How Can You Avoid Sleeping Pills Yet Have a Better Sleep

Avoid Sleeping Pills

Avoid Sleeping Pills

Relying on sleeping pills is not any wise decision even if you are suffering from sleep deprivation. Let me warn you that these sleeping medications may lead you to such a stage where you cannot have a single night’s sleep without them. Why must you take pills where there are natural and easier ways to sleep at night?

All you have to do is listening to your body and you know that’s easier than going to a pharmacy and searching for the prescribed pill. Did you know that according to the CDC, between 35 and 45 percent of Americans unintentionally fell asleep during the day and nearly 5 percent fell asleep while driving?

In 2010, 60 million people were prescribed sleeping pills and most of the patients were women. And yes, of course, the teenagers are mostly suffering in sleep deprivation. But I must say, those who are taking pills for sleeping even are the most sufferers unless you are a patient of sleep disorder.

 With the help of those pills, you may fall asleep soon but you will surely have a non-restful sleep. Besides, studies say that sleeping pills are highly connected to mortality rate and cancer. That is why before taking pills you must know which kind of sleeper you are and if you really need any pill or not.

How would you know that you are suffering from a sleep disorder?

sleep disorder

Sleeping disorder includes sleep apnea, leg Cramps, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, etc. There is a thinking including insomnia that it refers to staying awake all the night and this concept is not right all the time. 

The sleeping disorder may include waking up so early that the sleeping hour is not sufficient. If you wake up in the middle of the night for going to the restroom and cannot sleep after coming back then that is also a sleep disorder.

Don’t be so much anxious if you need a little time to fall asleep because experts think that it’s okay if you need 20 minutes to sleep. 

Dr. Hadine Joffe” who is an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, says that “Taking 20 minutes to fall asleep also doesn’t necessarily mean you have a sleep issue”. Let’s consider that you sleep 7-9 hours a day and still you feel exhausted while waking up. If you are facing this condition then you are suffering from sleep disorder. 

So, if you are truly suffering from sleep disorders and taking medication for that, then I have better suggestions for you which will cost you no money.

How can you have a better sleep without pills?

1. Develop a good sleep hygiene

Developing a good sleep hygiene means developing a habit of sleeping and waking up easily and timely. It’s not tough to maintain sleep hygiene but once you are out of the track, you will find it literally difficult coming back to the previous schedule.

I will suggest not to sacrifice even one night for the biggest party because that may cost you suffering 30 nights’ sleep disorder. Don’t go bed too early that will make you wake up at 4 am. Go to bed pretty early around 11 pm and try to maintain the circle.

Go to bed at 11 pm everyday even if you don’t feel sleepy. Thus you will gradually get a better sleep without sleeping pills.

2. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine at night

avoid alcohol

I went angry when my parents didn’t let me have tea after evening during schooldays. Now I understand why they did so. Coffee or tea must be avoided at least 6 hours before going to bed. It is better to avoid them afternoon.

Don’t think that you will fall asleep easily when you are drunk. Alcohol stimulates you and thus it may keep you awake longer. The suggestion is that avoid drinking alcohol too much and if you can you must avoid them at night.

Don’t eat too much at night: Experts say that you should stop eating at least before 2 hours of going to bed. Food provides you energy and thus keeps you awake. Avoiding sweets at night is a better idea if you wanna sleep early.

3. Drink sufficient water

Drinking sufficient water is another great medication to sleep. For an adult 2 liters of water, a day is sufficient. Do drink enough water and vegetables. Don’t drink much water at night because it may awake you several times at night and thus may interrupt you the whole time.

4. Create a haven in your bedroom

Yes, heaven is a hyperbolic word for your bedroom maybe but you can at least try and I am telling you how. Confirm that your bedroom is not too much hot or cold. Don’t go to bed with too much light around. Turn off the lights.

Noises won’t let you fall asleep. So, try to maintain calmness in your bedroom. If you think that your little baby or pet might interrupt in sleeping then keep them away. Don’t be so careless about your mattress and pillow. Choose the most comfortable one so that they don’t interrupt you during nights.

5. Turn off electronic devices

It is wise not to bring any electronic devices at your bed. Some people may think that television might create a relaxing environment in their bedroom but in some cases, it doesn’t. The program going on might catch your anxiety and make you worried.

6. Relax with whatever you need


A relaxed, calm mind is absolutely needed for a better sleep. Avoid journals or news before going to bed because that may make you think about the things happening around. Human minds think about the last things they observe. If you choose a really cool storybook or fiction despite an action movie, that might be relaxing to you. 

Keep your personal problems aside when you are about to sleep. If you cannot sleep then wake up and give your body a relaxing time. Clinical psychologist and specialist in sleep medicine Michael Breus suggest 4-7-8 breathing method which has helped people relax for centuries.

To follow 4-7-8 method, inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for almost seven seconds, and exhale slowly for eight seconds and it’s over. You will feel so much relaxed after doing this.

7. Don’t look at the clocks

I personally used to look at the clocks and think like how I am going to wake up for classes. Now I have found out that looking at clocks is a bad idea. Because that was making me even more anxious that I couldn’t close eyes. Don’t look at clocks and bother about what time the clock is holding.

8. Do some workouts 

You are physically fit and that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work-out. Try to work out at least 30 minutes a day so that your body meets the needed circulations and in some cases gets tired enough to sleep early at night. One more thing, don’t work-out before going to bed because that might stimulate energy and keep you awake.

9. Avoid power naps

Even though you feel very mush sleepy during days, try not to fall asleep. You may take a power nap of 20 minutes but that might cause you staying awake at night.

10. Don’t wake up late at weekends

There is a common phenomenon among most of the people that they want to wake up late during holidays. Don’t do that because as soon as the weekend is over, you will meet difficulties in waking up at the time.

11. Work at daylights

Working at daylights is one of the easiest ideas to sleep at night. Start your works at daylight and don’t leave them for nights. Working at day will make you tired and give you a tension free night. Besides, working at daylight will help you lose weight and this will solve the sleeping disorders due to obesity.

Those who are suffering from sleep disorders are experiencing a dark sight of life. Not only them but also those who are taking sleeping pills, are about to suffer. Taking sleeping pills might look easier but it gradually makes you addicted to it. Unless severe conditions, Doctors don’t prescribe sleeping pills since there are enormous natural ways to fall asleep. Try the steps mentioned above and feel the change throughout the nights.

Written by Mark Johan

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