Sleep Better Iso-Cool Pillow review

Sleep Better Iso-cool Memory Foam Pillow Review 2018

Nothing is more important than having a sound sleep at night. But sweating or overheating during slumber is a common complaint of sleep interruption. This iso-cool memory foam pillow can provide you proper support and cool feeling to have a pleasant night. Getting a better sleep is necessary to maintain a better health as well. The pillow you are using may cause severe problems including neck and head pains. 

Iso-cool Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

This is considered as one of the best cooling pillows according to the consumer reviews and our research. In addition,  It provides best supports to the side and stomach sleepers that help to improve their neck and heads condition. It also helps to keep your upper portion balanced which is necessary while sleeping. There are some other noticeable features and advantages of this cooling pillow that will easily convince any seeker to use them.

Pain Relif9.5
Lifespan and Warrenty9.5

Features & Specification

  • ManufacturerThis iso-cool memory foam pillow is manufactured in the USA. It is also imported to other countries in the world according to the necessity. The materials used in manufacturing are adaptive to the environment. It balances the temperature of both inside and outside of the pillow.

  • Filling100% cotton viscoelastic memory foam is used in it which determines maximum comfort. This pillow is improved with a 300-thread casing which ensures hotel quality. 

  • Cooling technologyMicroscopic PCM beads are used in manufacturing that absorb the uprising temperature during night. In that case, both the inside and outside of the cushion remains cool and provide you cool feeling while sleeping.

  • Shape and Size: The measurement of the pillow is  23 x 15.5 x 5 inches which is perfect. Again gusseted design means maximum comfort for side sleepers. There are also other shapes and sizes available of this iso-cool memory foam pillow.

  • Warranty and Guarantee: Manufacturer is providing a 5 years warranty with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Since the quality is unbeatable you will not disappoint at all by its service through these years.

Benefits of Using This Cooling Pillow

Support and comfort

Basic purpose of using cooling pillow is to sleep with peace. It will also not be different rather will be the best server. As it has been said, this memory foam pillow will balance the position of neck, head, and body by providing great comfort. It'll take care of your body parts during sleeping to give you the best comfortable sleep.


Again, thickness of this iso-cool foam pillow is another fact that determines the comfort during sleep. This is a five and half inches thick cushion which is suitable for all sleepers. Besides, this cushion doesn't flatten down so easily. You can use it for such a long period without facing any problem of flatting down or discomfort.

Airflow Technology

Along with maintaining the balance of body parts, this pillow can successfully balance the temperature because of its airflow technology. Sleep interruption due to over sweating or feeling hot is one of the common facts. To skip this problem it has been improved with the Adaptive Comfort material and enriched with PCM beads that absorb body temperature.

iso cool memory foam pillow

The inside and outside of the cushion remains cool through this process that provides you a chilled feeling.

Washable Cover

The cotton cover of this pillow effectively works for the comfort of sleeper.

This zippered cover is removable and machine washable which will make your cleaning easier. Any allergy sufferer people can use this as it is totally hypoallergenic. To keep more safety You can also use a pillow protector from our top 10 list.

iso-cool pillwo's washable cover

Balanced Height and Weight

This product is so soft and comfortable with a balanced height of 5.5 inches. Some sleepers move their pillow while sleeping, that’s why its weight will also be perfect for them. It won’t harm their sleep at all and best for those who move a lot during night.

Affordable Price

It is necessary to look at the price of this pillow while looking for a right one. According to the price of Amazon, it is fair enough. People of all classes can afford this pillow easily.

  • Body Contouring Facility
  • Provides Long Time Coolness.
  • ​​High Thread Count
  • Great for Side and Stomach Sleepers.
  • Little bit Heavy.
  • Have some unusual Smell.

Why is this pillow so special?

This pillow is special because it is able to provide long time coolness because of its phase change materials. It effectively alleviates your neck and shoulder pain. With a perfect height and weight it can be the best suit for side sleepers.

It can also be a good choice for allergy sufferers as the pillow is hypoallergenic. Because of its 300 high thread count you will have a luxurious soft feeling while sleeping. Again you will get a 5 years warranty which is really enough for a pillow. 

Final Thought!

Advantages and disadvantages both are present in any pillow. Considering the best service, quality and most rated customer reviews you can choose this iso-cool foam pillow as one of the best pillows. 

Health issues regarding cushion and sleeping will no more be at risk once you start using this product. If you are a seeker of best memory foam pillow with coolness, try this one.

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  1. I’ve just started using Atroiza, no side effects yet but my abdomen is painful and kidneys sometimes! What time can I take it at night because sometimes I work until late but they said to take it at bedtime?

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