Things to Know to Get a Better Sleep

Are you feeling tired during working hours and you don’t know why? Tired even when you have slept for 8 hours and find yourself angry early in the morning without reason? Probably you have never considered this, but you can easily solve these problems if you get a better sleep daily.

We are all humans, not made of steel. Facing daily problems at work, with family or with your partner, is exhausting and can even take our sleep-wish away. Also, positive changes in our life can cause sleep problems through anxiety like the one you feel days and nights before your first baby is born, starting a new job or even opening a new business as an entrepreneur.

Since we know what matters is the quality of sleep over quantity, we are glad to present you the 4 golden keys to get a better sleep. Consider that how you feel on working hours depends on how good, or not, you have slept the night before. In order to increase your improvement keep always in mind that sometimes it is not only about getting a better sleep, but you must also consider what your daily habits are and be willing to change them.

We dare you to test the next suggestions to improve the quality of your sleep and guarantee your lifestyle will be upgraded, increase your productivity, become mentally sharp, emotionally balanced and experience a life full of energy. To take control over your sleeping behavior now depends only on you. Take the chance to get better sleep and a better life.

Don't forget that our body works according to biological clock!

biological clock

We must remember that our body works as a programmed machine. In this case, the machine is programmed by us. How do we do that? Well, every time we do something every day our body sets it in its internal memory as a task and schedules it for the next days. This is why we always feel hungry at a certain hour, we feel sleepy at a certain hour and we wake up at a certain hour unless we make disarrangement and here is where problems start. The same happens with our sleeping behavior, when we go sleep late and next day we wake up at the normal hour our body responses back showing itself tired and sleepy.

Try to go to bed and get up at the same hour every day to get a better sleep at night. Make a routine of this and respect it as far as you can, your body will appreciate it. Avoid sleeping in and think twice before taking long naps, do this only when necessary. Beware of drowsiness, this way you can avoid further problems and get a better sleep. Considering our body is ruled by our biological clock will take you to success and solve almost all your sleeping problems. Don’t ever go to bed before or after your bedtime or at least try to respect it most of the time. We know it is difficult and that is why we have determined two important rules in this part for you.

Number One

In moments when you are not sleepy at all and it is already bedtime for you, use what is available to help you feel sleepy.

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It is important for you to do this in order not to disturb the biologic clock, so next day you will wake up like a golden thunderbolt. Something that works wonderfully to get a better sleep with me is the gentle rhythms and meditation before sleeping, especially when you are already in bed. To play this, you don’t need to stand up, turn on the computer again and look on YouTube for the perfect playlist. Nowadays you can find amazing calmness and meditation applications on PlayStore or AppStore ready to use. Pick your best scene, regulate the volume to a level within you feel comfortable, lay in your favorite sleeping position and just let yourself go.

I guarantee you will fall sleep after some minutes. Don’t forget to regulate your breathing rhythm while meditating, clean up your mind and get ready to asleep like a baby.

Number Tow

Furthermore, when you are tired hours before sleeping time and you want to nap, or you just have a hangover and a sleepless night the day before; my best advice is not to fall asleep.

Try as far as you can to avoid asleep during the day till the clock marks an hour, at least, close to your bedtime. This way you send a message to your body that states it has to respect the sleeping times and I may tell you our body is intelligent enough to help you on this if you are persistent enough for getting a better sleep.

Otherwise, our body can also be tricky enough to make us desire to sleep as soon as we see the perfectly made bed we have in our rooms. Be wiser then, your body and you will guarantee yourself wonderful recovering hours of sleep and an amazing positive mood when you wake up the next day.

Take advantage of the light exposure of your body

Human body segregates a hormone called melatonin, which is controlled by the exposure to light. Our brain feels stimulated to segregate high amounts of melatonin when it is dark. And that is why you start feeling sleepy and tired at night. When there is daylight, your brain segregates less of this hormone letting you fell alert.

According to this amazing fact of nature, we should give to all the rooms the correct lighting so it can fulfill the purpose of what we need. Give your workstation the correct lighting, leave all the windows free, so that sunlight can come through and provide your bedroom with a not so bright light. You can also use only a little lamp half hour before bedtime. This way you send the correct message to your brain. With these tips turn your bedroom into a sleep-inducing environment and see results in some days. Always keep in mind that, when you surround yourself with dark lighting during the day your productivity will decrease. And you develop a tendency of feeling sleepy all the time and tired sensation that can even develop on depressive stages.

Keep yourself healthy

It has been proved that exercise accelerates the metabolism, elevates the temperature of the body and stimulates different hormones like oxytocin and cortisol. Oxytocin is the hormone that can make you feel happier and cortisol induces the body to stay alert. Likewise, we strongly recommend not planning any exercise routine near the sleeping time. You should consider it four hours before bedtime in order not to make your biological clock confused and got a better sleep.

When it is about health we may also talk about food and eating habits. To improve sleep, we should not only control what we eat but also how we do it. We all love pizza for dinner while we watch a movie on the bed. But you may develop problems with sleeping after it. Having heavy meals before sleep time won’t only interfere with your biological clock, furthermore will affect your digestive system causing stomach illnesses. And for this reason, you will not be able to get a better sleep.

