Is Your Pillow Right for Your Sleeping Position?

We are always different from each other. We have different habits, different preferences, different tastes. This difference has also been observed in sleeping positions. Sleeping positions have been divided into three main categories, side, back and stomach sleepers. Whatever the sleeping position is, it's necessary to choose the right kind of pillow for maximum comfort and structural support. Using the wrong pillow for a long time might develop spinal problems, neck problems and back problems.

Specialist highly recommends that you should use right kind of pillow to prevent these problems. Memory foam pillows, works wonders for people with back or neck problems. 

Why not a Traditional Pillow?

It is true that there are lots of manufacturers who produce super comfortable traditional pillows. But, those pillows lack the property of contouring to your shape. When a pillow contours to the shape of your head, it ensures ‘Spinal alignment’. Spinal alignment means, your spine is in a horizontal straight line with your body so that there is no unwanted pressure on any part of your spine. Our spine is responsible for keeping us straight and upright. That’s why we should put as less pressure on it as possible. That’s how memory foam pillows have the edge over traditional ones. 

Suitable Pillows for Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Among all the sleeping positions most people like to sleep on their sides. The gap between the head and the mattress is greater for side sleepers than back or stomach sleepers. So it is necessary to reduce the gap for perfect spinal alignment. When your head is close to the mattress, your neck bends. This puts pressure on the muscles and nerves in your neck area. This can have an effect on your health and you might feel tired when you wake up. You might have back pains or headaches and this might also weaken your muscles.

Let’s look at some memory foam pillows which are suitable for side sleepers. These pillows are specially made for the side sleepers. These have functionality as well as good looks also.

Suitable pillows for back Sleepers

sleeping position for Back Sleepers

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This is the second most popular sleeping position to sleep in. Back sleepers may experience neck pain if their spine is not aligned to their body. If the pillow is too high or too low, the neck will be bent throughout the night. The user will wake up with a strained neck. This is why it is important to choose the best memory foam pillow which provides support and comfort to back sleepers. Here are some memory foam pillows which are great for back sleepers.

Suitable for Stomach sleepers

Suitable pillow for Stomach sleepers

Among different sleeping positions, stomach sleepers need pillows which are thin. The pillows should have some medium firmness too high or too low may exert pressure on the neck. Some of the suitable pillows for stomach sleepers are as follows.

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