Ideas for Designing the Perfect Senior-Friendly Bedroom

Ideas for Designing the Perfect Friendly Bedroom

Ideas for Designing the Perfect Friendly Bedroom

More than 70 percent of Americans over 65 years are satisfied with their sex lives so spending time designing the perfect sanctuary in the bedroom would appear to be a worthwhile task. Being totally comfortable in your space is important to be able to relax, sleep and enjoy a bit of privacy inside a little haven you’ve created in your home..

Based on your style, tastes and needs, a bedroom should be a place where you can escape from everything and get a good night’s rest in an environment that is homely. After all, a better sleep is best for a healthy life so if you’re thinking of revamping your bedroom, here are some major factors to consider before you start the transformation.

Finding the funds

To make your bedroom the special place that it really deserves is likely to end up with you spending a fair amount in order to create the ideal reflection of your tastes. And, with over 55s accounting for nearly half of the U.S. spending on home improvements, you’re not alone when you splash the cash.

If your funds are low, loan shopping could be an option through banks or brokers. A valuable financial tool is a reverse mortgage which allow homeowners to release their home equity and you’ll find no shortage of lenders offering this service.

It also provides seniors with more security and flexibility than many other loans available and who knows, you might have some left over for other home improvements too!

Knowing where to start

Giving your bedroom retreat a complete overhaul will have to be both practical and reflect your personality so getting it right is vital to having a comfortable space to enjoy. Will you replace the flooring and install a low pile carpet with a thick underlay? What color scheme will suit your tastes? Deciding what you like, and what you don’t, is the first step to ensuring you achieve the desired look you’re after. 

When funds aren’t an issue, there’s no need to scrimp on the necessities needed for a snug place to be. Sleep disorders tend to increase with age so choosing a motorized bed, the right mattress, perfect pillows and soft bedding is paramount to helping you have a better night’s sleep.

Thinking about the future

Designing your bedroom should also take into account what you might need to limit accidents to make life easier and safer as you grow older. Turning a door knob, for example, can be painful if you develop arthritis but replacing it with a lever style handle could make life easier. 

Improvements to accessibility, avoiding trip hazards and obstacles should be taken into consideration, especially if one’s eyesight weakens with age. With this in mind, spend time choosing the right type of lighting such as a table lamps within easy reach or illuminated light switches.

Remember, that you want to create a welcoming and warm room environment where you get to express yourself but where it is also practical enough to see you through the rest of your life. Taking these elements into consideration will truly make all the difference to the overall finish of your bedroom.

Written by Loard Eva

Hey, Eva here! They call me the 'Pillow Whisperer' and that’s what I am, maybe. Because, apart from my life as a travel blogger, I love to do a tremendous amount of study on Sleep, the topic I’m obsessed with. Well, there is a real story behind me becoming a sleep blogger and sharing whatever piece of advice I find useful on how to sleep better. I experienced how a good night’s sleep can boost your energy, workforce, and success. Seriously! In Pillow Idea, I’ve been sharing it all. And hopefully will continue for the years coming.

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