Tips to Get a Power Nap in The Car During Traveling

Nap in The Car

Nap in The Car

Traveling is fun, but not if you have to do it every other day. Sometimes, you have to go through hours of travels and that’s only because you have to. And if additional hassles like early flights, jet lags, change of time zone, or unfamiliar mattresses or seat happen to take, traveling becomes a piece of stress.

To overdo almost all of such boring, tiring and hectic side effects of traveling in the car, we have a smart and quick solution. And that’s the ‘Power Nap’.

A short but spontaneous power nap in between a car journey can really refresh and energize yourself up. Hours of tiredness and dullness can be wiped right away with just a 10-minute nap.

But some of us couldn’t make it right away when it comes to sleeping on the way. Therefore, in this article today, we are going to get you some actionable tips on that.

Why You Should Nap During Traveling Time?

We can give you a handful of reasons behind why power nap is a jackpot while traveling. Especially, when you’re on a road trip, frequently recharging of your energy level is almost at the top of the checklist.

Here we’ve noted down the impacts of power nap during trave-

It Boosts You Up

It’s experimentally proved that 20 minutes of nap can keep you on the top of whatever you are up to. If we talk about being on a journey, such power naps will take all of the stress, numbness and low-down go away.

Traveling with Kids

If you manage your kids to have quick naps every once in a while, that would be a great plus for you while traveling. Because long road trips on car use to affect them both physically and mentally. A few power naps being taken, kids won’t go through mood swings, and won’t have any kind of stiffness as well.

Filling up Sleep Loss

In the case of long journeys by road, sleep deprivation is a pretty common occurrence. If you have one or no driving partner, then power naps can be the quick remedies to cover up your sleep loss.

How to Get a Power Nap inside Your Car

Power naps are good to take in almost every kind of journey. But when it comes to road trips specifically by cars, things get a little bit changed.

For getting power naps inside a car, here is the list of tips-


Park in a Safe Place

Finding the right place to park the car is the first and foremost step to safe and sound sleep. In this regard, it’s good to find as safe parking point as you can. Once done, park the car into position.

Cover Your Window​​​​s

In case you would like to have a sleep while someone else would be driving, you would like to have some protection from the sun. Tilt windows already come with such controllability, but usually, you need to cover them up. There are items like towel, t-shirts which are the ideal for the job. Also, don’t forget to get a clothespin to attach the cover with the window.

Use Car Seat Cushion if Needed

Sleeping inside a running car is never too comfortable. If you demand a bed-like comfort, that’s almost impossible. But there are things with which, you can go as close as possible. And that’s the car seat cushion.

Car seat cushions are made to provide comfort while driving, and there is no particular model of them for sleeping inside the car only. Nonetheless, if your car seat is reliable, then this car seat cushions can be in great use. All you have to do is to recline the car seat backward and place the seat cushions. Based on your personal choice of seat cushions, the design and style vary a lot.

Use Neck Pillow to Get Comfort

Seat cushions are only responsible for the comfort and posture of the body. But one of the biggest threats of sleeping on-the-go is the mispositioning of the neck. That’s why we’d suggest you get a separate neck pillow that supports your spine and neck positions even when you’re deeply immersed into a nap.

Be Comfortable with the Sleeping Position

The most common kind of seat position is just seating right on the seat. At least when you are on a journey. But for some us, that might not be a choice. Some like it to have a hatchback that opens into the trunk.

That creates some spaces for the legs. You can also try positioning yourself on two empty backseats, fully reclined seat etc.

Put Your Phone Down

​​You may think of using your cell phone or tablet on the journey and keep you entertained. But you should be aware of that blue light immersing devices if you’re trying to take a power nap. Upon many scientific tests, it had been found that the blue light immersed from the display of the screen is highly viable for the human brain. Instead of tiring up and the brain to sleep, this light makes our brain even more alert and conscious! So, avoid cell phones or any kind of such devices if you want to get a power nap.

Final Words

We’re at the end of the article. Hopefully, some of these tips may be in your help to learn how to take power naps on the cars. One last advice from our side would be not to interrupt your daily sleeping cycle with this.

Written by Loard Eva

Hey, Eva here! They call me the 'Pillow Whisperer' and that’s what I am, maybe. Because, apart from my life as a travel blogger, I love to do a tremendous amount of study on Sleep, the topic I’m obsessed with. Well, there is a real story behind me becoming a sleep blogger and sharing whatever piece of advice I find useful on how to sleep better. I experienced how a good night’s sleep can boost your energy, workforce, and success. Seriously! In Pillow Idea, I’ve been sharing it all. And hopefully will continue for the years coming.

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