Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Review

At the time of pregnancy you will notice increased back pain and discomfort due to your growing tummy. This Back ‘N Belly contoured body pillow from Leachco is able to provide equal support to the tummy and back so that you can sleep comfortably. Again you don’t need to reposition because of its U shaped design. Simply turn from one side to another and get a comfortable sleep during pregnancy

Though you are not going to use it for years after years, yet you should find some basic features in it like comfort, support and safety. Meeting all your need this can be a wise choice for you. It is going to be your favorite pregnancy pillow ever! Here we are giving you the full prescription to decide whether it meets up your demand or not.

Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Features and Specifications

Inside Filling: This pillow is made of cozy and warm polyester. It ensures super comfortable sleep to the expectant mothers.

Clever Design: The manufacturer company is designed it in such a way that you don't need to reposition your pillow while sleep. Because of its U shape design you have to just turn your side to get the preferred position because it's a custom fit cushion. 

Support and Comfort: This pillow provides support to the back and belly equally at the same time. It ensures natural position, aligns hips and relives from joint pains. By reversing the end you can get a "Double Decker" head support. 

Weight and Dimensions: Pregnancy pillows always need to be lightweight. Depending on its bigger size 51 x 33.5 x 8.8" weight is just perfect which is only 7.04 pounds. 

Washable Cover: It has also come up with a custom cover case which is able to provide a soft feeling during sleep. Again you can remove it and wash in machine for keeping it healthy and clean.

Benefits of Back 'N Belly Body Pillow

Extra Support: Expectant mothers need more support than normal mothers. And this pillow is able to provide that much support needed for your growing tummy, back and hip. You can get support only by turning one side from another. 

No re-positioning: As well as supports, it is designed in such a way that you don't need to re-position it during sleep. It also doesn't make sleep interruption. The big U shaped design ensures maximum comfort. And because of this clever design, by simply changing side you can get your needed support. 

Health benefits: Rather than extra support and comfort it has some health benefits too. It maintains the natural curves of your body by providing necessary supports. It also elevates hips and relieves from joint pains. This pillow also relieves from gastric reflux, carpal tunnel, nasal congestion and sciatica. 

Quality materials: You obviously don't want any skin reaction because of the materials used in the pillow. Since it is made of polyester, it is free from latex and BPA. This is also free from all kinds of harmful materials. You will therefore not have an allergic reaction. In addition, it has come up with a sham-style cover which provides soft and comfortable sleep.

That we like
  • Supports to tummy, back and hips
  • Doesn't require any repositioning
  • Provides double-decker head support
  • Maintains natural body curves
  • Great for back and side sleepers
  • Removable and washable cover
We didn't like
  • A bit expensive
  • Little bit short for tall person

Why is this contoured body pillow so special?

As a U shaped pregnancy pillow it provides equal support to back, belly and hip. Because of its design you'll get a great head support. Again, it aligns hip, maintains natural position and relieves from all types of joint pains. It also prevents other health issues like sciatica, acid reflux, heartburn, nasal congestion etc. Having a perfect size and weight it provides maximum comfort to the expecting mothers.

At the End

This back 'N belly pillow ensures comfort to both side and back sleepers without any need of re-positioning. In the long run, you get enough rest, and you will not feel strained by your growing tummy. You must know your demand before going onward. The information you have got so far is enough for making the best selection. So, if you are facing sleeping problem during pregnancy, why don't you try this?

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