Most Unsafe Places for Your Baby to Sleep

Keep Your Baby Safe

Do your kids have an irregular sleep habit? Are they prone to fall asleep in the kitchen or anywhere else around the besides the bedroom? Are you sure the places your kid tends to sleep other than the bed is safe for them? Then this is something you should be concern yourself real quick.

Sleeping properly is not only related to physical development but also connects with the mental health of your kid. So they definitely should sleep in a place safer for them so they can have a good sleep. And as a parent, it’s your job to ensure that the place your kid is using as a bed is not harmful to him.

Many times the parents don’t even realize how dangerous some places around their own house can be for the kids to sleep in. so keep a keen eye for these places.

Children from 1-12 months are at the most risky zone. Accidental deaths by suffocation, wedging, smothering or being trapped by someone while sharing a bed are very much common issues for kids. Most of these accidents occur due to sleeping in places that are not safe for children. Sometimes the reasons for these events remain untold but the reasons are very much sensitive. You better know about SIDS in details before knowing about the unsafe places.

What is “SIDS”?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is commonly seen among children in between 1 month to 12 months. The first policy statement regarding how SIDS can be reduced was released by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) almost 17 years ago.

The study recommended that babies should be put to sleep on their back. Since then parents are conscious about putting their babies on the back and the rate of SIDS has decreased by 50 percent. Side sleeping is not fully approved by AAP. Taking care of your baby isn’t the only thing they needs rather safety issues must be there.

These Places are Most Unsafe for Babies

Infants are the ones who require caregiver all day long. Is your little one still having naps in the crib? If so, you cannot stay so sure about his safety either. The list of unsafe places for infants is way longer than the safe one. You better have a look at the dangerous places for the little ones.

1. Your couch or other furniture

It is found that babies roll up in one position on the couch and then they fail to roll back. Thus he may fall from there and any kind of accident may take place. If there is anyone besides your baby to take care of him or watch over him, that might be another case. In case of other furniture, the same method should be followed.

Your baby may fall from the couch and get hurt. Pediatrics study revealed that 13 percent infant passing accidents occurred to the ones who slept on couch or chair. Once your little babe knows the movement of his body, this won’t be any problem at all.

2. Car seats outside any vehicle

baby sleep Car seats

When you are carrying your baby, car seats do help you. Car seats are considered perfect and comfy for naps but never for a long time. When your baby is having a nap into car, there must be someone to look after him. If you are eager to know further, then you should know that car seats are one of the unsafe places for your baby to sleep.

When your baby falls asleep in the car, the angle of his neck may not stay constant. It may change the directions of the car and thus your baby may face breathing problem in sleep. Since the baby stays in sleep, he wouldn’t be aware of the suffocation and thus this may cause his breathing difficulties. The study of AAP also reveals that highest number of the infants who die outside home are more likely to face difficulties in cars seats or strollers.

3. Kitchen/ Cooking Place

Kitchen is unsafe place for babies

The kitchen is one of the deadly places for your kids, especially for the toddler.

Sharpe Knives and Spoons: As we keep all the sharp knives and spoons in the kitchen these can be dangerous for the kids. Especially if your kids tend to sleep in the kitchen then these sharp objects can come in contact with your kids at any time and cause then injury.

Electrical Appliances: Other dangerous elements for the kids are the electric appliances in the kitchen. These can cause spark and shock anytime if your kids sleep anywhere near the appliances. The electrical outlets are also dangerous for the kids.

High places and sharp edges: If your kids fall asleep on a high shelf they may fall from there during the sleep. Besides, the sharp edges of the shelf can also hurt your kids.

Hot pan on the Strove: If your kids fall asleep in the kitchen they may burn themselves from the hot pans left on the stove.

So keep an eye on your kids and don’t let them sleep in the kitchen.

4. Baby bouncy seats for swings

unsafe Baby bouncy seats

Have you noticed the instruction manuals in the bouncy seat you buy for your baby? If the instruction is given like you can only use this seat when the baby is attended, then don’t leave your unattended baby with the bouncy seats. It’s really great for babies because they are comfortable enough to let them play in that. Besides, you can stay sure that your baby is moving with the protection of the bouncy seat. But how much safe it is, when a baby falls asleep there?

Babies love to play on swings. You may leave your little kid to swings thinking that he would stop crying. But, there is no extra protection for your baby’s neck on the bouncy seats. In that case, the head may come forward or may go in such an angle where the baby may face problem in breathing.

Moreover, your baby may move somewhere unsafe with these seats. If you think like your baby will just need a nap in those seats, then you are free to allow them have it. But make sure that you are nowhere else but beside your baby.

5. Smoking Zone

If your child has a tendency to fall asleep in the smoking zone, then try to prevent this at any cost. Because your kid can be affected by the poisons similar to any smoker only by breathing in the smoking zone.

The smoke in the smoking zone can make it difficult to breathe for your kid resulting in serious suffocation.

Your kids will also be a victim of passive smoking if you let them sleep in ant smoking zone. The smoke from a cigarette contains around 400 types of chemical which is harmful to your kids’ health. Tar which is one of the dangerous chemical components of cigarette can cause cancer. Another evil component is carbon monoxide which causes heart diseases in the long run. Cigarette smoke also contains arsenic, ammonia, and cyanide which are also harmful to your kid’s health.

Where is the best place to sleep then?

AAP research has got the best recommendations for the safest places your baby may have. They recommend letting your baby sleep on his back. Now think where your baby can do this? Maybe his crib, right? If your baby is still sleeping in his crib then put him to his crib as soon as you realize that he needs to move to there.

Does your baby stay with you? Another thing to warn is that, unless your bed is extremely safe for them and has a separate place for them, don’t share your bed with your baby. Let them sleep separately and assure that you can attend as soon as you smell his danger or discomfort. And try to give them a toddler pillow to avoid discomfort during sleeping.

Special Tips

  • Keep all the sharp knives covered and away from your kid’s reach
  • Always unplug the electrical appliances after use
  • Keep the chemical products such as dish wash or detergents on the cabinets
  • Keep matches and lighters in a safe place
  • Don’t leave the hot pans on the stoves when not in use

Final Thought: Before You Go!

As a parent, it’s your job to keep an eye on the kids when they are asleep. Sleeping in the couch, car seat outside any vehicle, baby bouncy seats, kitchen or in any smoking zone can cause your child their health especially the little one.

Since sleeping is an important process for your kids’ growth, try to maintain a proper sleeping place and routine for your child. This will not only ensure their good health but also aid in their physical and mental growth.

And don’t forget to take the safety steps to keep your kids safe in the kitchen. This way you can keep your kids in the house. And try to train them about the safety measures around the house. So your kids can be safe even when you are not around.

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