Sleep Joy Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Pillow Review

This Visco-Fresh memory foam pillow from Sleep Joy has brought the most advanced contour pillow with natural green tea technology. This product is especially designed for the back and side sleepers to remove sore muscles and neck stiffness.

By keeping your head in right position it helps you to take breathe easily that reduces snoring problem.

The ventilation holes all over the pillow provide 5x extra air-circulation that ensures maximum comfort during sleep. When you’ll sleep on it you will feel the difference because of its outstanding features and specifications. 

Sleep Joy Visco pillow

Best for back and side sleepers

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: This visco-fresh pillow is manufactured in the USA and the company is a name of trust. The ingredients used in manufacturing are so natural and healthy that makes the pillow much more preferable to the users.

Pillow Filling: Sleep-Joy Advanced pillows filling is 100% polyester and the fabric is nano-tex coolest comfort and soft that helps you to breathe easily.

It also wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable during sleeping.

Use of Natural Green Tea: An unique feature of this pillow is that natural green tea is used in its manufacturing. It helps to remove the unusual odor that comes from a new pillow and promote breathing.

Cooling Technology: The improved ventilation system of this pillow is totally different than the other memory foam pillows. This ventilation system keeps the temperature controlled throughout the whole night.

Therapeutic Design: From the unique design pattern anyone can easily say that this is different from the ordinary pillows out there. It has made in such a way that is able to provide a great therapeutic support to the side and back sleepers.

Lifespan and Warranty: Though this amazing pillow has a 2 years manufactured warranty, if you can handle it with care it will last long for sure. 

Pain Relif9.0
Lifespan and Warrenty9.0

Benefits of Using Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Pillow

Improves health: It is not possible for anyone to maintain the balance of body and weight while sleeping. However, this memory foam pillow takes care of body by keeping balance of the body which ends up with a beautiful morning. By cradling neck and chin, it maintains the balance of your body. The possibility of an imbalanced body is the most for side and back sleepers where this pillow plays a very important role. 

Reducing snoring: Another unique feature is that it gradually reduces snoring at the time of side sleeping. You cannot find this feature in any other pillows out there. It is true that snoring is embarrassing while sleeping with others. But this pillow can save you from this types of harassment.

Odor Free: While ensuring the health issues, manufacturer companies didn’t forget the traditional problems of using memory foam pillow. Many people reject it during the very first days of using due to the unusual odor. But green tea is used in this Advanced Contour Pillow in order to remove that unusual odor in it. It also helps to wick away moisture which gradually improves breathing.

Improved ventilation: Having a sound sleep is tough with the uprising temperature during night. That’s why this visco-elastic pillow has come up with an advanced ventilation system that promotes 5x better air flow. It will help you to have a peaceful sleep at night as it controls the body temperature and provides continuous coolness.

Hypoallergenic: In order to determine the best quality of the pillow, it is necessary to look over the process of maintaining cleanliness. And this pillow has a zippered cover that makes the washing process easier. Besides, the cover is hypoallergenic. By cleaning the cover within a certain time, you can keep it dust free too.

  • Use of green tea.
  • Therapeutic support.
  • Help to reduce Snoring.
  • Provides 5x Air Circulation.
  • Smell of Green Tea (for the 1st time use)

Why is this pillow so special? 

This Advanced Contour Pillow is perfectly shaped for the sleepers with a combination of needed thickness. The unique design and construction have made it so special among thousands of pillows. Its ability to provide therapeutic support is just great for neck and back pain.

Uses of green tea will eliminate snoring problem which is really amazing. Again it promotes 5x air circulation than other pillows which helps you to stay cool during night. Above all, it is one of the best pillows because of its outstanding features.

Final verdicts

Considering its features and benefits, anyone will like to use it. And after using you will feel the difference as it has a unique design with some unique features. Since it is a top rated pillow don’t hesitate to try it!  

Review & Rating: Sleep Joy Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Pillow
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Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Pillow is especially featured for the back and side sleepers.It is very helpful for the sufferers of back pain.

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