What you should consider while buying a wool pillow

If you are going to spend eight hours of every single night resting your head against a pillow, you should ensure that it is the best pillow money can buy.

Everyone loves wool, and for good reasons. The material is breathable, hypoallergenic, organic, and fire-resistant.

And anyone who chooses to purchase organic wool pillows will do so in the hopes of taking advantage of those attributes. But what does a good wool pillow look like?

Better yet, when it comes to purchasing pillows, how can you identify the best wool pillow on the market?


6 Tips for Choosing a Wool Pillow

For the most part, the guidelines you are expected to follow remain unchanged regardless of whether you are purchasing an ordinary pillow or a wool pillow. If you find even the notion of selecting an ordinary pillow overwhelming, consider the following tips:

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1). Filling

This has to be your first consideration. The quality of your pillow is going to depend on the filling it uses. In the case of wool pillows, you might think that simply having wool on the inside is enough.

But that isn’t the case. Some wool pillows have wool filling and nothing else. Others blend wool with synthetic material like polyester. This, in turn, affects the attributes of the pillow.

Pay close attention to the label. It will tell you whether you are dealing with pure organic wool or a blend. Obviously, a wool pillow whose filling is blended with synthetic material isn’t 100 percent organic. Keep that in mind.


2). Firmness

Firmness matters because it affects the amount of support your pillow offers. The best pillows should support your head and shoulders whilst also keeping your neck and spine aligned.

The level of firmness you need is going to depend on your sleeping position. People who sleep on their sides require a medium-firm pillow. People who sleep on their stomachs require a softer pillow. Back sleepers don’t require as much firmness as side sleepers.

The firmness of a pillow is determined by the filling. Wool is soft and comfortable, so it isn’t the most supportive material in the business.

This is why it is blended with substances like polyester that can give wool pillows the firmness required to keep your body properly supported and aligned.

You need to match your personal tastes and preferences, and your sleeping position with the filling of your pillow. Only then can you hope to find a wool pillow that properly supports you.


3). Design

People spend so much time thinking about the filling of a pillow that they forget to consider the size and the shape. This is despite the significant impact the variables can have on the capabilities of the pillow.

On the issue of size, you need to consider your own measurements. People with small frames require low profile pillows. A medium frame demands a medium height pillow. A sleeper with a large frame will definitely benefit from a high pillow.

When it comes to size, the goal is to find a pillow that can adequately encompass and support your shoulders.


4). Texture

The filling of a pillow is kept in place by an external fabric whose quality is just as important as the filling. Try to remember that your face is going to remain in contact with this fabric for several hours at a time while you sleep. So it should have a thread count high enough to ensure that it is soft to the touch.

It needs to have a texture that is so appealing that you can look forward to rubbing your face against it. The fabric should also keep your face warm on cold nights and cool on warm nights.

People love cotton because it is both strong and soft. But silk is another notable consideration because it has moisture-wicking capabilities.


5). Maintenance

A decent wool pillow should be easy to maintain. This means that you can take out the wool filling before throwing the cover in a machine. Machine-washable fabric simplifies maintenance, especially if you can also tumble dry it.

The ease of maintenance also speaks to the durability of the pillow. The best wool pillow covers can survive the rigors of a washing machine and dryer.


6). Price

The price of a wool pillow is determined by the type of wool used to make it. High-Grade Merino Wool, for instance, is quite expensive. But the best filling doesn’t necessarily have to come from the wool of the finest grade.

You can also cut your costs further by using a blend of wool and other substances like polyester.

But you shouldn’t be afraid to spend exorbitantly on wool pillows, not if the product you ultimately receive can deliver optimal support and comfort. No price is too high for a restful, peaceful sleep.

Written by JHeizmann

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