Traveling with Kids? Here’s Everything You Need to Pack!

No matter what type of journey you’re planning to take, whether it’s a road trip, a train ride or a flight to a far-off destination, traveling with kids can be an incredibly tough experience. Keeping them comfortable on bus rides, plane rides, walking through markets, or while dealing transport delays is definitely a challenge. To help you out, here’s our little guide to help you get ready for your globetrotting adventure with your kids and reduce any potential stress!

1. A comfy travel pillow

On any long (or even short) journey, your child is probably going to want to take a nap at some point. A travel pillow is a great way to ensure that they don’t experience discomfort and neck stiffness even if you’re traveling on uncomfortable seats.

The Best Travel Pillow for Kids in 2020

Our list of best travel pillows for kids includes the Yondi Travel Pillow, which comes in an adorable selection of fun animal characters. One of its most ingenious features includes an easy-to-use set of magnets for holding the ends together if your kids tend to toss around in their sleep. It’s also made of a soft yet durable plush fabric with microbeads for incredible levels of comfort. Lastly, it also includes a grip for attaching your child’s favorite blanket. While you’re shopping for your kid’s travel pillow, what about considering your own comfort?

One of Forbes’ top picks includes the Travel pillow, which offers a chic alternative to conventional neck pillows. It can be tough to pack all your own things as well as your child’s essentials in your carry-on but this pillow isn’t bulky at all. It’s designed like a wrap scarf that perfectly contours to the shape of your neck, providing you with support as you sleep.

2. A travel blanket

To perfectly complement a travel pillow, a blanket can keep you warm and cozy during long and tiring journeys. Get one that’s large enough for yourself and your child so it’s easy to share without fighting for space. While complimentary blankets on airplanes can sometimes be scratchy and uncomfortable, Bustle’s list of top blankets includes the Silk Camel made of cotton and mulberry silk best suited for anyone that sufferers from allergies.

It prevents dust-mites from sticking to your blanket, and it also comes with a small pouch that you can easily stow in your purse. If you or your child have trouble sleeping in public, maybe a more compact version of your favorite weighted blanket will do the trick.

Gravity’s travel blanket is one of Oprah’s suggestions for airplane travel. It’s made of a highly breathable fabric that’s easy to clean for any accidental spills or messes. It also comes with a sleek duffel bag carrying case that can be propped on top of your luggage.


3. A versatile stroller or pram

It may be difficult to carry at times, but having a good stroller can be a lifesaver when your child is tired of walking long distances or too young to do so. For a lightweight option, NYMag features The Baby Zen Yoyo+ which is great for travel. It folds up in a compact package, weighing in at only 14lbs and can be single-handedly folded and unfolded.

In addition, experts say that it can also fit inside overhead bins on trains, under the table at a restaurant and can be pushed with only one hand. For the busy parent, it’s an ideal choice for portability and easy steering. But before you buy a pushchair, it’s best to do your research. If you don’t know where to start, a guide to buying pushchairs by iCandy outlines the many differences between prams and pushchairs as well as exploring the various features that might work for your current situation. Many families require multiple strollers to suit their child’s growth patterns, so it’s the most cost-effective option to ensure that you’re buying the best model for you.

4. Packing cubes

At the beginning of a lengthy journey, your luggage might be pretty organized. As time goes by, however, all your stuff can get jumbled in a huge pile, making it difficult to locate anything. The solution? Packing cubes. Not only will they make packing easier, but they can also help you cram in more stuff in your luggage to make room for any new purchases. Business Insider mentions the Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Cubes that can “save up to 80 percent packing volume” and come in two different sizes. They compress as soon as you zip the cube shut for an effortless experience.

This way, your luggage is less likely to burst open if you’ve overstuffed it. Alternatively, Travel and Leisure’s luxe pick is Flight 001’s Spacepak, which comes in multiple sizes and easily identifiable colors for clothes, shoes, and toiletries. They’re also amazing if you have kids because they feature a dual compartment to separate clean things from dirty or soiled items.

Hopefully, this list of travel essentials will get you and your kids organized and ready for your next journey. There’s a variety of options for every budget, so you’re sure to find something that fits you and your family’s needs!

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