Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pillow Review

With the right kind of pillow, a good night sleep is not hard to come by. While there are many commodities out there in the market, the cooling pillows give you an incredible experience. However, there are many pillows in the market and choosing the right one is usually a challenge.Cooling pillows have grown in popularity based on their excellent performance. These units help you relax and feel comfortable all throughout the night. Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pillow is among the greatest sleep products in the market. The following review will help you understand why the pillow has high reviews.Dreamfinity Cooling gel memory Foam Pillow

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Features & Specifications

Even though the pillow may seem a little on the high side when it comes to price, it contains high-grade components ensuring that it is worth every cent. The following are some of the product features.

  • This cooling pillow contains poly fiber, hydraluxe cooling gel, and a memory foam. The covering is mostly polyester, and only a small percentage is spandex.
  • The standard weight of the pillow is six pounds.
  • The size dimensions include 24 x15 x x5.
  • Has strong loft that ensuring maximum flow of air.
  • Contains breathable microfiber.
  • Made using a cooling technology from Dreamfrost.

Benefits of Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pillow

Maximum comfort: Like any other memory foam pillow, this brand gives exceptional comfort for those people that prefer a certain level of firmness. The cooling gel section of the pillow distributes your heat in a way that ensures it does not become a bother while asleep.

Durability: The pillow can last for years without the need for a replacement. However, you will need to take proper care of it.

Pain relief: If used in the right way, the Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pillow can prove useful for those suffering from neck and back pains. Its reasonable firmness and shape will provide the needed support for neck and head. Essentially, you will not get the same benefit from traditional pillows.

Pros of Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pillow

  • Gets rid of any discomfort associated with other pillows. There is no tossing and turning.
    This product has muscle relaxing properties meaning that you will wake up the following morning feeling invigorated and ready to face the new day. 
  • Unlike the traditional pillows where you need to keep turning around to get rid of the heat, the gel pillow does not need you to turn now and then.
    The gel section helps distribute and lose the body heat. 
  • The two sides serve the needs of every individual. For the side sleepers, the side that contains the memory foam accommodates your neck and head.
    For back sleepers, the side with the poly fiber will be good.
  • The pillow maintains its shape over long periods of use.
    While the traditional pillow users may keep changing their pillows, the cooling gel pillow users will still be having the same product.
  • In comparison to memory foam pillows, this product is relatively affordable provided the benefits it offers.

Cons of Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pillow

  • The pillow is hard to clean. You cannot machine wash, and you only spot clean it. 
  • Like most gel foam pillows, this product will have a plastic smell at first which may be uncomfortable for some. However, the smell goes away in time. The manufacturer recommends airing the product for about three days before using.
  • It is most appropriate for those that love having softer surfaces on their pillow. For firm pillow lovers, this product will not be the most suitable for them.

Why is this Cooling gel pillow so unique?

Many online reviewers shower the product with praises. Most of them indicate their satisfaction with the product. Some of them don’t believe that such good product can be that affordable.

The cooling properties of the pillow elicit various opinions from different users. However, the majority of them love the comfort that comes with this ability. Another selling point of the pillow is its firmness. It’s neither too soft nor too firm.  Therefore, however, your preference, the pillow will come out as the perfect fit. Another good thing about the pillow is its two sides. This means that it is appropriate for the different types of sleepers.

Ultimately, Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Pillow is great value for money. In a sense, the product combines its cooling abilities with comfort to offer you the best deal in a pillow. In other words, the pillow will continuously adjust the temperature through the night making sure you sleep soundly. However, for those that are into firmness and thickness, this pillow is not the most appropriate for them. Considering this, it is, therefore, important to evaluate your needs before you make the final decision to purchase.

Review & Rating: Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pillow
  • Comfort
  • Coolness
  • Durability
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