Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Body Pillow Review

You may think that having a good night’s sleep is as simple as it sounds. Far from it, numerous individuals are struggling to get to sleep. Interestingly, the solution for you may be the Hypoallergenic Down body pillow. However, this product offers a particular amount of support for the whole body. In that context, this full body pillow may be what you need to have a sound sleep and wake up the following day feeling good and ready to tackle the day. That said, the following is a review of the pillow which will provide you with enough fodder to rate it and determine whether it is what you need.
Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Body Pillow

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Features & Specification

  • Machine washable.
  • 100% polyester fill and cotton cover.
  • Water repellent and very soft.
  • Designed for the side sleepers in mind.
  • The pillow casing comes with a zipper for easy removal.

Benefits of Using Hypoallergenic Down Pillow

Supple and lightweight: To the user, the pillow may feel supple and lightweight. However, it is perfect for all weather. In the winter, it provides the necessary warmth. During summer, it has adequate insulation to ensure it does not get too hot and uncomfortable. This product also supports breathability ensuring that there is an adequate distribution of heat and release to the atmosphere.

Healthy: This brand of the pillow has the advantage of being hypoallergenic. This means that it is appropriate for allergy sufferers. The pillow is free of any animal filling and so does not contain any component that would cause an allergic response for some people. The manufacturers guarantee this pillow is hypoallergenic. The product has gone through a rigorous sanitization technique to ensure that impurities such as dander, oil, dust and dirt are not present. The pillow is easy to clean. Mainly, pillows that are not hard to clean are the best as they do not harbor stains and germs. They are also machine washable.

Affordable:  In comparison to the down pillow, the down alternative is cheaper and has most of the good properties that down pillow has. In other words, the down alternative has a host of benefits that the costly down pillow has but at an affordable price.

Comfortable: Another good point about the pillow is that it possesses a single chamber design for additional support for your neck and head. This pillow has a fluffy softness that covers the entire chamber for comfort. For the user, the alternative down pillow has a denser feel, and it is at an affordable price. Essentially, pillows like this with a single chamber have a particular element of style, high-quality and comfort.

The design of the product is in such a way that it accommodates the natural curves of your body. This is another advantage of spaces between your bed and mattress are what causes strains and discomforts when sleeping. The pillow contains 77.5 ounces of filling meaning that the product contours naturally to every individual’s body shape. This means that the pillow is useful for all body shapes. Expectant mothers will also find this product quite useful.

Good for back and side sleepers: The Hypoallergenic Down body pillow has a firm density that helps in the alignment of your neck and spine. It adequately fills the space between the shoulder and ear making sure that your head and neck have enough support for comfort. It is not only good for side sleepers, but the back sleepers will also find this pillow accommodating. It is not too thick to lift the head to an uncomfortable position when back is sleeping. For those that fancy watching TV in bed, this alternative down pillow is firm enough to prop up your head in bed.

Pain relief: For people having back and hip pains, you can place this kind of pillow between the knees to relieve the unnecessary pressure. Following the right instructions in the use of the pillow will help you get relief from that pain that has been bugging you for a long time.

Good quality: One of the most important factors that people look for in a pillow is quality. Fortunately, this pillow scores highly on that aspect. In particular, the pillow has a 230-thread count shell which is a testament to its great quality property. For those who don’t know, materials from 230-thread are critical in the making of durable pillows. Mainly, you can expect all the good qualities that you would anticipate from a pillow such as silk softness and cleanliness associated with the 230-thread materials.


  • The pillow is easy to clean.
  • You can use it as a pregnancy pillow.
  • Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Hypoallergenic properties.
  • Good for pregnant mothers.
  • The pillow is of high quality and durable.
  • Polyester fiber fill is good for people suffering from allergies.


  • Not the best for stomach sleepers.
  • Some people may find it super thick and wide rendering it uncomfortable to sleep on.
  • May take a considerable amount of space, especially with the small beds.

Why is this pillow so special?

There are several things that you need to consider before making a purchase. Among them is whether the product satisfies your needs as the user. The best thing about this product is that you can use it to alleviate pain in your neck and back. It will also provide the comfort you require throughout the night. The pillow is also easy to maintain and is durable. Best of all, the pillow will not cost you an arm and a leg. It is quite affordable.

There are numerous products in the making and choosing the right one is usually challenging. However, Pinzon has proven then and again to be leaders in the production of pillows. The Hypoallergenic Down body pillow is adequate proof of their ability to produce quality.  The body pillow is healthy, easy to clean, durable and good for those suffering from aches and pains. There are not many pillows out there that will offer so much and best of all at an affordable price. This product may prove as the best body pillow for you.

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