Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Combination Memory Foam Pillow Review 2018

Aren’t you getting sound sleep at night and waking up in the morning with acute neck pain and cranky mood? However, investing money on this top rated Snuggle-Pedic bamboo pillow will not go in vein. It is able to provide proper support to your head and neck that will give a fresh and pain free morning.  

In fact, this is one of the best bamboo pillows in the market. By owning this, you’ll get luxurious comfort because of the combination of memory foam and bamboo cover.

Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Pillow

If you are looking for such a pillow that will never go flatten, it’s the best suit as it holds it shape forever! In terms of providing maximum support it is ideal for all kinds of sleepers as well as pregnant woman. Its super soft micro-vented cover provides extra breathability to give a cool feeling throughout the night. After going through this review, hopefully you’ll add it to the cart. 

Pain Relif9.5
Lifespan and Warrenty9.8

Features & Specification of This Pillow

Manufacturer: This is manufactured in the U.S.A. It is made of a fantastic mixture of special hypoallergenic materials with low V.O.C foam.

Filling: Certipur-us Certified foam, Viscose of Bamboo, Lycra, and Polyester are used to make the pillow filling and maintain the best quality of it.

Pillow Cover: Micro-vented ultra luxurious cover of this Snuggle Pedic Pillow is absolutely soft and fluffy that will promote extra breathability. This Kool-Flow bamboo cover can provide a cool feeling also.

Hypoallergenic: There is no chance of attracting any dust mite while you are sleeping on this cool pillow. Both the pillow and it’s cover is hypoallergenic and can be taken better care by washing twice a year.

Air-flow technology: This pillow improved with airflow technology which passes the air thoroughly during sleeping to minimize the temperature of your body. That’s why it’s popular as the best cooling pillow also. 

Hygienic and Washable

This hassle-free cleaning process will also keep it hygienic for your safety. After cleaning, by air-out or drying it out with dryer for 20 minutes will give you back the original shape of the pillow. This Bamboo pillow is fully washable that will help you to keep it clean easily.

Benefits of Using Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow

Get the best support

If you are suffering from any sleeping disorder, then your body alignment isn’t accordingly how it should be. It aches, due to the gap between neck and head which needs to be filled up. Try this foam pillow we have already presented and feel the difference in one night.

By taking care of your body, it removes the long term pains you are suffering for years. Neck/shoulder pain, headache or other pains are gradually removed by using this cushion.

Ideal for all sleepers

When spending a whole night with this pillow, be free to have your own sleeping position. Whether you are side, back or stomach sleeper choose this one without any worries. It is able to provide same amount of support to all kinds of sleepers. Even it works as a pregnancy pillow for pregnant woman. 

Lifespan & warranty

One of the biggest advantage you are getting through this famous brand is that, this product has come up with a leading 20 years warranty and 120-night trial option. During this period if you can decide whether the pillow is right for you or not. If not, then there is an option of hassle-free return to get 100% refund.

  • Control your body temperature.
  • It’s fully hypoallergenic.
  • Best for all sleeping position.
  • Removable and washable cover.
  • Have a little bit odor.
  • Too firm and too soft.
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Why is this pillow so special?

This Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow is obviously special I must say. Before you puzzled over the reason I would like to explain. See, you don’t have to change your own sleeping position to be with this pillow. This is a great specialty of the pillow that it will take care of all sleepers.

And of course, it is very much comfortable to use for a long time. The pillow is just as supportive as you have ever wanted. It doesn’t let your sleep interrupted by sweating. Your neck and spinal pain is taken the best care while sleeping with this pillow.

Another special things is that, it isn’t giving you 90 days free trial only rather it is giving you 20 years warranty. The cost of the pillow is so reasonable that even a hater of this brands would silently use the pillow.

Final words 

If you are concerned about your health and sleep, your choice must be right while choosing a pillow. Consider the quality and services of the pillow and it will become the best to you. Going through the features, advantages and mostly the customer reviews, one can certainly choose this choose this memory foam pillow. We guarantee you a positive journey with the pillow. Hopefully your experience with the pillow will add some more reviews online with best comments.

Written by Mark Johan

Hi there! I am 'Mark' in Pillow Idea, I have the responsible one to give you guys a low-down on every product that we review. Long story short, I’m the person in charge of the ‘research and review’ department of the blog. Please check out to know more- About Us.

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