it separately.

What's special?

  • The 100% cotton cover and hypoallergenic microfiber ultra soft filling has made the pillow a special one among thousands in the market.

  • You can easily clean it in machine and if you can handle with proper care the pillow will last longer than the ordinary ones.

  • The manufacturer company is providing 1-year comfort guarantee of this pillow for kids at a friendly price. And if you find any problem with it, you will get your money back with no question asked.

6. Kinder Fluff Pillow for Toddler

For getting a high-quality pillow within your budget you may prefer the toddler pillow from kinder fluff. This is the smoothest cushion in our list because of its luxurious 300 high thread count. If your kid is facing problem in sleeping then you can undoubtedly give it to him.

Kinder Fluff Toddler Pillow

It is highly recommended by the Chiropractors because of the ability to provide support to head and neck. If you want something different for your little one then you can choose it due to its assurance of getting maximum comfort. You can also find it an ideal one for your 2 years old baby. The 13in x 18in toddler pillow is made of 100% high grade cotton and premium quality synthetic polyester fiber filling. It is fully hypoallergenic, bacteria and dust mites resistant to machine washability advantage.

What's special?

  • The cushion will not go lumpy even after years of use. And yes! Customer reviews also told the same thing. Hopefully, it will provide your kids a long time support.

  • The premium quality soft cotton pillow has come up with a high thread count cover as well. That’s why you don’t need to buy extra pillowcase for it.

7. Disney Minnie Toddler Pillow

Minnie Mouse Toddler Pillow from Disney can be a dream pillow for your kid. This is a fine decorative toddler cushion with a printed applique of Minnie Mouse famous over-sized pink polkadot bow. Your kids are going to love the cozy softness feel of the fabric.

Disney Minnie Toddler Pillow

The 12”x16” perfect measured pillow is made of 100% polyester solid coral fleece featured in Minnie's favorite color Bright Pink. The size is just perfect for naps, daycare, traveling  and sleepovers. This is actually a great addition to your toddler’s bed. And if the bed is Delta Children's Minnie Mouse 3D Toddler Bed then it’ll be an awesome combination. This combo of Minnie Mouse toddler pillow and bed can be the best option when you are deciding to shift your toddler from crib to bed. Add a pop of pizzazz to your toddlers' room with the adorable cheerful Minnie inspired design themed pillow along with the bed.

What's special?

  • There are five different colors and designs available. So, you can easily choose one for either your baby boy or baby girl.

  • You can wash it easily in the machine with gentle cycle. It is machine washable in cold water with gentle cycle. If any bleaching is ever needed then you can use non-chlorine bleach.

8. ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow

If you are looking for a memory foam pillow for your kid within your budget then Clevamama Cleva Foam is here to meet up your needs. This cushion has several ventilation holes that helps to improve airflow through the pillow.Specialists recommend it as one of the best memory foam pillows for your toddler.

Clevamama Foam Toddler

This 12’x21 inch pillow has the ability to reduce cranial pressure by 50% which helps to maintain the normal shape of the body. The maximum comfort and perfect firmness of the cushion prevent flat head syndrome. It confirms pure luxury with an excellent bounce-back quality by providing 80% additional support. ClevaFoam is lightweight and breathable which is perfect for babies. It reduces heat retention and absorbs body heat to keep your kid cool overnight.

What's special?

  • Besides providing extra support and comfort memory foam pillow has the cooling capacity which you may prefer for your toddler.

  • The 100% polyester fiber filling of this pillow is quite thinner than the regular ones. This removable and machine washable cover gives the cushion a magnificent look that your toddler will love to sleep.

  • Its price is also affordable and can be a good choice in mid-range.

9. Angel Baby Organic Toddler Pillow

Angel baby has brought an organic toddler pillow with the best quality along with an aristocrat look. And obviously, it is the most expensive one in our list so far. This memory foam of the pillow is Certipur-US certified and the 100% organic cotton cover is certified by the Oeko-Tex.

organic toddler pillow

It is made in the USA with 75% memory foam and 25% polyester. The 13’’ x 18’’ large pillow provides maximum support to full head and neck which ensures the pleasure of sleeping with an aristocracy. This pillow with superior softness is way more comfortable and supportive and has a top quality stitching as well. This pillow is recommended for 2-5 years old kids to give them maximum comfort and support with its superior softness.

What's special?

  • The temperature controlling ability of this cushion allows your kid to have a cooler journey overnight.

  • The pillow is fully machine washable and is able to keep its shape same even after several washes. It is also hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, mildew and dust mites resistant.

  • This is the only best toddler pillow as well as traveling pillow which comes up with a lifetime guarantee.  