On the other hand, water is life; but consider that drinking it in excess before sleeping will wake you up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. And if you have stress, suddenly light everything up or do a simple thing like talking you may not be able to fall asleep again or at least you will have some problems with it. As a golden advice from us, keep this in mind: no heavy meals and only a little water before sleeping. This will help you to get a healthy better sleep.

Refresh Your Mind Before Sleeping

Having a stressful day and thousands of things to do in the head? The world nowadays makes us feel stress more and more every day. We have to tell you that every human being has many problems. But the only difference is that how we decide to face the thunder times.

The most useful key is that please try to organize the to-do list in such a way you will be able to fulfill your daily goals. Don’t overload yourself with more things. First of all, we have to recognize our skills and plan according to them. Filling in the to-do list with huge expectation won’t help you at all to fulfill your challenges; it will only make you feel frustrated at the end of the day increasing your stress feeling. And this will affect your way to get better sleep.

When things to do are not the stress source, find out what is the stress source and eradicate it. In some cases this is not possible, so you have to plan the best way for you to manage it. Most of the time stress is not something we can just avoid; we have to face it in order to defeat it.

All of this is very important because we all deserve a quality life. We came to this world to live a healthy and happy life, not to spend life just trying. One thing that helps me a lot when I have problems conciliating sleep is meditation. The main goal of meditation before sleep is to empty your mind. And by regulating your breathing rhythm, you can decrease the accelerations of your heart. This will help you to a great extent for getting a better sleep.

As I have mentioned before that in this smartphone era we are able to find different apps that offer us relaxing music, sounds of nature with pictures and backgrounds of dream places. Don’t hesitate on getting one. Look for them and use them as a meditation guide. Meanwhile, you have to focus on your breathing and decrease its rhythm. You can handle this little action as I explain now.

Increase the time during inhaling and exhaling because this sends the correct message to our brain and turn on the sleeping mode of our organism. Inhale for six seconds; hold it for five seconds and exhale counting another six seconds. Repeat this several times till you fall asleep. You can also count in your head while reading, if necessary for getting a better sleep.

Other useful keys to get a better sleep that you should try

Read something in a soft light

It works really good for me is to catch a book which I could not finish because of boring sports or difficult to understand and give it a chance. You will feel tired after some pages, and you will slowly fall sleep. Make sure that you turned on the little reading lamp beside you and turned off the main lighting system.

low lighting system
Take a warm bath

Take a warm bath and then go straight to bed. A warm bath can always be relaxing, helps you to open your skin pores. In this way, we strongly suggest using body soap with chamomile aroma. This will leave a nice relaxing smell on you and will induce your sleeping mood. We must remark that you should go straight to bed. Because if you activate your body by doing different activities then won’t have any chance to fall sleep. So after showering makes yourself warm, turn off all lights and lay down on your lovely bed. You will feel that sleep is about to catch you.

warm bath before sleeping

Play soft and relaxing music (nature sounds are perfect). There is people have huge problems with falling asleep. We recommend selecting a playlist of songs or sounds that make them feel sleepy and slowly play it. Nature sound or really slow songs are the must have in this playlist. This is really very helpful for a getting a better sleep.

Stretch your body slowly for a prolonged time: When you are facing stressful stages in your life and feel so much pain in your back, you must try to stretch yourself before sleeping. This little exercise should not like a gymnastic routine. This only helps you stretch your back and increase the relaxing feeling by slow movements. You can also do it once when you are in bed. Don’t exaggerate here because if you, once again, activate your body then you won’t be able to fall sleep soon. It’ll stop you from getting a better sleep.

strong chamomile tea

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Take a strong chamomile tea: Some may think this doesn’t work to get a better sleep, but you should consider chamomile is famous as one plant with natural powers to make you feel relax. I try a charge chamomile tea when I become stress and it helps me to fall asleep really fast. Only take two or three tea bags and put them with warm water. The water should not be too hot or too cold so you can drink all the tea at once. Warm you into the bed and you will see how you fall sleep slowly and without realizing it.

Use suitable pillow for sleeping: Check if the pillows you have are adequate for you, If not, change them immediately. People with back problems may pay attention here. I am a person who remain constantly under stress and had nights when I could only sleep for some time, half-hour or one-hour maximum. And then I woke up in the middle of the night to change my body posture in bed. For a while, I could not realize it was because of the pillow! Funny right? But the pillow I had was a simple one maybe a year old. 

I have never paid attention to the importance of acquiring the right pillow for me until I visit the doctor for my back problem. The doctor suggested me to try changing the pillow according to my column shape. And not to use a normal pillow at all and sleep straight in the bed to get a better sleep.

So I tried both, I bought an orthopedic pillow and it was wonderful. I combine this change with doing slowly stretching of my body especially focus on relaxing movements to relax my back. And that night was one of the best nights for me after a long time. At this point, I still had doubt what if I sleep without a pillow as my doctor said. 

Final Words

Sleep can be a serious problem if you don’t attend it on time. Make a check list of which are the topics you are fulfilling and which ones no. Try to introduce these small changes in your life and put some effort. Because every little effort is to ensure you a better life for the next days. When nothing of what is described before helps you,

I strongly suggest visiting your doctor. You probably have a strong sleep disorder that you need to take proper care of yourself to get a better sleep. Best luck to all of you in the journey of life.

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