Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Review

Snoogle Mini Compact pillow is one of those pillows designed for a particular purpose. In a way, the pillow makes sure that expectant mothers have a good night’s sleep.As you know, sound sleep can be hard for pregnant women “Sleep during pregnancy”. Any woman will tell you how hard it is to go to sleep and the nights are often long. However, there are goods in the market that will help these mothers enjoy their sleep.

The Leachco Snoogle is among those products that prove a lifesaver. The pillow will bring comfort as you lie in your bed and off you will be in the dreamland.For those that suffer from a number of ailments during their pregnancy, the mini pillow can prove therapeutic. See the best pregnancy pillow.

Features and Specification

  • The unique shape of the pillow provides adequate directed support.
  • Can wrap around any part of the body and place bringing the need comfort.
  • Designed specifically to help those parts of the body most affected during the pregnancy.

Benefits of Using Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow

Comfort: Snoogle Mini Compact pillow is perfect for pregnant mothers as it can wrap around any body part or area providing the needed support. Apart from that, the pillow will ease you from heartburn that adds to the mother’s discomfort. On the other hand, the pillow is easy to adjust. For example, you can fold it into a semi-circle for tummy support and added comfort.

Pain relief: Pregnant mothers may suffer from a number of pains. This pillow will bring relief, and you can rest and have a good night’s sleep.As a pregnant mother, discomforts and pains are not confined in the comfort of your home. While you travel, you can take this pillow with you and use it for relief and comfort especially when making those long journeys.

After birth use: Just because the pillow is specifically for a pregnant mother does not mean that you should discard it after use. You can use the compact pregnancy pillow to create a perfect nursing product. Wrap it around your body and that of the child and enjoy the intimate moments. Besides, giving birth does not mean that you also stop having the pains that you had during the pregnancy process. Therefore, this pillow will prove beneficial during and after the pregnancy.

Lightweight: At only 3 pounds, the pillow is light enough for the expectant mothers to move around. You can effortlessly move it from one room to the next without any straining. When it comes the time when as a pregnant mother, you need to travel for long distances, then the pillow will not be an additional problem. It is easier to hold and move along with it.

Easy to Clean: The pillow comes with a cover that is easy to remove and clean. This means that it will not be hard to keep the germs off your newborn.

Pros of Leachco Snoogle Pillow

  • The pillow has a removable cover that is easy to wash.
  • The pillow is available in several neutral colors.
  • At just 3 pounds, the pillow is comfortable to move around with.
  • Fits perfectly in bed and is very comfortable.
  • Designed for the comfort of expectant mothers both during the pregnancy term and after.
  • Has a natural shape that compliments the shape of your body to give you maximum comfort.The pillow does not have any component that is uncomfortable for the mothers.

Cons of Leachco Snoogle Pillow

  • There are some areas of your body that the pillow will not cover. Therefore, it may be important to consider other alternatives.
  • Shorter people are comfortable with it. However, that is not the case for those that are tall.
  • In the first week, the product may feel scratchy for the mothers, and this can be a source of discomfort.

Why is this mini compact pillow so unique?

This may not be the most compact or big pillow but is definitely special. For one, the product is a very effective reliever of pain associated with pregnancy. With its lightweight, it is easy to move around with.
The pillow is also quite effective when nursing the newborn. Therefore, this beside sleeper pillow is among the best pregnancy support products.

Considering the price, it would be best to give the Snoogle Mini Compact pillow a shot when you are expectant. As you will realize, both during and after the pregnancy can prove very hard to take. However, this compact pillow may be what you need to get that good night’s sleep that has been elusive for you.

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