Little Pillow Company Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow Review

Taking care of your baby is way easier with the help of products of quality. Pillow is in the list of the products you need to be careful about while buying for your toddler. 

A Little Pillow Company Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow is in the first of the list. This will simply meet your expectation and necessity. From the name of it, you get assured of its one feature and that is, being hypoallergenic. This one has become one of the most demanded because of its’ soft cover with a variety of prints. The organic cotton cover of this pillow is still on the top is you compare to the other ones. The manufacturer company offers a refund if you don’t like this for your baby. Getting the best comfort and support is easier with this since you can easily keep it clean from dust. No question will arise regarding the quality of the filling. Your 2-4 years old toddler will enjoy the company if it without any complaint. Going details may help you know more about it.

Features of Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow

Hypoallergenic: The first noticeable feature of this pillow is that this is hypoallergenic. The feature is also added to the title in order to let parents know how safe their children are with it. This is absolutely allergy free and there are no flame retardants found. It will never cause any skin disease rather will save the baby from dust mites and allergy germs. One thing more, no harmful chemical is used in this and thus your little guy stays away from harms during the whole time.

Fill: This head pad contains such fill that will take care of your baby’s head, neck and comfort. Allergy-Free Deluxe Cluster Fiberfill is used which is 100% safe for the baby skin.

Pillowcase: The case it made of pure organic cotton and this will be more comfortable than the other ones for your little one. If you are bored of using white covers for all beds and pads, here is an attempt to mix some color to your life. For your baby, you are free to choose either the white case or any case with print. It can be assumed that your toddler will be a fan of it soon. The Super softness of the case won’t ever interrupt the sleeping hours. This case is hypoallergenic as well and out of any harmful chemicals.

Double stitched: This makes sure that your toddler has no choking hazards during nights due to having a ripped pillow-cover. It is double stitched so that you won’t have any worries regarding durability.

Manufacturer: This is absolutely a premium product which is made in Virginia. This has been serving families since 2007 with a title of “Best”.

Cleaning: This premium product is machine washable and drying it is quite easy too. Clean it after a certain time without being worried about getting a lumpy one in return.

Warranty: Amazingly, you can use this cushion for 3 long months as a testing period. Although there is least chance of disliking it, still if you find it unfit for your little baby, you will get a replacement or a refund.

Benefits of Using This Pillow

You have already known about the cover of this fantastic pillow. It is coming up with a variety of print and besides, you won’t have to buy another cover with it. In case you feel monotonous of using the same color, again and again, this will cheer you and your little guy up. The softness of it is unique with the organic cotton cover.

Safe and Comfortable: The hypoallergenic feature of this product has made it way safer than the ordinary ones. This won’t make any noise because of the absence of zipper with a replacement of double stitch. There is no flame retardants and harmful chemical in it. The filling and the cover are safe for the baby skin. It won’t only help your toddler have a better sleep rather it will be there to take care of his head and neck and overall of his health.

For traveling: There is no need of buying another pillow for traveling since this one will be able to serve you twice as a travel tool. Just take it wherever your toddler goes and let him enjoy.

Pros and Cons of  Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow

Pros of this pillow

  • No extra cover will be needed.
  • It has the perfect size and weight.
  • Free to customize the softness of this pillow.
  •  2-4 years baby can easily enjoy the service.
  • 3 months trial is coming up with this pillow.
  • This is double stitched and this makes sure its’ durability.
  • Using it as a travel pillow is comfortable enough too.
  • Cover and filling of it are 100% hypoallergenic, safe and comfortable.
  • Different prints of the cover may catch the attention of your toddler.

Cons of this pillow

  • For less than 2 years baby is not recommended to use it.

Why is this pillow special?

Well, there is a lot to say about the specialty of it since it has been gaining trust of the parent from 2007. There are a lot of features which are found only in this piece. Double stitch is one of them.

Besides, it is totally hypoallergenic and the quality of fill and cover is unquestionable. Keeping the best quality of it is absolutely easy as you are free to wash it is washing machine after a certain period. There is no unwanted odor or chemicals found in it and this is available anywhere with a reasonable price. The manufacturer company thinks about a little younger kid of you too and thus comes up with a younger pillow. Kids of 5-12 years can use that. Still, the toddler one is not something to reject from your home. This is a good tool for traveling or supporting. All these facts have actually made this pillow a special one for your toddler. 

Written by Mark Johan

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