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Forst Pillow

Tired of stirring and sudden wake-ups in midnight? Maybe you’ve got the wrong sleeping environment along with a wrong type of pillow. Because that’s what is responsible behind an uncomfortable atmosphere and temperature while you’re asleep.


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To help you with a pillow of proven actions, pillowidea had been reviewing the best cooling pillows of the market. Based on popular demand, we’ve Frost Dual Sided Cooling Pillow today in our hand.

Comfort Revolution is quite of a familiar brand that produces pillows, toppers, mattresses, bed frames and so on. Stearns and Foster Pillow is one of their oldest productions which comes up with significant features like traditional Stearns, advanced adapt foam formulation and so on.

We’ve broken down more of its features in details. Have a look-

Features and Specifications

Memory foam is one type of special materials which is very sensitive to temperature and pressure. Because of being memory foam pillow it reacts to pressure and temperature. When you come into contact with the pillow it creates a mold to accommodate your head, ear, neck, shoulders.

You definitely change posture while sleeping and the pillow response according to your position throughout the night.

The outer cover of the pillow is made from polyester with 15% spandex materials. Polyester is known as durable and comfortable materials as a pillow cover. Spandex makes the cover more comfortable and provides more protection.

The cover is also easily washable and very much flexible. The inner cover is, however, made of 100% polyester, giving the pillow fabric protection from germs and micro-biotic organs.

While the pillow is delivered to you by the manufacturer itself, they provide you with a 60-days return policy. Although, the return cost is supposed to be born by the customer.

Benefits of Using This Frost Pillow

Relief from pain

As the memory foam is responsive to any pressure, it accommodates your head, shoulders, and neck easily. It also helps to relax muscles and skin. This is why it reduces neck pain and pain associated with the shoulders.

Suitable for the migraine patient

As you know a migraine is not fully curable, it requires maintenance. When you feel any migraine disorder, the pillow will help in reduction of migraine symptoms.

Alignment of spine

It is very important to maintain the spine curvature while sleeping. If the curvature cannot be maintained then it originates back pain. The pillow is very much suitable for side sleepers and as well reduces back pain keeping the spine perfectly aligned.

Reduced snoring

The pillow contours of your neck and that greatly helps in keeping the air passage open. It facilitates respiration. Typical pillow always tilts your head that partially block air passage and you snore while sleeping. This pillow is exceptional with the typical pillows.

Regulate temperature

Cold temperature or hot temperature, where you can sleep better? Definitely in cold temperature. Our face and head region have more blood supply than the other regions of the body. That is why these regions are a little bit hotter than other parts.

The pillow is very effective at keeping your face and head cool. The heat absorption property of this pillow is able to absorb heat from your head and neck and induce quiet sleep.


Cover of the pillow acts as a protective layer to the dust mites. Mildew and mites cannot go inside the pillow penetrating the cover. On the other hand, it is easy to wash and machine washable.

  • Gives relief from pain
  • Does not produce neck stiffening
  • Keep head and face cool during sleeping
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Reduce snoring
  • Some people may be allergic to the polyester cover

Why this pillow is so special?

Body parts that are in contact with the pillow release heat to the pillow. And therefore, if this heat isn’t transmitted to another place, it will be a matter of discomfort to you. The pillow absorbs the produced heat keeping the regions cool.

This property helps you restfulness sleep. No matter whatever the weather is, the pillow is best for a quiet sleep.

We already told about the pillow and you know its principal material is memory foam. For the materials, it is very much soft and comfortable that is also already known to you.

Another great thing about memory foam is that they completely regain their original shape after unloading. That means this pillow will not be flattened just after a couple of days of use.

Written by Mark Johan

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