Pillows Vs Mattress: The Argument You Need to Know

Pillow vs Mattress

Everybody wants a comfortable sleep but it seems that only a few know how to do that. At least the percentage of people suffering from insomnia proves that. People consider stress, or modern lifestyle as the reason for sleeplessness.

But many forget to check the bed and the bedding. An uncomfortable pillow or mattress can keep you awake the whole night. Additionally, they can suffer you from severe neck or back pain. Now the question is which one is more important for your sleep, a mattress or a pillow? Let’s have a comparative discussion.

Pillows Vs Mattress: Which One Is Important?

Before deciding anything, let’s learn what a mattress and a pillow do to your body when you sleep.


  • It Provides support to the people with back and neck problem or the older people.

  • A firm mattress maintains the right alignment of our spine, neck, and limbs. So they can function normally. But a sagging or soft mattress fails to do so.

  • It helps to distribute your weight properly and prevents sagging in a direction. Thus it prevents misalignments of joints.

Now the question is, is sleeping without a pillow comfortable? I am talking about sleeping on the floor or any other hard base. Sometimes it’s better sleeping on the floor because of the better spinal alignment.

It also maintains the blood circulation and correct body temperature. But side sleepers should always sleep on a mattress. Sleeping on the floor will be totally uncomfortable for them. Therefore, choosing a perfect mattress is important.


  • Pillow provides comfort to your neck and back.

  • It maintains the right alignment of your back, neck, and hip especially if you’re a side sleeper.

  • Pillows help you to stay in the correct sleeping position.

But is it unhealthy to sleep without a pillow? Absolutely not. But it may be uncomfortable. In fact for toddlers under one year old, pillows can be dangerous.

Again, people with several health conditions should also avoid a pillow. But special types of pillows can also be beneficial for special health conditions. But if you want to use one, make sure you pick the right one for you.

How to Select the Right Mattress for You?

To pick the correct one for you, you must consider the following factors.

What type of mattress is it?

Coil mattress: other names are, open spring or continuous coil mattress is. They provide less support and that’s why they are suitable for occasional use such as for guest room. They’re also suitable for your kid’s bed as that doesn’t need much support. (Find here some great coil mattresses)

Latex mattress: latex is used as the filler. This breathable material prevents overheating of your body. It’s also durable. Good option for people having an allergy problem and prefers to sleep on a firm base. (Find here some great latex mattresses)

Memory foam mattress: This modern type mattress has hypoallergenic property. It can mold according to your body shape. It absorbs the body weigh relieving the pressure on the joints. Ideal for people having neck or back issues. (Find here some great memory foam mattresses)

Pocket spring mattress: They’re more supportive than the open spring mattress. Also, they’re more breathable than latex and memory foam mattress. But they are quite heavy and the natural materials used as fillers can be allergic. It’s a good option for two people’s bed. (Find here some great pocket spring mattresses)

Whether it’s soft or firm?

The firmness you need depends upon your height, weight, sleeping style and preference. According to firmness, there are-

  • Soft: ideal for side sleepers or for those who sue to change their position while sleeping.
  • Medium soft: ideal for people who change the sleeping position while sleeping.
  • Medium firm: provides lower back support and that’s why ideal for back sleepers.
  • Firm: ideal for stomach sleeper or people with lower back pain.

How to Select the Right Pillow for You?

You should consider the following facts to choose the right pillows.

Your sleeping position

  • Side sleeper: a medium soft pillow, memory foam pillow or cervical pillow.

  • Back sleeper: a thin pillow, rounded pillow, cervical pillow.

  • Stomach sleeper: a thin pillow or no pillow at all.

Pillow properties

  • Filler: Feathers, synthetic fiber, latex, wool, cotton, foam etc. are some of the common materials. If you are allergic, then avoid, down or cotton pillows. Better, go for wool or memory foam.

  • Weight: It can be a heavy or lightweight pillow.

  • Size and shape: The size and shape should be such that the pillow keeps the body in alignment.

Types of the Pillows

  • Feather Pillows provides softness as well as support.
  • Quality Pillows The feathers inside the pillow are highly curled and small. The strength of this type of feather is similar to the carbon fiber.
  • Down Pillows the softest and fluffiest. Made of bird’s undercoat, goose or duck fiber. The ultimate luxury.
  • Microbead Pillows as the name indicates, made of microbeads of polystyrene (EPS).
  • Buckwheat Pillows made of husks from seeds of buckwheat. It too provides hard support.
  • Memory Foam Pillows perfectly adjusts with the shape of your head, neck, and shoulder. Most popular in recent years.
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According to function

  • Body Pillows – you can cuddle up to this long pillow by placing it between your legs. It’s a lifesaver for the pregnant women.

  • Wedge Pillows – These triangular-shaped pillows are able to support different parts of your body. When you’re reading in your bed, a wedge pillow is perfect.

  • Lumbar Pillows – are for those having lower back pain. It provides support to the lumbar area.

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The Perfect Combination of Pillow and Mattress

A perfect combination of mattress and pillows can end the debate. For example, a memory foam mattress with a memory foam pillow will make a perfect match. It’ll give you the highest comfort and benefit. Now let’s talk about why you need a perfect set.

  • A perfect set will keep the spine in the right alignment.
  • It’ll ensure proper comfort and relaxation.
  • It’ll together cure sleep-related ailments.
  • It will relieve pressures from the wrong body parts.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can still manage to sleep without any mattress or pillow. But if you’re going to use one, make sure it suits your sleeping position and fits your body. Also, if you have any health issue, don’t forget to take the doctor’s advice regarding the use of pillows and mattresses.

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