How Many Pillows Do You Need to Get a Comfortable Sleep?

How many pillows do you need


You may  have seen people sleeping on a bed full of pillows. Where you’ve also seen people sleeping with none of them. So, it’s really wondering that- How much is too much?

We bet you’ve also been in this zone of dilemma quite often. Some of the common queries, that have been. What is the number of pillows you should sleep with? Is there any particular number? Does it vary from person to person or what is the formula actually?

Well, grab a cup of coffee and sit back relaxed. Because all these queries are going to solved right away in this article.

What the Actual Number of Pillows to Sleep

Sleep on pillowAmong us, there are a number of sleeping positions like side, stomach, back sleeping and some more. Based on the sleeping position, the number of required pillows vary a lot. But what’s that one fact that defines this number for each of these positions?

Well, it’s the neck-spine alignment that varies from position to position. Here is how-

The image shows the required neck-spine alignment that defines what’s the number and height of the pillows that you should be using. However, this image shows only the fact about back sleepers. When it comes to side sleepers and stomach sleepers, the values will change accordingly.

As you just had a basic idea on how to determine the size of pillows, let’s process to the main section of the article-

What the Actual Number of Pillows to Sleep

Everyone has their own sleeping positions and angles. Also, the amount of stress that everyone has while going to bed, also differs. So, there is no universal rule of thumb.

But when you figure out that “golden” number of pillows, it’s on EUREKA! Because it will not only lessen the tension and stress you put into it but also ensure a comfortable and soothing bedtime. So, when you will wake up in the next morning, there will be the least chance of having an even slightest number of aches or stiffness or pain.

However, we’ve spat this section based on the number of pillows and discussed the pros-cons of each. Here you go-

Sleeping with One Pillow: Stomach Sleepers

Although we never recommend you to go for stomach sleeping, because it’s never recommended from a viewpoint of health. But as long as you can’t change your preferred position that you had been in for years, go for one pillow.

One Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

The pillow should be single in number, thin and less angled. As you’re putting a pressure on the neck and neck joint, it’s better to put as less pressure as possible on them. It’s also good for your overall health.

Sleeping with Two Pillows: Side and Back Sleepers


Comparing to the level of height of stomach sleeping, the height and shoulder level of a side sleeper is a little more. So, the number of pillows that a side sleeper should use is also more.

right sleeping position

In fact, two is the ideal number of pillow that side sleepers should go for. But still, the rules of health and healthy sleeping position are still applied.

Is Your Pillow Right for Your Sleeping Position?

One special recommendation is to put one pillow under the head, and another under the knees. The reason for putting a pillow under the knee is actually very scientific. As per the observation of side sleepers sleeping position, it had been found that the spine alignment is quite bent when it comes to knees. Having a thin pillow right beneath the knees will surely prevent the leg on the top from placing the spine in misalignment.

And lastly, the pillow under the head should be of very high quality. But the one under the knee shouldn’t be of that much.

The Argument of Sleeping with ‘NO’ Pillow

This is quite an interesting fact that some people may think that they can sleep without a pillow at all. At the early days of us, we had a belief that pillows are kind of natural attachments to the bed and no question opted into our mind regarding this issue.But to be honest, this is a better way to maintain a good health. From many benefits of using no pillow, one is- it reduces the acne at a great rate. Want to know the reason? Well, this might surprise you. “No pillows” mean no dust and impurities. And that reduces the chance of blemishes and acne a lot.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can more pillows cause neck pain to me?

Yes, they can. Especially if you are side or stomach sleeper, more than one pillows can cause severe neck pain that will make you suffer for the entire day. Maybe even more.

Does the number of pillows depends on the sleeping position?

Yes, this is the main parameter that decides the number of pillows that you should use. As an example, one pillow is recommended for stomach sleepers, and two for side sleepers. Also, side sleepers should keep one pillow under the head, and one in between the knees.

Do more pillows cause more snoring?

The answer is not a direct ‘Yes’. But partially more pillows can cause more snoring. Based on your own body specifications, more pillows can aggravate snoring. And in case you have it before, the chance is even greater.

Summary Line-The End!

No matter how many pillows you prefer, keep an eye on the health preferences and what your physicist recommends. If you don’t get the desired comfort and soothe with the pillows you’re using, go through our guides to choose the best quality pillows right away.

10 Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers

Best of luck!

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