Sleep Innovation Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review

Sleep Innovation Cool contour Memory Foam Pillow

Among hundreds of memory foam pillows in the market, Sleep Innovations Cool Contour is one of the best because of its cool gel layer, that provides a cool feeling all over the night.

Sleep Innovation cool contour pillowWith a good density, it is able to add extra support to neck and head improving your sleep. Besides these wonderful healthy advantages, you can also enjoy a comfortable pillow with a luxury design in an affordable price.


The quality of this cooling pillow cannot be compared with the little price you paid for it. Here we have presented some other features that will help to know more about this product.

Features and Specifications

2,820 Reviews

Manufacturer: The pillow is manufactured in the USA with the most innovative technology. It has become the best due to its manufacturing excellence.

Pillow Filling: It is made of 75% cotton and 25% polyester with Sure-Temp foam that provides maximum airflow.

Cooling Technology: This cool contour pillow is enhanced with the most advanced cooling technology. With a combination of memory foam and gel layer it maintains a consistent temperature that helps to stay cool for a long time.

Washable cover: The pillow has come up with a terry velour cover which is super soft and luxurious as well. With the advantage of removing, you can easily wash it in washing machine.

Pillow Size: This cooling pillow is available in two different sizes, one is Standard of 20x 14x 5 inches and the other is Queen of 24 x 15 x 5 inches. You can easily choose one according to your preferred size.

Lifespan and Warranty: The manufacturer company is providing a limited warranty of 5 years warranty which is enough for a pillow. Because you probably don’t use one pillow for more than a year or two.

Benefits of Using This Pillow

Ergonomic Support

It provides ergonomic support to match with the original shape of your body which helps to fill the gap between your head and neck. By keeping your spine aligned all night, it saves you from improper alignment of the spinal cord.

Pain Relief

Since it provides ergonomic support it doesn’t let you feel pain in your head and neck. Your neck and shoulder gets proper support it needs. The height is just perfect and contour design stabilizes neck and shoulder by cradling head that eliminates neck pain permanently.

Maximum Comfort

As it is made with the best quality memory foam you are sure to get maximum comfort. Again the cool gel layer will provide cool feeling throughout the night to give you a sound sleep. It minimizes heat buildup in the body to provide constant coolness that gives you a rejuvenated fresh morning.


It naturally throws out moisture and doesn’t let mildew or bacteria to grow up. The pillow is totally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant that is good for the allergy sufferer. Above all, it creates a healthy sleeping environment in order to give you a peaceful sleep.

Holds Its Shape

If you are looking for such a pillow that will never go flat it can be a good choice. Because Sleep Innovation company itself is proudly giving the guarantee of this pillow that it’ll never go flat within its lifetime.

  • Provides coolness
  • Ideal for side and back sleepers
  • Reduce pain and stiffness
  • Holds Its original shape.
  • Not Good for Stomach Sleepers.

Why this is so special?

One of the best characteristics of this Cool Contour Pillow is that it is a highly affordable one with cooling option. This pillow is made considering scientific proportions, creating an edge between your head and neck. It supports the spine properly because it is comfortable and soft. It is the best choice for them who wakes up with pain and stiffness in the morning or who have pain related injuries.

2,820 Reviews

Final Word

Through this contour pillow review you may have a sharp idea about how the pillow works. It is popular for its two layered contour design that works effectively for neck pain. If you use it once you’ll feel the change overnight. It is able to give a pain free happy morning by providing sound sleep.

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