Reduce Neck Or Back Pain By Using A Quality Pillow

Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Does neck or back pain is your everyday morning alarm clock? Well, waking up with pain is obviously not a ‘Good Morning’ at all. You must not start your day like this, right?

So before you find the remedy, let’s find the answer of an important question- Is it chronic or it just happened overnight?

If it’s a ‘yes’, then the sleeping position and pillow can induce neck pain. An inappropriate pillow can be the reason for your back pain. And the reason we’ve crafted this post today is to work this problem out forever.

How Does A Pillow Affect the Neck and Back Pain?

Your pillow can ensure a sound sleep or initiates back or neck pain while sleeping. It supports your neck and back throughout the whole night and that’s supposed to keep the spine, hips, and keens in the right alignment. If it somehow fails to give proper support to your neck, it’ll create stress to the intricate part of your neck.

Which, eventually results into stiffness or pain which will get worse if you continue sleeping on that pillow.

The height and firmness are the properties that determine your comfort while sleeping. Again, these two properties vary with the size of the person and his sleeping preferences. Too soft pillows fail to provide sufficient support to the neck. Too flat pillow creates a strain on the neck.

So, if the pillow is too high or too rigid it won’t allow your neck to relax fully while sleeping. The results will be neck or back soreness.

Characteristics of a Quality Pillow

A quality pillow is the one that will help you to sleep well by keeping your body in a comfortable position. So quality pillow-

  • Keeps your spine in its natural curved position

  • Supports your head, neck, and shoulder

  • Keeps your head directly over your shoulder, neither too propped up not too back
  • Must have good adjust-ability
  • Eliminates points of pressure
  • Reduces stress on neck and shoulder and thus help them to relax
  • Allows proper air circulation and prevent sweating
  • Prevents warming up of the body
  • Is hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Pillows for Different Sleeping Positions

sleeping position

It’s important to understand how you sleep. Even a good quality pillow can cause neck pain if it doesn’t go with the sleeping posture you’re used to. But the good news is that there are pillows for all sleepers regardless of the sleeping style.

Pillows for Side Sleepers

A firm and high pillow will keep the head, neck, and shoulder aligned. A pillow with a gusset will be more comfortable as it will add more thickness and strength. Again, placing a rolled towel under the neck will give better support and alignment.

You can use additional pillows for your comfort. Place a pillow by your side so that you can rest your arm on it. Place one between your knees to support the spine. Body pillows are the best choice for side sleepers.

Pillows for Back Sleepers

A lower pillow with a thinner side will be appropriate. But there should be a little lift in the lower third of the pillow to support the neck. For that, you can place a rolled tower or another small rolled pillow under the neck. Memory foam pillow is a good option for a back sleeper as it adjusts well you’re your head and neck.

Besides, you can place a pillow under the knee to reduce strain on your lower back.


Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Use flat pillows or if possible, no pillows at all. Or you can position the pillow under your forehead to lift the nose off your mattress. It also helps your neck and head to be in a natural position. You should also place a pillow below your hip or abdomen. Thus, the lower spine will remain in its natural inward curved position.

But you should avoid sleeping on your stomach as it puts pressure on your lumber. Also, your neck is more stressed.

Some people like to switch positions while sleeping. Feather pillows are ideal for them as it can easily be manipulated to have proper support. Again, placing a pillow under the shoulder will be comfortable. You head will be positioned up not flexing the neck. Especially those who already have neck pain will find it beneficial.


Pillows for Sleeping In a Sitting Position

In various health conditions, you may have to sleep sitting. Especially when you have difficulty breathing while lying on the bed, you may have to sleep this way. Again, when traveling long distance on a car or in air journey, you must sleep this way.

Some small body or neck pillows are available in the market. These horseshoe-shaped pillows provide support to the neck. It prevents the head from falling to one side. The pillow must be small enough not to push your head forward and to align it squarely over your shoulders.

This type of pillow is also suitable for those who are comfortable sleeping on an inclined bed.

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Pillows for Different Health Conditions

Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows that provide support to the growing abdomen. It also supports the aching joint. It’s specially designed so that it fits well under the belly and between the knees. Some small pillows go under the belly. Some larger pillows provide support to the head, belly, and legs.

Cervical Pillows

Also known as Chiropractic or orthopedic pillows. They are ideal for those who already have severe back and neck pain. These pillows can be molded to adjust your neck and thus keep the spine aligned. The neck is supported on a higher area while the pillow dips where the head will rest. Cervical pillows are often made of memory foam. Other materials are also common.

Both pregnancy and cervical pillows come in different styles.

Final Verdict!

I’m not telling that it’s the only possibility the pillow is causing you the pain in your back. But if it’s not because of inflammation or any other diseases, it’s definitely your pillow. Back or neck pain can keep you awake at night. If only switching on to a quality pillow can give you the remedy, then what are you waiting for!

I hope, the next day when you’ll wake up, it’ll definitely be a ‘good morning’!

Written by Loard Eva

Hey, Eva here! They call me the 'Pillow Whisperer' and that’s what I am, maybe. Because, apart from my life as a travel blogger, I love to do a tremendous amount of study on Sleep, the topic I’m obsessed with. Well, there is a real story behind me becoming a sleep blogger and sharing whatever piece of advice I find useful on how to sleep better. I experienced how a good night’s sleep can boost your energy, workforce, and success. Seriously! In Pillow Idea, I’ve been sharing it all. And hopefully will continue for the years coming.

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