Parents Need to Know About Babies Health and Sleep

Babies Health and Sleep

Babies Health and Sleep

Can you exactly recall how your infancy went on with your parents? Well, you are not supposed to recall them now but when it’s your turn of parenting, you must be conscious enough. You may never want your boy to face the same problems you went through or the other babies face.

Since your little one stays asleep most of the time, you are going to make sure that he isn’t in discomfort. It isn’t only resting time for your child rather it is the time his brain develops and gets ready for the other stage of life. 

There are certain quarrels and doubts among parents regarding the co-sleeping and crib-sleeping. Besides, other issues regarding parenting style are always confusing to the new parents. It is better to learn from the experts which way to parent.

Do you know about SIDS?

SIDS refers to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This SIDS doesn’t take place out of home mostly rather it takes place indoors. It indicates that the parents are the ones who can control the rate of this sudden infant death in most of the cases. Between 2004 and 2008, 252 NYC children died because of it.

Millions of children have face this types of problem because of this and thus it has become a matter of concern for parents.

What can you do to keep your baby safe?

That’s a burning question among parents since all are not same in opinion. There was survey regarding the habits of the babies. More than 6000 parents agreed that they had to face difficulties to put their babies to sleep. They wake up in an interval of about 1-2 hours and then demand to be fed. There is a big chance of SIDS taking place when babies are left alone.

It is always dangerous to put them on back in most unsafe places like swing or couch. It is wise never to use a car seat outside car. If you find your child is sleeping in an unsafe place, move him to the right place. Another question arises here regarding the right place for them.

Some parents put their babies in crib because it is approved as safe all over. But when it is about the bonding with parents, some fear of having a weak relationship with their kids. In that case, some babies don’t want to leave the beds of parents even after 3-4 years.

Sometimes it becomes a question of privacy for the parents as well. The parents who pass nights beside their kids believe that the ones putting babies in crib are selfish about own comfort. But for a new parent, it can be suggested to use crib for your toddler from the very beginning. It will benefit him in all the ways.

What mustn’t you do to keep your baby safe?

Just like it has been said that the babies are not safe everywhere you keep them. Don’t ever let them lay on your couch. This may make him roll in one position. If he cannot roll back from that position, it may cause his death.

Suppose you are excessively tired or drunk or somehow out of your control. Will you like the idea of keeping your girl of 2 months beside you for that night?

No, it won’t be wise in any way. Because you may trap her and she can sometimes die out of this. In every case, experts found it better to settle a crib for them.

How much should your baby sleep?

Baby sleeping schedule

image source: littleremedies

Babies need the majority of the day for sleeping. This schedule of them changes with age. The newborn babies, who are within 1 month, need 16-18 hours per day.

A 3-6 months old child generally requires 14-16 hours a day. The same schedule continues up to first 9 months. During 9 months, 12-14 hour is sufficient for your baby.

As days pass and your little one grows up, he gives up the habit of having naps during days. The non-REM deep sleep shows up with elder age. This won’t happen naturally though. As a parent, you get to help your small one to know about the different patterns.

As soon as your baby will know about the habits he must has, he will capture that and try to stick to one schedule. You should need to know, how much sleep actually need for your babies.

Why is sleeping so much need?

Some parents are ignorant of the effects a kid can have due to 30 minutes less sleep. Sleeping is not only the way to refresh them rather it is a way of letting them grow up.

Both physical and mental health is related to this. You might have noticed some babies crying all over the nights. This might happen due to the overtiredness of the kid.

Parents sometimes consider overtiredness of the baby as a positive motion which will make them stick to bed for a longer period. But the studies proved this idea wrong. Rather, this overtiredness may cause your baby have an interrupted schedule and thus your night can be all wasted.

Without maintaining the regular schedule, babies may sometimes lose the mental health and get sick. The sleeping schedule mentioned above is for the average babies. Your toddler may not be the one sticking to one schedule right now. But if the schedule changes too random or the kid takes too more hours, or too less, then it is better to consult a doctor.

What do experts say?

Experts have been conscious about things parents need to know about babies and sleep. Richard Ferber, a pediatrician, is the founder of the Sleep Center at Children’s Hospital Boston can be called a well-known sleep expert of United States.

He suggests of fixing a warm and lovely schedule. In case your kid isn’t liking the chosen schedule, he suggests leaving the matter to the baby because he will gradually have his own schedule of longer hours of slumber. Ferber finds it natural leaving your kid crying alone.

Babies sometimes need more attention than you are providing him. He may seem okay with all the sights but it might not be okay at all. When they cry a lot, they give a hint of something going wrong and want you to fix it.

All you can try as a parent is trying to pacify him. Maintaining a sleeping schedule might need some time but it will work out for babies. If it is not maintained from an early age, your child may face mental and physical damage forever.

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