10. Coop Home Goods Pillow for toddler

If you are looking for something extra, then Copps Home Goods premium quality memory foam toddler pillow might be your best choice. The pillow is transparent and the foam is also Certipur-US certified. 

coop home goods toddler pillow

It is made in the USA with 40% Bamboo Viscose Rayon and 60% Polyester. It is perfect for your kid with any sleeping position because it is a custom fit design pillow and can be adjusted as per necessity. The bamboo blend cover has natural thermo regulating properties which ensure comfortable sleeping all the night with a cool feeling. It is measured 14” x 19” which helps to maintain optimal sleeping position and alignment. The pillow is totally machine washable in cold water and you better not use any bleach or fabric softener.

What's special?

  • The cushion is free from all kinds of harmful chemicals and heavy metals. So, it is totally safe for your kid’s health.

  • The high-grade polyester pillow has a superior softness and great longevity. Besides, it is hypoallergenic and dust mites resistant.

  • An amazing feature of this pillow is a 30 night’s sleep trial and if you don’t like the pillow then you’ll get your money back.

Factor to Consider Before Choosing

Things to consider

As toddler are sensitive, so before purchasing the best pillow for them you must keep these factor in mind. The material, color pattern, thread count is really important in this regards. So, let's talk about these in here.

Material: Material is the first thing you should check out before buying a pillow for your toddler. The pillow must cover up all the factors like - soft, washable, organic etc. Try to pick something of Cotton or 100% cotton is the most popular toddler pillow material. Whether it’s organic or not it sustains softness in any situation. And these types of pillows are free from all kinds of harmful chemicals. And we know that you would never like your kid to sleep with something harmful.

High Thread Count: The thread count refers to the number of threads in one inch of fabric horizontally and vertically. The higher the thread count, the soft, silkier and more durable the pillow is. Thread counts between 200-400 is fine and price is also reasonable. Again high thread count pillows are less scratchy and more comfortable than the lower thread count pillows.

Color Pattern: At the time of choosing pillowcase you will get an extra advantage. That is the cover of toddler pillow is available in different color patterns and designs. Kids always love colorful things. So, it will help you to attract your kids to the pillow they are going to sleep. At one time you will realize that they are not sleeping without that colorful one and carrying it wherever they go.

Pillowcase: Another important thing to look for is the pillowcase because toddler’s face remains directly connected with it while sleeping. You better choose cotton or organic pillow cover for safety of his skin. Choose them because they are free from bleaches, harmful toxins, and dyes. It will help your baby to take fresh breathe during sleeping.

Lifespan and warranty: Toddler age period is basically 1.5-4 year. That’s why 3 years warranty on a pillow is more than enough. And most of the manufacturer of toddler pillows have given you the perfect warranty you need. Just you need to find out the right one according to your kids need.

Price Range: When you have found out all the things you need in one pillow, you have got to look for the price and match if it is within your budget or not. So, research different pillows that match your need and budget and then choose right one from the above.

FAQ About Toddler Pillow 

Is the pillow safe for my baby?

Obviously, toddler pillows are certainly safe for your kids. The manufacturer company has made it thinking of the health of the children because they are very sensitive. And you may notice that most of the pillows in our list are hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals. So, there will be no risk of your baby’s health even if they bite it mistakenly.

Do toddler pillows need a pillowcase?

Well, it is the burning question among most of the parents. Actually, many company’s toddler pillow is machine washable so you don’t need to use extra cover. But you can use a cover because it protects the cushion from going dirty fast and also prevents the odor to go inside. Another thing is that kids like colorful things. So, you can use an additional pillowcase with colorful design patterns and add something extra.

Which size is perfect for toddler?

There is a lot of varieties in the size of pillow for toddler. It’s actually hard to select only one size because sizes of the cushion can be different according to your kid’s age. So, it’s better to read the label of a pillow before purchasing to determine the age range for each size. But if you feel hesitation then it’s always better to use a smaller one than a larger one.

When is the best time to introduce a toddler pillow?

Your kid will show you some common signs like - frequently waking up at night, wants to sleep with you at bed, use hands as pillows and some other things that will help you to understand that the right time has come to introduce your kid with a toddler pillow.

Can Pregnant Woman use toddler pillows too?

As it is well-known that pregnancy is a very delicate time we are very careful about the pregnant woman. In that case, we shouldn’t make any mistakes. That’s why besides doctors, we always recommend to use the best pregnancy pillows. But toddler pillows can be a great companion at the time of your traveling.

When does it needs to replace the pillow?

Most of the pillows have warranty or guarantee as well but if there is no guarantee then you may need to replace it after a certain period. There are two basic signs that you will realize it’s time for the replacement. If the pillow will go flat and won’t bounce back to it’s original shape and then you will have to look for a new one for your kid.
You also need to know the most unsafe paces for your babies. 

Final Words

It’s not so tough to find the best toddler pillow as you have already known that what it should have and what it shouldn’t. Hopefully, this honest pillow review will help you to purchase the right one within your budget. And we are positive that you will take your final decision wisely.

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